2014 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

  • Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 09:12 am
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2014 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

The 2014 Editor's Choice Top Pick - Innovative Award goes to the fastest growing dating app, Tinder. Reaching an estimated valuation of just over 1 billion dollars in 3 short years Tinder has become the dating app to imitate by other companies (is there any bigger form of flattery?).

As of September 2014 Tinder members generate over 1 billion swipes and 12 million matches (both swipe yes for each other’s profile) every day. In eight months this dating app has grown in leaps and bounds. Last December Tinder was only receiving 3 million swipes every day.

To become a member of Tinder the only thing required is a Facebook account. Tinder uses the information found on Facebook for your profile information (includes your age, interests, etc…). You can also specify which photos from Facebook you want to display on Tinder. Once your Tinder account is setup you can then start swiping and hopefully make a few matches. Once both you and someone else has expressed mutual interest in each other can you then go ahead and communicate via chatting or sending messages.

Tinder wasn’t the first dating app on the market it but it has by far been the most successful. The combination of how simple it is to use to create a membership and search for matches has made it a winner for many 20 and 30 something singles.

Read our review of Tinder for more information about this online dating service or visit Tinder directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is: Hinge