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Tinder Logo
Match Group Inc. (which is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC))
Dallas, Texas, United States
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
320 (2018)
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Languages:
40+ [2020 #2]
Number of Members since Launch:
46 Million [2017 #25] - Note this number conflicts with the fact: 57 Million monthly users in 2017 [2019 #21]
Number of Paying Members:
5.9 Million [2020 #8]

Tinder History Summary

The Tinder dating app was launched on September 12th, 2012 first on iOS and then later Android. It was founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe (who later left and started Bumble). Tinder uses location in part to match members and they popularized swiping which allows users on profile photos to swipe right to like someone and to swipe left to dislike someone. If both users swipe right on each others photo it is considered a match and then you can message each other. Tinder user accounts can be linked to a person's mobile phone number, and/or Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify accounts. Users can also write a short bio of themselves for their profile.

Tinder quickly caught on with college students and by 2014 users were swiping 1 billion times a day with the app. In November of 2014 Tinder introduced a subscription service which offers additional features and enhancements while keeping the core of the app free. In 2017 Tinder released a web version of their service.

It is not clear when IAC first invested in Tinder but by 2014 they were a majority stake holder and Tinder's financial information was included with IAC quarterly reports. In 2017 Tinder was merged into Match Group (which is majority owned by IAC). At that time Tinder was valued at $3 billion. In 2018 they had 3.8 million subscribers (Q2) and are expected to generate over $800 million in revenue for the year. Since then according to a independant valuation in 2019, Tinder is now valued at $10 billion.

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  • General Information
    • Tinder has been updated with several new safety features. This includes a panic button for users to be used in emergencies, photo verification for profiles, the ability to detects inappropriate messages sent by users, and an updated in-app Safety Center. [3]
    • Tinder has been downloaded more than 340 million times (iOS and Android) and is available in 190 countries and 40+ languages. [3]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2020 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Over All Award. [4]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2020 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Gold Award. [5]
    • More than 70,000 photos of female Tinder users were discovered on an online cyber-crime forum. [6]
    • Tinder plans to add some new filter features for both free and paid users. They also plan to add text and photo prompts to encourage meaningful conversations. This should happen sometime in Q1 2020. [7]
    • Tinder is testing more features in some markets including a "Share To Matches" for images and looping video. [9]
    • Swipe Night Season 2 is expected to debut this summer. [10]
    • After Swipe Night series launched last year there was also a 20% increase in likes, and female engagement went up. [10]
    • Tinder plans to test a premium service soon called Tinder Concierge. It costs $20 to schedule a session with a team of experts who will help you create the perfect profile. [11]
    • Tinder has created ads about the Covid-19 virus that appear as users swipe through its app, providing links to the World Health Organization’s website with recommendations for preventing the spread. [12]
  • Finances
    • Tinder’s combined annual revenue has grown 920% between 2014 and 2019, exceeding $2.2 billion in total for 5 years. [1]
    • Tinder ranks as the number one non-gaming app in 2019 in terms of total revenue. [1]
    • By Q3 of 2019 Tinder had almost 5.7 million subscribers and was the highest grossing non-gaming app globally. [3]
    • Tinder had on average 5.9 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2019 (36% more than in 2018). [8]
    • Tinder had almost $1.2 billion in revenue for the year 2019.
    • Pay-as-you-go features on Tinder have been wildly successful, and contribute to more than 25% of Match Group’s direct revenue. [8]
  • Legal
    • Tinder has come under fire from the Norwegian Consumer Council for sharing personal data of their users with third parties like advertisers. This includes sending GPS position and target gender information to AppsFlyer and Facebook. [2]


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  12. Tinder Warns Users About Coronavirus Spread


  • General Information
    • Tinder went down for the majority of users on January 8th for a few hours. 41% of the reports indicated users unable to send or receive messages, while 32% were from users who were unable to log in. [3]
    • Tinder is testing a new feature which allows users to select songs from their own Spotify play lists to be shared via the in-app messenger. [4]
    • Tinder teamed up with Barcelona-based fashion company Stradivarius to release a range of Tinder branded t-shirts in European markets. They also partnered with Homesick Candles to take a humorous jab at Valentine's Day culture. [7]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2019 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Gold Award. [8]
    • Tinder’s approach to marketing in South Korea highlights the app’s capabilities as a social networking tool for millennials. [10]
    • Tinder launched a localized campaign in South Korea designed to match users with similar habits and occupational interests. [10]
    • Tinder plans to introduce more marketing activities targeting Korean college students and to launch a scholarship program. [10]
    • Tinder U members will be able to use the new Spring Break feature to match and message with fellow students from March 4 to March 31 in 20 popular vacation destinations. Tinder will show users potential matches who are planning to spend spring break in the same city. [11]
    • For Tinder some cities see significant increases in usage during the spring break time frame. This can range from 2 to 100 times greater usage. [11]
    • Tinder will be adding new interracial couple emojis this fall. [12]
    • On March 20th for several hours Tinder users had issues trying to view matches, messages, and logging in. [13]
    • Tinder has eliminated its notorious and mysterious rating system, where Tinder users could rank the desirability and attractiveness of other users on the app as a special feature. [13]
    • Tinder posted on their blog about the Height Verification Badge, a tool purportedly designed to stop “height fishing”. This was an April fools prank. [15]
    • 14.5% of the U.S. male population is actually 6 feet tall or higher. 80% of males on Tinder claim they are over 6 feet. [15]
    • Starting this summer, Tinder users will be able to post stories they created in Snapchat to their Tinder accounts seamlessly. [16]
    • Tinder has made over 30 billion mutual matches since it launched. [17]
    • Tinder user profiles gets 2 billion views per day which results in 26 million matches a day. This results in 1 million dates happening every week. [17]
    • Tinder has dropped the "Elo score" attractiveness matching algorithm and has created a new algorithm for matching members. [17]
    • This new matching algorithm has several features: [17]
      • The more you use Tinder the more it learn what matches you like and dislike.
      • The algo prioritize potential matches who are active, and active at the same time.
      • The updated algorithm also takes proximity of the other matches into account.
      • To discourage stereotyping, demographic details like income and ethnicity do not factor into the matching system.
      • Any changes to the order of your potential matches are reflected within 24 hours.
    • The new Tinder Festival Mode feature is a badge that users can add to their profiles when they plan to attend a specific music festival, so that they can more easily connect with other attendees. [19]
    • Tinder plans to launch a scaled-down version of the app called Tinder Lite. This is to cater to markets like India and Asia where bandwidth, data usage and storage space costs a premium. [21]
    • Tinder is testing a new Super Boost feature which allows paid users to forgo the algorithm matching process and have their profiles pushed to the top of potential match’s feeds during peak swiping hours. [22]
    • Tinder is testing a feature which allows users to pay for the ability to turn on Read Receipts for a particular chat thread, to see if a potential match has read their messages. [22]
    • During Pride month Tinder updated profile orientation. Members can now select up to three terms that they feel best describe their sexual orientation. Also in Discovery Preferences, members can now choose to see people of their same orientation first. [23]
    • Tinder partners with Cosmopolitan Magazine and releases a 12 episode podcast called "Single, Swipe, Repeat". [25]
    • In South Korea Tinder is the number one downloaded app and has the largest number of monthly users for both Apple Store and Google Play. [26]
    • In the last 5 years Tinder has had about 287 million downloads (Jan 2014 to June 2019). [27]
    • Tinder Lite will debut first in Vietnam, and then do a rollout in specific countries in Southeast Asia and South America. [28]
    • The Tinder Lite app is about 25 times smaller than the regular app. It runs faster, consume less battery and reduce network usage by about 20%. [28]
    • Tinder adds a Travel Alert feature to Passport which scans the region where you are currently located and sends an alert if it’s an unsafe place. [29]
    • Hong Kong demonstrators are using apps like Tinder to organize protests. [31]
    • Tinder are hosting parties with fraternities on college campuses. In return, the fraternities are signing contracts declaring that they are exclusively a Tinder house. [33]
    • Tinder has partnered with concert service Live Nation to offer its users discounted tickets to see their favorite artists, and encourage Tinder matches to go together. [34]
    • Tinder Sponsored Fraternity Parties: [34]
      • Frat members sign exclusive contracts stating they are a “Tinder house”.
      • A frat house is guaranteed a specific amount of money upon signing the contract, with the potential for cash bonuses depending on the number of app downloads linked to certain fraternity parties or events.
      • Tinder covers some party costs and offers branded swag to party-goers, in exchange for attendees to show their dating profiles for entry.
    • Tinder will be releasing an original six-episode choose your own adventure video series over its app in October. The series was shot in Mexico City by Karena Evans. It reportedly cost in the neighborhood of $5 million. [36]
    • Tinder's new choose your own adverture video series is called Swipe Night and is only accessible to Tinder users. The story is about the apocalypse and is geared towards 18 to 25-year-olds. [38]
    • User choices in Swipe Night will also appear in their actual Tinder profile allowing them to see how their choices match up with other Tinder users. [38]
    • Tinder’s active daily users grew 3.1% year-over-year for Android users, from 1.114 million to 1.149 million according to one source. [40]
    • In the past year, the number of times the average user opens the Tinder app per day has declined 10.8%, from 4.5 to 4.1 times. [40]
    • In the past year, the open rate (the percentage of the Tinder base who has the app installed and opens on a daily basis) has declined 5.9%, from 28 to 22.1%. [40]
    • Tinder ranked third in Newsweeks 2019 America’s Best Customer Service for a dating service. [41]
    • Tinder has seen an improvement in user engagement since the Swipe Night series debuted. Total matches on the app rose 26 percent on Sunday nights. Messages between users also rose 12 percent. [42]
    • Tinder will be debuting the Swipe Night series internationally in February 2020. [42]
    • Tinder does not to let users filter out profiles of trans people. [45]
    • Trans people's profiles are reported by Tinder members at higher rates than other genders. [45]
    • Tinder on average creates about 26 million matches per day. [46]
    • Only 50% of Tinder users ever meet one of their matches in real life. [46]
    • On meeting a match in person, men averaged 1.9 partners and women 2.2 partners, despite matching with 111 and 124 respectively. [46]
    • Only 25% of Tinder users said they had actually used the app to meet someone for a long-term relationship. [46]
    • Only 13% of Tinder users had one hook-up using the app, 3% had two hook-ups, and 4% had more than two hookups. [46]
    • Tinder Releases 2019 Year In Swipe Report: [47]
      • People under 25 now make up the majority of the Tinder community (Gen Z).
      • Younger users are more likely to mention causes or missions in their bios.
      • Over 300 million emojis were used in Tinder bios in 2019.
      • The comically exasperated emoji saw a 41% jump in usage in 2019.
      • The city of Tokyo saw the biggest increase in activity per member in 2019.
      • Year in Swipe report specific results was released for 10 different countries.
  • Finances
    • In Q4 of 2018 Tinder had 233,000 new subscribers, bringing its overall subscriber count to 4.3 million. [9]
    • A independent valuation of Tinder placed its value at around $10 billion, significantly higher than its original $3 billion valuation in 2017. [14]
    • In quarter 1 of 2019 Tinder beat out Netflix to become the highest grossing non-game app across both iOS and Android. [18]
    • Tinder was the top grossing dating app in the United States for Q1 2019 with more than $86 million in user spending (a 65% increase from Q1 2018). Worldwide this number is $260.7 million. [18]
    • Match Group recently paid $9.4 million in stock awards to Tinder employees. This could help former Tinder execs win their lawsuit which claims Match Group devalued Tinder stock options 2 years ago to avoid paying them. [20]
    • The Tinder Android app is offering its customers a direct payment method. This allows Tinder to bypass the 30% fee Google Play charges companies for managing payments. [30]
    • Tinder experienced its first ever quarter-over-quarter decline in combined revenue from both the Apple and Google Play stores in Q2 of this year. Spending was down from $260 million in Q1 to $237 million in Q2. However, Tinder is still up 46% year-over-year in Q2. [40]
  • Members
    • Tinder reported more than 44 million matches were made on the first Sunday of January, 20 million more than on an average day. [2]
    • Subscribers totaled 4.7 million in quarter 1 of 2019. This is 384,000 more than in the previous quarter and up 1.3 million compared to first quarter of 2018. [20]
    • It is estimated in 2017 that Tinder had 57 million monthly active users (both free and paid). [21]
    • Tinder added 437,000 subscribers in the third quarter, bringing total subscribers up to 5.7 million. This is down from 503,000 additional subscribers in the second quarter. [43]
  • Legal
    • A Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas denied Bumble's claim that the Match Group patents (used in Tinder) in question are ineligible for patenting under Section 101 of the Patent Act. [1]
    • Match Group have filed a lawsuit accusing Tinder co-founder Sean Rad of stealing company files and claims at least $250 million in damages. [5]
    • Tinder settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit in California for $17 million. [6]
    • Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad is continuing his legal battle with Match Group by asking the court to dismiss the dating giant’s counter-lawsuit against him. [14]
    • A New York Supreme Court judge rejected IAC’s motion to dismiss Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad $2 billion lawsuit. [24]
    • Former Tinder VP of marketing and communications, Rosette Pambakian filed a lawsuit in August, accusing the former CEO of Match Group and Tinder, Gregory Blatt, of harassing and sexually assaulting her at a company holiday party in 2016. [32]
    • Russia recently ordered Tinder’s parent company Match Group to share its user data in response to requests from Russia’s law enforcement. [35]
    • Tinder agreed to be added to Russia’s special register of companies obligated to hand over user data, including messages, to Russian law enforcement, but has not been requested to divulged anyone’s personal information yet. [35]
    • Tinder has issued two complaints alleging trademark infringement to the startup dating app Wild regarding the use of the flame. [37]
    • Tinder is accusing co-founder Rad of paying millions of dollars to two then-current Tinder employees in exchange for testimony supporting his claims against Match Group. [37]
    • Former CEO of Tinder and Match Group Greg Blatt filed a defamation lawsuit this month against Tinder co-founder Sean Rad and former VP of Marketing and Communications Rosette Pambakian. Blatt is seeking a minimum of $50 million in damages in his lawsuit. [39]
    • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Tinder co-founder Sean Rad “irrelevant” back in 2014, but still gave the company special access to user data. [44]


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  • General Information
    • Tinder tests real-time feeds within their dating app for Instagram and Spotify. [1]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2018 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Dating App Award. [2]
    • A security vulnerability was found in the Tinder App by the firm CheckMarx. This means if you are using a public wifi network you could be sharing your Tinder personal information with hackers. [3]
    • Tinder offered free Tinder Gold upgrades for those staying in the Olympic Village in PyeongChang South Korea during the Winter Olympics. [4]
    • For 2018 Tinder is developing a series of location-based features to enhance the Tinder experience. [6]
    • Tinder is developing the feature called Super Likeable. It uses machine learning to provide a deeper-post match experience as well as enable users to initiate and rekindle previous conversations. [6]
    • With the new feature on Tinder (in limited testing) women get the choice of whether or not to initiate conversations. Some women don’t want the pressure of making that first move. [7]
    • According to a study 32.9% of users uninstall the Tinder app in less than 24 hours. [8]
    • In a study Tinder appeared in the top five favorite dating apps in every country for both men and women. [8]
    • Tinder and Alexis Ohanian join forces to launch a campaign to petition the Unicode Consortium to introduce interracial couple emoji. [9]
    • Tinder conducted a study and concluding that 72% of users believe Tinder is the most racially diverse dating app. [9]
    • Tinder Feeds feature rolls out worldwide. It consists of a real-time feed of Instagram and Spotify posts from a user’s matches. [11]
    • If you delete your Facebook account you cannot log into Tinder with an account that used Facebook. [12]
    • Tinder crashed for several hours on April 4th after Facebook implemented new privacy and security restrictions. [13]
    • A new feature called Loops is being tested in Canada and Sweden that allows users to add a 2 second looping video. [14]
    • According to LinkedIn, Tinder has 320 employees with 8% employee growth over the last six months and 116% growth over the last two years. [15]
    • Tinder is testing a new feature called "Places". It allows users to see if they had any missed connections during the day from the places they had been. [16]
    • Tinder Average Subscribers were 3.5 million in Q1 2018, increasing 368,000 sequentially and 1.6 million year-over-year. [17]
    • Tinder Picks is a new feature for Tinder Gold members which gives them a list of recommended matches. [18]
    • Tinder is available in more than 190 countries and 40 languages. [19]
    • During the World Cup, Tinder and Cell companies reported: [19]
      • Tinder usage increased by 11% near stadiums and fan zones.
      • Tinder accounted for 1% of MegaFon total traffic during Russia’s opening-day match with Saudi Arabia.
      • Matches are up 66% during the games and right swipes have increased by 42%.
      • Tinder is seeing the Passport feature being used more, with a 24% boost in users relocating to Russia to get in on the action.
    • Tinder Loops (looping gifs) has been rolled out to many more countries now but is still only available on iOS. [20]
    • Tinder now allows 9 profile photos. [20]
    • Users who added the Loops feature to their profiles were 10% more likely to receive a right swipe. [20]
    • Tinder now encrypts all data (including images) sent from their servers to their iOS and Android phone apps (and vice-versa). [21]
    • The majority of Tinder users are aged 18 to 25 and they are using 2 to 3 dating apps. [22]
    • 75% of Tinder users rather login directly using their phone rather than going through Facebook. [22]
    • Tinder now allows users to send Bitmoji with messages by connecting your Tinder account with Snap Chat. Available in Canada and Mexico now. Expected to come to the United States by the end of the summer. [23]
    • Tinder recently rolled out Tinder U, which allows college students to match with other people on campus as well as users from nearby schools. [26]
    • After a Facebook hack which compromised 50 million accounts Tinder found no evidence to suggest their accounts have been accessed (based on the information Facebook provided). [28]
    • Tinder introduced a women-first feature in India. [29]
    • Tinder launches new online magazine called "Swipe Life". [30]
    • Tinder has decided to embrace it's hook-up reputation to attract younger users. It will launch a new branding effort called “single lifestyle” with billboard campaigns and digital initiatives. [33]
    • Tinder is testing a new feature called Swipe Surge. It offers push notifications to users when Tinder usage spikes in a specific geographic area. This increases user activity and allows for faster response to messages. [34]
    • Tinder’s chief of product, Brian Norgard, announced his resignation after 2 years in holding the job. Norgard says he is leaving on good terms. [35]
    • It is alleged that Facebook strong armed Tinder. They asked Tinder for the right to use its trademarked term “moments” in exchange for access to a Facebook API. [36]
    • Tinder Releases Year in Swipe Study for 2018: [37]
      • During an average week Tinder is most active on Monday around 6pm (EST) / 9pm (PST).
      • August was the best month of the year for activity on Tinder.
      • During popular events like the World Cup, royal weddings, and Bonnaroo their is a spike in user activity on Tinder.
      • The ideal date for most Tinder users? Pizza, a Drake concert, and binge-watching Friends on Netflix.
  • Finances
    • Judges with the California 2nd District Court of Appeals reversed the decision made by a previous judge, and has ordered Tinder to stop charging older customers more for its premium service. [5]
    • Tinder year-over-year revenue growth in the first quarter exceeded 150% thanks to an 87% year-over-year surge in new subscribers and a 37% jump in average revenue per user (ARPU). [17]
    • Tinder is expected to exceed $800 million in revenue this year. [24]
    • Tinder gained an additional 300,000 subscribers in Q2 and has seen a record 3.8 million subscribers to date. [24]
    • IAC continued to value Tinder at $3 billion despite the increases in revenue. [25]
    • Tinder launched in India in 2013 and is now its highest-grossing Android app. [29]
    • Tinder is on target to reach $800 million in revenue by the end of 2018. [31]
    • Tinder added about 344,000 subscribers in quarter 3 bringing its total to 4.1 million. [32]
    • Marketing costs are expected to rise 20% for Tinder. [32]
  • Legal
    • Tinder's parent company Match Group is suing Bumble for patent infringement on 2 patents. One is related to the use of swipe cards and mutual matching, the other pertaining to an “ornamental aspect” of Tinder’s app. [10]
    • 10 former and current Tinder employees including some co-founders are suing Match Group saying that they purposefully merged Tinder into Match Group in 2017 to avoid valuating Tinder stock separately at later dates when employees would have a chance to exercise their stock options. [25]
    • Tinder’s VP of Communications Rosette Pambakian has joined a lawsuit, and claims that IAC/ Match Group executive Greg Blatt sexually harassed her at a company party. [25]
    • Tinder co-Founder Sean Rad claims he was forced to sell his shares of Tinder stock by parent company IAC (now Match Group) under pressure of being fired. [27]
    • Sean Rad was fired as CEO of Tinder in Sepetember of 2017. [27]
    • Tinder has fired a group of employees who brought a lawsuit against parent company Match Group including VP Rosette Pambakian. [38]
  • Members
    • There was a 1,850% increase in members using Tinders Passport feature to change their location during the Winter Olympics. [4]
    • During the Winter Olympics Tinder has seen a 348% increase in overall Tinder usage in the Olympic Village, plus a 565% in right swipes and a 644% increase in matches. [4]


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  35. Tinder’s Head of Product Resigns
  36. Emails Indicate that Facebook Secretly Shared Personal Data with Dating Services and Others
  37. Tinder Releases Year in Swipe Study for 2018
  38. Tinder Fires Employees Involved in Lawsuit Against Match Group


  • General Information
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Dating App Award. [2]
    • Tinder launches a new podcast called DTR (Define the Relationship) which offers online dating advice. There will be 6 episodes in total. [3]
    • Tinder hired Jessica Carbino to be their in-house sociologist to help point users in the right direction for making connections. [4]
    • Tinder Select is a secret dating service for elite and celebrity members of Tinder. It is invite only and has been in operation for at least 6 months. [5]
    • On International Women's Day Tinder encouraged everyone to show support by sharing women’s causes they care about on Twitter (called #FundHerCause). Each person who participated was given a code redeemable for $100 to be given to one of twelve charities. In total, Tinder pledged to donate $250,000. [6]
    • Tinder has matched over 250,000 transgender users since November. [7]
    • Users of Tinder who have connected the streaming music service Spotify to their Tinder profile have received an average of 84 percent more matches. [7]
    • Tinder is currently testing an online version for internet browsers called Tinder Online (found at Tinder.com) in a few countries. [8]
    • Tinder is testing a feature called "Matches Up For" which is designed to encourage users to connect with each other. [9]
    • Tinders private API was exploited and 40,000 images from Tinder was downloaded by one person to be used in an AI experiment. [10]
    • Tinder has a contest that pays $100K towards the cost of an LGBTQ wedding for a couple who met through the dating app. [12]
    • Delta Airlines partners with Tinder for a Summer Ad campaign. [13]
    • The Tinder iOS app was in the top 10 highest-grossing apps on iTunes in April 2017. [14]
    • Tinder grew its PMC (Paying Member Count) 119% in 2016 to nearly 1.8 million people. [14]
    • Tinder Select plans to host exclusive parties at an oceanfront compound in Montauk (Hamptons) this summer. [15]
    • Tinder Gold is a new premium feature (that includes all of Tinder Plus features) that allows subscribers to see who has "Liked You" before you swipe left or right on them. You also can see all your likes in one gallery. [16]
    • Tinder was throwing parties for Tinder Select members in the Hamptons this summer but got kicked out and fined. [17]
    • The iOS and Android Tinder apps receive an updated user interface that is cleaner and gives more real estate to photos. [18]
    • Tinder introduces tapping to their app which allows members to move easier between pictures and view profile information. [18]
    • Tinder announces it’s taking a stand against photos taken with tigers and other wild animals. Tinder also pledged to donate $10,000 to Project Cat. [19]
    • Tinder Gold costs $4.99 per month in the United States on top of the $9.99 per month for Tinder Plus. [20]
    • Tinder Desktop version accessible via the website goes online in North America in October. [21]
    • January 1st through September 7th Tinder gained 50,350 Facebook followers. [22]
    • Tinder releases a new feature called Reactions which adds animated responses to messages. [23]
    • In an earnings call the Match CEO hinted at some new features expected to arrive in early 2018 which are AI and location-based functions. [24]
  • Finances
    • Tinder added 284,000 paid subscribers in the third quarter of 2016 bringing its paid users to 1.5 million. [1]
    • After Tinder Gold U.S. release, the iOS app reach the number 1 spot on the App Store’s top-grossing chart. [20]
    • Match Group stock (the owners of Tinder) jumped 7.3% to close at $21.21 on August 30 when Tinder Gold was released. [20]
    • About 5% of Tinder users pay for a subscription, compared to 10% of Bumble users. [25]
  • Members
    • Approximately 72% of Tinder users post photos wearing muted colors. [4]
    • People who face forward in photos are 20% more likely to be swiped right on. [4]
    • If you’re smiling in your photo you’re 14% more likely to be swiped right on. [4]
    • Less than 1% of Tinders 32 million users pay for the premium service Tinder Plus. [11]
    • 66.4% of gay users and 62.1% of lesbian users on Tinder agree that using the dating app will lead to a long-term relationship. [12]
    • Tinder has 46 million registered users and last year saw growth at 10%. [25]


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  • General Information
    • According to Google, Tinder is the second most search online dating service in 2015. [1]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Dating App Award. [2]
    • Tinder has generated more than 9 billion matches to date. [2]
    • On Sunday January 3rd, Tinder experienced the most downloads and the most growth of active users in a single day. [3]
    • Tinder has launched a new feature which is a push notification. The notification alerts users when there are 2x to 3x higher rate of matches in their local area. [3]
    • Tinder has a desirability score for each member which they spent more than 2 months developing. Factors taken into consideration include parts of the profile along with the number of swipes, rejections and mutual matches. [4]
    • You now can upload profile photos directly from your phone instead of just Facebook. Photos and cards are now larger on the screen [5]
    • New Tinder feature which allows you to “like” a message by tapping a green heart that appears next to a message you receive. [5]
    • Tinder has teamed up with GIPHY to allow users to exchange GIFs with their matches. [5]
    • January 3, 2016 was the single busiest day in Tinder's three-year history in terms of downloads and active users. [6]
    • 73% of college students ranked Tinder as their favorite dating app, followed by Bumble at 13% and OkCupid at 10%. [7]
    • 50% of Tinder users are in the college age group. [7]
    • 20% of Tinder users say they're looking for a hookup, 27% said they’re looking for a significant other, and 53% said they are looking to find friends. [7]
    • Tinder acquires Humin which is the startup that created the popular communication app Knock Knock. [8]
    • Tinder is working to add more gender options to their dating service for transgender users. [9]
    • Tinder Social is a new feature in the works that will allow you to connect with your friends on Facebook. [10]
    • Tinder's minimum age requirement moved from 13 (same as Facebook) to 18. [13]
    • Tinder partnered with Giphy in early 2016 and enable GIF support for messages. Now more than 100 million GIFs have been sent in the Tinder app. [16]
    • A Tinder study found that users of the app are 30% more likely to get a response from matches if they open with a GIF. Conversations with GIFs also last twice as long as conversations without them. [16]
    • Tinder and Spotify partner to bring additional features to Tinder. This includes being able to connect their Spotify account to Tinder, listing your top songs on your Tinder profile, and selecting an Anthem for your Tinder profile. [17]
    • Tinder launches the Tinder Stacks app for iMessage. This allows for your friends to vote on different things, basically a group decision-making tool. [18]
    • Tinder Boost is a new feature that gets your profile seen first by other members. It currently is being tested in Australia and costs around $5 USD for 30 minutes. [19]
    • A new feature for the Tinder app is called Smart Photos. It helps figure out which of your profile photos users like best. [20]
    • Tinder introduces dozens of new gender identity options. [21]
  • Members
    • Tinder boasts 9.6 million daily active users and 583,000 paid members in Q4 2015. [6]
    • Only 13% of Tinder users reported relationships lasting beyond the one month mark. This is the lowest result of any dating service in the study. [6]
    • As of quarter 1 2016 Tinder has 25 million registered users and 1 million paid subscribers. [11]
    • In 2016 Tinder expects to double the number of subscribers it has. [12]
    • On average Tinder Users spend 35 minutes a day on the app and swipe (left or right) 140 times. [12]
    • The time of day which has the most users logged into Tinder is 9pm. [13]
    • The Washington Post reported one man's success rate on Tinder. He swiped right 203,000 times and got 150 first dates. That is a success rate of 0.6%. [15]
    • Tinder has over 40 million users worldwide (196 countries) and more than a billion daily swipes. [22]
  • Finances
    • Tinder is valued at $1.2 billion according to Deutsche Bank. [6]


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  • General Information
    • There are 150,000 Tinder users in Ireland. [1]
    • Men swipe “like” on a woman’s profile on average 46% of the time. Women swipe “like” on a man’s profile on average only 14% of the time. [1]
    • Tinder is the winner of the 2014 Editor's Choice Top Pick - Innovative Award. [2]
    • Women will swipe right 74% of the time when shown a man with well groomed facial hair. These men also recieve 37% more matches than men without facial hair. [3]
    • Activity from users on Valentine’s Day surpassed any day since Tinder launched in 2012. [4]
    • On Valentine's Day this year Tinder users who logged in experienced a 60% increase in matches. [4]
    • Tinder projects to have 40 million active monthly users by April 2015. [5]
    • Tinder Plus is launching in the United States in March. [6]
    • Tinder Plus is designed to help reduce spammers by limiting the number of swipes a non paying member can do everyday. [6]
    • Tinder partnered with Telesign to help combat fraudulent accounts on the dating service. According to the CTO spam traffic is down by about 90%. [7]
    • A Tinder account can now be connected with an Instagram account. If done so, other members can view the last 34 pictures the Tinder member posted on Instagram. [8]
    • Hilary Duff confirms she has a profile on Tinder and has been out on one date with another member. [9]
    • Tinder starts to sell Ad space so they can begin to show general advertising on their app. [12]
    • Tinder's new feature allows users to swipe up to show the match that they are super interested. [15]
    • After only 5 months CEO Chris Payne has stepped down. Co-founder Sean Rad was asked by Match Group to take control once again. [16]
    • Of all of the popular dating services Tinder has the most mentions on Twitter. [17]
    • Tinder took the top spot for highest average engagement and most posts shared by fans on social media. [17]
    • Upcoming changes will boost connections made on the Tinder dating app by 30%. These changes should happen by the holidays. [18]
    • The Moments feature (share photos that expire) has been removed from the Tinder app. [19]
    • Tinder profile and inbox has been revamped. Users can now add employment and education information. [19]
  • Members
    • In 2013 Tinder quickly gain half a million users by marketing to the college crowd. [10]
    • By quarter 1 of 2015 Tinder has 24 million members. [10]
    • 70% of Tinder members belong to a traditional online dating site. [11]
    • For every 4 women on Tinder there are 6 men. [11]
    • 30% of Tinder members are married and another 12% are currently already in a relationship. [11]
    • Tinder now offers verified profiles for notable public figures, celebrities and athletes. A profile is verified when you see a blue and white checkmark badge next to it. [14]
    • 80% of users are looking for long-term relationships. [18]
    • The Tinder app currently receives 1.6 billion swipes per day, 26 million matches per day and 9 billion total matches since its debut in 2012. [18]
    • From the user swipes, 1.5 million in-person dates stem from Tinder each week. More than half of those make it to a second date. [18]
  • Finances
    • Tinder with its brand recognition is charging companies to be seen with its brand. [3]
    • Gillette teamed up with Tinder to find out how successful men with facial hair are on the dating app. [3]
    • TInder is part of a IAC subsidiary called The Match Group. The Match Group plans to file for an IPO soon. [13]


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  • General Information
    • Tinder experienced an outage on Sept 3rd for about 20 minutes. [3]
    • Tinder went from 5 million swipes a day in December 2013, to over a billion swipes a day in September, 2014 (and 12 million matches a day). [5]
    • It is reported that Tinder is full of spammers that try to lure daters away onto other pay sites. [6]
    • In November Tinder will introduce a paid service. The free service will remain the same while the paid service will offer enhanced features. [7]
    • Experts estimate Tinder has about 50 million active users. [8]
    • On average singles log into Tinder 11 times a day. Women spend 8.5 minutes each time and men spend 7.2 minutes each visit. This adds up to over 90 minutes a day. [8]
    • Tinder founder Sean Rad has been demoted from CEO to President. [9]
    • Tinder Plus will launch this month which will offer some new paid features. [9]
      • The first feature is an undo button that allows you to revisit profiles in which you have already rejected.
      • The second is a travel feature called Passport that allows you to review matches from another city.
    • A testing phase for Tinder Plus will be launched in the UK, Germany and Brazil. 40% of users will have access to it and prices will range from 99 cents to 20 dollars. [10]
  • Finances
    • IAC/InterActiveCorp bought back 10% of mobile dating service Tinder. [1]
    • IAC has stated that in 2014 Tinder will start generating revenue. [2]
    • Tinder has the potential to generate $75 million a year in revenue. [4]
    • Tinder is now expected to have the ability to generate $180 million in revenue. [5]
    • Barclays predicts Tinder's valuation will reach $1.1 billion by the year 2015. [5]


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