Tinder Review

Tinder is taking the dating world by storm. Described by some news outlets as “the next Facebook,” it has made the concept of both mobile and online dating more socially acceptable.

Part of the reason for this according to founder Justin Mateen, is that mobile phones – and smartphones in particular - have become so ubiquitous. “Mobile phones have become an extension of who we are,” he tells The Huffington Post. “They are arguably the most intimate possession that we have.”

Tinder offers a simple way to meet people online. You sign up with your Facebook account to ensure some level of identity verification (though your membership is not announced to your Facebook friends via your page, feed, etc.). The app then matches you to other Tinder users in the area around you – whether you’re at home, at work, in a bar, or on a trip.

The app is free to download, and only takes a few seconds to install. Tinder is also now available online via their website so if your on your desktop or laptop you can now check your messages and matches from your internet browser.

There’s no real profile creation with Tinder. Photos are automatically pulled from your Facebook profile pictures (the app allows you to delete whatever you don’t want available). Or, you can click the plus sign on the top right of your Profile page to check your phone, Instagram, or album photos from Facebook for other pictures to include. You can also say a few words (up to 500 characters) to describe yourself. The settings tab allows you to choose whether you want to be matched with men or women or both, how far away you are willing to search (i.e. 10 miles or 50 miles from your current location), and your preferred age range. You can include up to nine photos.

The matching process is easy. Pictures of potential suitors pop up on your screen one by one along with their ages (your age is also pulled from your Facebook profile), and whether you have Facebook friends or mutual interests in common. You can see more information about them by tapping the “I” button underneath or simply tapping on the photo. Then you can see how far away they are from you at this moment (i.e. 2 miles or 10 miles), how long ago they were active on Tinder (i.e. 1 hour or 2 days ago), as well as an “about” section where people can leave a little information about themselves (or not much at all besides “hi”). If you have common interests or friends on Facebook, those will appear below the photos. You can scroll through various matches if you’d like, touching the “X” for no or swiping left (meaning you’re not interested) and touching the heart on the right for yes, or swiping right. Once you mutually approve of each other, you and your Tinder match can communicate.

Celebrities are joining Tinder along with the millions of other daters downloading the app. It’s become a part of TV shows about single people, including Girls and The Mindy Kaling Project. As The Huffington Post noted, Tinder has become so popular “it is now a verb.”

Part of its appeal is the fact that Tinder is not a lonely endeavor like online dating can be, where you sit in front of a computer sorting through profiles and creating your own. In fact, most people use Tinder with their friends in social settings, so when you’re meeting friends for a drink chances are one or more of you is logging in. “The last few times I’ve gone out, I haven’t not noticed someone using Tinder in a bar. People aren’t ashamed to use it. It’s lightweight and fun,” says Mateen.

Unfortunately, Tinder doesn’t take into account your Facebook relationship status. If you’re married or in a relationship, you can use Tinder without any members having knowledge about the fact you have a significant other. So, it enables people to cheat if they feel so inclined.

Many people view mobile dating apps like Tinder as nothing more than hook-up apps, because it’s free to use and there isn’t much of a filtering process outside of whether or not you like someone’s photos. But plenty of women and men are both gravitating to this app, so its appeal is only growing. Tinder and mobile apps are here to stay, and an important part of the new dating landscape.

Positives of Tinder

  • Free to download and use with smartphone (iPhone or Android). Now accessible via Tinder.com as well
  • Easy to get started with no profile creation or photos to take
  • Easy to use, just swipe left or right to reject or approve a match. Swipe up for a Super Like
  • Tons of users to choose from, and since it’s location-based, they change
  • Fun to use in social situations with friends
  • Can start connecting with people more quickly than traditional dating sites
  • Constantly matching you with new people because it’s location-based

Negatives of Tinder

  • Low investment – if you only want to hook-up, very appealing platform. No money to spend and very accessible
  • Low security – the only verification is through a Facebook profile, which means people could create a false identity
  • Does not consider someone’s Facebook relationship status to be able to use it (married, in a relationship, or single)
  • Not much information provided about the match before you meet – sometimes none at all if they don’t include a tag or description
  • Can’t search for matches with similar interests – have to scroll through each match given
  • Can’t “look back” and reconsider someone because you have to choose “yes” or “no” to move on to the next candidate. When you reject, they are gone
  • Membership upgrades use an age-based pricing model. For older singles Tinder is more expensive to use

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of Tinder? Our expert explains:

The dating app "Tinder" started the swiping craze and is extremely popular with young adults (20-30). They use it to meet new people to date or hookup with in College and University.


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At a Glance

United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Member Numbers:
50,000,000 ?
Cost per Month:
Free to $19.99 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Complete
Paid Upgrade

Average User Reviews & Ratings

Overall Rating: 
  Features:  ?
  Ease of Use:  ?
  Popularity:  ?
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  Matching System:  ?
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Tinder Free Membership

  • Yes
  • Included:
    • Profile (generated from Facebook)
    • Edit/ Add photos (at least one is required, up to 9)
    • Search and view profiles
    • Access from iPhone, Android and website
    • See who is on Tinder and nearby
    • Accept or reject users
    • Mutual accept, can message through Tinder
    • Can only scroll one date at a time, so either accept or reject to move on to next
    • View Feed of user who is a mutual match (you both swiped right)
  • Not Included:
    • See who likes you before you swipe
    • See all your Likes on the same screen as a gallery
    • Rewind (return to the last person you left swiped), Boost, and Passport (change your location)

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Casual
  • Dating
  • Friends
  • Long-Term

Tinder Costs

  • Prices last confirmed February 7, 2019. Please check Tinder for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or device used
  • Free membership with a Facebook account
  • Free Membership includes:
    • Matches with people on Tinder nearby to accept or reject
    • Can set geographic perimeters (no more than 10 miles away)
    • Can set age perimeters
    • Can include brief description or “tag” of yourself
    • Can see common Facebook friends and interests
    • Include up to 9 photos in your profile (from Facebook, phone uploads, or Instagram)
    • Swipe left or right for “yes” or “no”
    • Super Like
      • Swipe up to do a super like
      • Matches who you have Super Liked will have a blue star next to there name in the list
      • Members who have been Super Liked can find out who did it by viewing their list of matches. They will see a blue banner underneath the names of people who Super Liked them
      • To find out more please read: Swipe Up: Tinder Introduces New 'Super Like' Feature
    • Mutual accept, can start messaging each other
    • See messages in your inbox
    • Create lists for matches (however you want to organize)
    • Quick and easy to get to the messaging part as long as there is a mutual accept
    • Easy to find and contact customer service through app
    • Can use when traveling to meet people in other cities
    • Can’t “look back” in case you want to reconsider a match
    • Each time you log in, there are new matches thanks to GPS-based matching
  • Tinder Plus:
    • Prices differ in other countries. Discount offered for those who choose to subscribe for longer periods of time
    • Costs in USD:
      • $9.99 per month for members under the age of 30
      • $19.99 per month for members 30 years or older
      • Only in California is the price the same for members of any age (see: Story)
    • Includes:
      • Rewind - Allows you to return to the last person you left swiped
      • Passport - Lets you change your Tinder location to match with people in a destination of your choice. Allows browsing of matches outside your city
      • Boost - Puts your profile ahead of others to be seen first by members near your location. 1 per month
      • More control over your profile
      • Ad-free experience
    • For more information on Tinder Plus see:
  • Tinder Gold:
    • A premium subscription experience
    • Prices differ in other countries. Discount offered for those who choose to subscribe for longer periods of time
    • Costs in USD:
      • $4.99 plus Tinder Plus subscription for a total of $14.98
    • Includes:
      • All features of Tinder Plus
      • Likes You - See who likes you before you swipe
      • See all your Likes on the same screen as a gallery and see if they liked you
      • Five Super Likes per day
      • Tinder Picks - Your most promising matches are organized and highlighted
    • For more information on Tinder Gold see: Tinder Launches New Features With Tinder Gold
  • Tinder Boost:
    • Boost your profile to the head of the line and be seen first by others
    • A Boost lasts for 30 minutes
    • Available for free with a monthly Tinder Plus subscription
    • Costs in USD:
      • Between $1.99 and $3.99 depending on region
      • Packages of Boosts are available at discount prices
    • For more information on Tinder Boost see:
  • Tinder Select:
  • Tinder Picks:
    • Premium matches for Tinder Gold subscribers
    • Additional Picks are available for purchase in packs of 10, 20, or 30

Tinder Viewing & Communication Features

  • Photos
    • Profile photos can be uploaded from your phone or retrieved from Facebook (up to 9)
    • You can view other members Instagram photos as long as they have their Instagramm account connected with their Tinder account. See the post Tinder Update Brings Instagram Into The Mix for more information
    • Smart Photos
      • Feature can be toggled on or off by editing your Tinder profile
      • Figures out which profile photo other Tinder members will like best and then uses it as your primary photo
      • Smart Photos works by cycling the photos on your profile so different ones appear as your primary image. As it does so, it logs the response to each image and calculates which scores you the most likes or right swipes
      • For more information on Smart Photos see: Tinder’s New Smart Photo Feature Could Score You More Matches
    • Tinder Loops
  • Profiles
  • Private messaging
    • You can “like” a message by tapping a green heart that appears next to a message you receive
    • iPhone 3D touch is support which allows you to preview links sent within messages
    • Can add emojis and GIFs to your messages when chatting. Thousands of GIFS are available from GIPHY, just press the blue GIF button found at the bottom of the chat interface
    • Add animated full screen response reactions to messages by clicking on the smiley face icon. For more info see: Tinder Launches Animated Reactions As Part Of ‘Menprovement Initiative’
    • Connect your Tinder account to Snap Chat and add your Bitmojis to your Tinder messages. For more info see: Tinder is Allowing Users to Send Bitmoji in Messages
  • Tagline
  • Mutual interests
  • Mutual friends
  • Push Notification
  • Tinder Feed
    • Feed aggregates real-time updates from your matches, including recent photos from Instagram and Spotify
    • Posts appear in the timeline in order beginning with the most recent changes to a profile. A match’s occupation and distance from you (the last time they opened the app) is also listed beneath each entry
    • Only users who have mutually swiped right appear in each others Feeds
    • Users can comment on individual items in the timeline, comments are visible only to the person on the receiving end
    • Users can manage what is shared to your Feed by editing your profile
    • For more information see: Tinder Is Rolling Out A Chronological Feed And Users Are Panicking and Tinder is Testing Real-Time Feature Dubbed Feed, Integrating Social Media
  • Tinder U
    • For college students, and gives users the option to match only with others at their school or at nearby campuses
    • Tinder U is separate from regular Tinder. You must toggle between the two in the app to use either
    • Must have a .edu email address and must also be geolocated on a college campus
    • Tinder U profile page includes the name of the users school, and when users swipe, their school logo will appear at the top of the screen, and their match’s school will appear in the bottom left corner of each profile.
    • Currently only available on the iOS app
    • For more information see: Tinder Launching a New Dating Service for College Students
  • Swiping
    • Scroll through potential matches. Easy swipe left or right to accept or reject
    • Potential matches are based on a number of factors including location
    • With the Tinder website version when you match with other users, they appear in a list on the left, which displays all your matches and chats in one place as you swipe
    • Once you mutually approve of each other (swiping right), you and your Tinder match can communicate
  • Swipe Surge
    • User opt in only
    • Offer push notifications to users when Tinder usage spikes in a specific geographic area
    • Swipe and match in real time instead of waiting around – which means you can start messaging or even meeting your matches right away
    • For more information see: Tinder Unveils New Feature Swipe Surge
  • Potential matches sent to you – you can see:
    • Photos
    • Age
    • How far from you
    • Mutual friends
    • Mutual interests
    • Tagline / brief description
    • Can scroll through each new person’s photos
  • Lists
    • Can see those matches where you have mutually accepted so you can communicate
    • Have to accept in order to consider someone, no “looking back” in case you weren’t sure
  • People
    • Nearby
    • Also on Tinder
  • Tinder Picks
    • View your most promising matches. Available from the Discovery screen (diamond icon)
    • Picks are presented in a grid format featuring large photos and one-word descriptions that explain why each match was chosen
    • Matching for Picks is based on education, occupation, hobbies, and other predictors of compatibility
    • Picks screen refreshes with a new set of profiles every 24 hours. Additional Picks are available for purchase
    • For Tinder Gold members only
    • For more information see: Tinder Combats Swipe Fatigue With New ‘Picks’ Feature For Premium Users

Other Tinder Information

  • Tinder is gaining popularity, with millions of people logging in every day to use. If you are comfortable with a location-based app, it’s a good choice. Keep in mind that not much information about the person is provided
  • The Tinder service is now available on their website. For more information see: Tinder’s Desktop Version Has Finally Landed In North America

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