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EliteSingles is a dating site dedicated to helping American singles find long-term commitment with highly compatible partners. Like eHarmony, EliteSingles puts the focus on deep levels of matching using personality evaluations and an intelligent algorithm. It may not have the name recognition of its bigger competitors, but EliteSingles is doing its part to bring like-minded, smart and aspirational professionals together.

The highlight of the EliteSingles experience is its matching system. Upon signing up, new users complete an extensive questionnaire, developed by experienced psychologists in cooperation with EliteSingles. The test and matching algorithm is based on the Five Factor Model of personality traits and once your results are analyzed, they are then matched with demographic data and personal preferences to create a list of matches.

After answering the questionnaire, it's time to fill out the remainder of your profile. This isn't a two-sentence Tinder deal. EliteSingles takes dating seriously, and it's reflected in the number and gravity of the questions. You'll be asked to answer, in your own words, free-response queries about your passions, hobbies, desires, dealbreakers, strengths and more.

The good news is, once the initial hard work of the profile is complete, EliteSingles takes over and the rest of the experience is streamlined. The site presents users with 3-12 matches each day that meet their personality and search criteria. In fact, there's no traditional search feature at all. If you're short on time, the setup is a perk. If you prefer to surf profiles yourself, or would like to see more per day, EliteSingles may not be the right choice.

What you can control is your own profile, so it's important to spend time on it. In addition to everything you answer during signup, you can fill out additional questions, upload photos, view your personality profile, and indicate the importants of certain traits in a partner. You can also adjust your preferences at any time by visiting the 'Matches' tab at the top of the page.

When a user piques your interest, EliteSingles offers multiple ways to get in touch. The most low-stress option is to send a smile. The most personal is to send a message.

If you're not ready to talk yet, you can add a profile to your favorites list and come back to it later. You can also see your most recently viewed matches and your profile visitors.

For more advanced functionality, EliteSingles offers a paid membership option. With a Premium Membership, you can view all member photos, see all profile visitors and have unlimited communication with other users. You also receive 20 extra wildcard matches per day, and read receipts for messages.

iOS and Android users can date on the go with the EliteSingles mobile application. The EliteSingles website is also fully optimized for use on desktop,smartphone, and tablet browsers.

Is EliteSingles the right choice for you? It's a site that takes quality seriously. The design is clean and easy to use, and a lot of attention has been paid to details. The personality questionnaire and profiles are thorough, security is prioritized, and busy singles will benefit from the site's approach to matching. On the other hand, it's a pricier option, requires a larger time commitment upfront, and has fewer users than its more well-known competitors.

Take a free membership for a test drive and explore. An elite lover could be waiting.

Canadian Flag If you are from Canada and wish to try out this online dating site, visit EliteSingles.ca where all members are Canadian.

Positives of Elite Singles

  • EliteSingles uses an extremely thorough personality test and profile to power its matching algorithm
  • The 'Messages' tab makes it easy to keep track of connections on the site
  • EliteSingles is an efficient choice if you're short on time, as the site does the matching for you

Negatives of Elite Singles

  • Because the profile is so thorough, getting started with EliteSingles can take a while
  • Free users cannot send messages or see other members' photos
  • EliteSingles is not a good choice if you want more control over the dating experience or will be frustrated by receiving only a few matches at once

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of Elite Singles? Our expert explains:

"Elite Singles" is an ideal dating service for those interested in finding a long-term relationship. They focus on a number of levels for matching which requires a commitment from their members.


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2016 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Bronze

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Elite Singles Profiles & Sign Up Process

Question with 7 Point Scale
Question with 7 Point Scale

Signing up on Elite Singles can be done either from their website or dating apps (available on iOS and Android). It is a longer than normal process and can take about 45 minutes to complete. This includes creating the initial profile along with taking the personality test. If you run out of time taking the test, no problem. You can save your answers and come back later when you have more time. The Elite Singles personality test was designed and created by relationship experts and psychologists. It's based on the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits, established on the psychological model developed by McCrae and Costa in 1992. The test is divided into sections in which you are asked questions regarding your communication skills, personality traits, and your attitude towards relationships.

  • Basic Profile
    • Answer questions about your Gender, Gender looking for, age, marital status, education, height, ethnic group, beliefs
    • Indicate how important some of the above attributes are in a partner based on a sliding scale
      • There are 7 points on the scale and it ranges from Not important to Extremely important
  • About Me
    • Indicate how well phrases describe you based on a sliding scale
      • For example: I make time for others, I always seek adventure, I become stressed easily, I grasp situations quickly
  • Personal Description
    • Indicate how well words describe you based on a sliding scale
      • For example: Dominant, Introverted, Clever, Cold, Energetic, Spiritual
    • Choose four qualities your friends would use to describe you from a list of words
  • Characteristics
    • Indicate how well statements apply to you based on a sliding scale
      • For example: Appearances matter to me, I enjoy talking to people in social situations, My emotional state is stable, I laugh often
  • Emotions and Feelings
    • Indicate how often in recent months you felt certain emotions using a sliding scale
      • For example: Confident, Hopeful, Worried, Sad
Question with Multiple Answers
Question with Multiple Answers
  • Important Qualities
    • Indicate how important certain qualities are to you in a relationship using a sliding scale
      • For example: Motivation, Experimentation, Physical appearance, Affection, Frequent communication, Friendship
    • List the three things you are most thankful for in your life, past or present
  • Personal Interests
    • Indicate how interested you would be in a partner with specific hobbies using a sliding scale
      • For example: Music, Philanthropy, Adventure Sports, Travel, Art, Health and Fitness
    • Write about your passions in your own words
    • Describe two to three activities you enjoy in your leisure time
  • Special Features and Characteristics
    • Indicate how well certain statements and descriptions apply to you using a sliding scale
      • For example: I'm always on the go, I often make others laugh, I try to avoid disagreements, I always respect the opinions of others
  • Matching Preferences
    • Smoking habits, drinking habits, children
    • First name, location, income
      • Your name is strictly confidential and is only displayed to matches
      • Your income is strictly confidential and is not visible to other members
  • Photos
    • Upload from your computer or import from Facebook
    • All photos must be approved by the EliteSingles team before they are visible to other members
    • Only the people that you are matched with are allowed to view your photos
  • Additional Profile Questions
    • Which of your qualities do you think stand out in particular?
    • How do you spend your free time? Do you have any hobbies?
    • In which places or situations do you feel most comfortable?
    • If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
    • Are there certain things that you can't stand? What are your deal breakers in terms of personalities, views, or vices?
    • What makes you laugh or amuses you the most?
    • What is important to you in a relationship? What do you expect and desire?

When you have finished the personality test, your results are collated, analyzed and compared to other Elite Single members. The compatible matches that come from this are then filtered by your Match Preferences (more on this below).

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Dating
  • Long-Term
  • Marriage

Elite Singles Costs

Free members on Elite Singles cannot see profile photos, communicate with members, and see who has viewed their profile. Only premium members can make full use of the matchmaking features offered at EliteSingles.

  • Prices last confirmed November 14, 2018. Please check Elite Singles for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Premium Membership
    • View all Member Photos
    • Unlimited Communication
    • See all Profile Visitors
    • Use the mobile app
    • 20 extra Wildcard Matches per Day
    • View your Personality Profile
    • Read Receipts for Messages
    • Costs in USD:
      • 12 months for $19.95 per month (Premium Comfort)
      • 6 months for $27.95 per month (Premium Classic)
      • 3 months for $37.95 per month (Premium Light)
  • EliteSingles.com accepts most major credit cards and PayPal
  • The subscription cost is charged in one upfront payment

Here is a list of additional paid features that Elite Singles offers their members. These costs are extra and require the member to have an active subscription to purchase.

  • Profile Makeover
    • A scheduled phone appointment to talk about how best to fill your profile and how to select your picture
    • Costs $99

Elite Singles Viewing & Communication Features

The Elite Singles website and dating apps are very similar in functionality and use the same tools for communication and viewing of matches and messages. The layout of these tools may differ due to screen size. To access most communication tools select either the 3 dot menu on mobile devices, or on the website one of the tabs (Matches, Visitors, Have you met?) to bring up a list of profiles and their summaries. To view a members full profile you can either click/press on the profile summary. The profile is broken up into 4 parts:

  • Profile
    • Contains your personal description including physical attributes along with your education, vices, etc...
    • Any questions you have answered (about you, your personality, and what you enjoy in life)
    • Answers can be liked (thumbs-up) and commented on
  • Gallery
    • Photo gallery where you can view larger versions of the photos
    • Photos can be liked (thumbs-up) and commented on
  • Personality
    • A list of personality types and how the member falls on the scale of each. Contains both visual representations in an overview and a detailed text description
    • Used by the matching algorithm to determine compatibility. For more information see below
  • Interests
    • A list of interest the member has indicated including hobbies, music, movies, etc..
    • Photos can be liked and commented on

From the profile you can:

  • Ask for a Photo (if they do not have any)
    • This will add you to their Matches list and they will be prompted to upload a photo the next time they login
  • Send a Message
    • Open a message window where you can type out a message to the match
    • Any message you send or receive can be viewed on the Messages page
  • Send a Smile
    • Sends a smile notification to the member. The member can then click/tap "Smile back" so you can receive one in return
  • Add to Favorites (or remove if a favorite already)
  • Delete Match

Any of the above actions (except delete) will result in the match receiving a notification in the "Messages" section.

Elite Singles Matches

EliteSingles does not offer a traditional search function. Matches are chosen based on compatibility and every day you will receive a new set which includes 3 to 12 matches. To view your matches you just need to select the "Matches" tab on the top toolbar. Matches can be viewed as a grid or in rows and contain an image of the member along with their name, age, and computability or matching score. Clicking on the match will then take you to their profile which you can then do a number of different things like sending a message or view additional photos. With your matches, you can refine the list by using filters. Filters include:

  • Matches Filters
    • Keyword text search
    • By New member, With photo, In contact, Similarities (shared interests), and Favorites
    • By range for age, height and distance

The matching score seen on your matches serves as an indication of compatibility. The score can range from 0 to 100, with higher numbers indicating a more compatible match. On the Matches tab or screen you will rarely see matches with a score below 60. The score takes into account your respective personality test scores and your shared interests and hobbies. The number is calculated when you’re first matched with someone. To see how someone’s personality is defined you can view their profile and then select the "Personality" tab. From here you will get an overview of their personality (based on the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits) in an easy to read graph format along with a written explanation. The members traits can be seen in the available overview along with the range they fall under. The traits covered are as follows (use the OCEAN acronym to remember):

The 5 major Personality Traits used in Matching
The 5 major Personality Traits used in Matching
  • Personality
    1. Openness - Ranges from habitual to inventiveness
    2. Conscientiousness - Ranges from easy going to disciplined
    3. Extraversion - Ranges from introverted to extroverted
    4. Agreeableness - Ranges from cautious to compassionate
    5. Neuroticism - Ranges from emotionally stable to sensitive

To a certain degree you can also change the way EliteSingles picks your compatible matches. On the Matches page you can click on the green "Preferences" button to take you to your Match Preferences. From here you can modify some of the preferences you first entered when you created your profile and took the personality test. When modified these preferences will affect the type of matches you receive the next day from Elite Singles.

  • Matches Preferences
    • Age, Height, and Distance
    • Education & Income
    • Smoking & Drinking Habits
    • Ethnicity & Religion

Another match option on Elite Singles is the "Have you met?" feature which can also be accessed via the tab on the top toolbar. The profiles listed here are members who missed out on being added to your regular matches because they didn’t meet at least one of your Match Preferences. With "Have you met?", you will see only one profile at a time. Before you can see the next profile you must decide to either send a message or smile to the match, or pass it on (by clicking on the X button). Once a profile has been discarded it will not be seen again. Any match you communicate with will be added to your Matches list.

Other Elite Singles Information

EliteSingles is owned by Spark Networks SE which is a Berlin based company (with offices in the United States as well) that runs a number of different dating services including Silver Singles, Christian Mingle and JDate. The company has earned the trust of more than 13 million singles, creating on average 2000 couples every month in over 20 countries worldwide.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at DatingSitesReviews.com we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy. There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, please check with the service directly for the most recent information. As always you should read your terms of service before purchasing a product and/or signing up to any online service. DatingSitesReviews.com may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this page and buy a product or service.

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