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What started as a Facebook application in December of 2007 has become one of the largest online dating services the internet has ever seen. Zoosk stands out from the competition by being heavily integrated with social networking sites and phones, allowing members to seamlessly connect across multiple platforms. This means that more than 40 million Zoosk members, called Zooskers, across more than 80 countries can meet using the website, their phones, and Facebook.

Although Zoosk certainly isn’t the oldest dating site on the scene, it rapidly became one of the most popular. A quick look at the stats says everything you need to know about why Zoosk is one of the industry leaders. The site is available in 25 languages and has subscribers all around the world. Zoosk.com ranks in the top 10 in average monthly US traffic data when compared to other popular dating services.

Zoosk was also one of Facebook's first applications, debuting just weeks after the launch of Facebook Platform/API on May 24, 2007. Zoosk is now the largest dating application on Facebook, with more than 1 million users on a monthly basis, and the Zoosk Facebook page has more than 12.4 million Likes. Plus with the website and phone dating apps, more than 70% of Zoosk users opt in and connect their Facebook accounts which helps to verify the validity of the user.

On the mobile front, Zoosk is consistently in the top 5 of dating apps in the iOS App Store in the US. Zoosk is also one of the most downloaded dating application for Android phones, according to Google Play. Around 50% of Zoosk members access their accounts via mobile platforms. The combination of a mobile-centric design and Zoosk’s trademarked Behavioral Matchmaking engine (Called SmartPicks) has created a powerful formula that daters can't resist.

What is Behavioral Matchmaking? Zoosk's advanced matchmaking technology learns users' preferences as they interact with potential matches, models their behavior, and uses the info it gathers to continuously improve subsequent suggestions. This results in better matches for singles on Zoosk. The Behavioral Matchmaking engine suggests potential matches through three discovery tools:

  • SmartPicks, which is Zoosk's scientific matchmaking service (ZSMS), and offers a daily introduction to potential matches
  • Carousel, a rapid round of profile pictures
  • Search functionality that sorts through millions of profiles

Of course, Behavioral Matchmaking isn’t the only thing that makes the Zoosk experience unique. Zoosk is also known for its gamification of the dating process. Zoosk members can use Coins, a virtual currency, to purchase various features on the site. Coins can be used to buy Gifts, arrange for a special message delivery, receive Delivery Confirmation for email messages, and Boost your profile. Zooskers can also “play” Carousel, a rapid-fire round of profile pictures to which you must answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” Coins are earned for positive responses.

New users can get started on Zoosk for free by signing in with their phone number, Twitter account, Facebook account or registering for Zoosk with their email address. Create a profile, search for singles, and send introductory likes, smiles and messages without paying a cent. To gain greater access to Zoosk, users can purchase a subscription. Benefits of being a paid subscriber include: full access to sending and receiving messages, finding out who viewed your profile, and full access to the matching features.

There is no shortage of praise for Zoosk’s integrated approach to modern dating. The best way for you to find out for your self is to try the service out for free.

Positives of Zoosk

  • Many ways to access your Zoosk account including the website, iOS and Android phone apps, and Facebook app
  • All members can reply to emails sent by premium members, meaning that premium/paid members can contact ANY member and receive a reply
  • Zoosk can pull information from your Facebook account for easy profile creation
  • More than 40 million singles have created a profile since Zoosk launched in 2007
  • Profile photos can be verified

Negatives of Zoosk

  • Zoosk profiles are not as detailed as other services
  • Because the profile does not contain very detailed information, search options are also limited
  • The number of different payment options (subscription, upgrades, coins) is confusing. Not always clear what each payment option offers

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of Zoosk? Our expert explains:

"Zoosk" is a popular dating service with millions of members that allows you to access your account via their website, phone apps, and Facebook app. Profiles are not as detailed as other services but they do offer a number of different ways to be matched with fellow Zooskers.


A list of up to the last 5 awards for the Current year and/or Past that Zoosk has been the recipient of, in the Dating Sites Reviews Choice awards.


2014 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Bronze 2012 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Bronze 2010 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Bronze

Note: See this page for a full list of past awards

At a Glance

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, International
English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Other
Member Numbers:
50,000,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From $12.49 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic + Contact

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Zoosk Profiles & Sign Up Process

You can access Zoosk a number of different ways including their website at Zoosk.com, the Zoosk Facebook app, and their dating apps for Android and iOS. Once you create an account you can use it on any device or medium. Zoosk requires to create a free account to be able to search for members and browse profiles. When you first create your account Zoosk will ask for the following information from you:

  • Sign-up
    • Select your Gender and Preference, Birthday, and Email Address
    • Then select zip code with city (it does autodetect)
    • Upload photos
      • Can upload photos directly from Google
    • About You
      • Fill in the following: Your body type, Do you have children?, Highest level of Education, Your Ethnicity, Height, Religion, Smoking Habits
    • Confirm your account (does depend on device used) either via email, phone text, Facebook, or Twitter

Once you have signed up and confirmed your free account you can then start to try out Zoosk. If you wish (and we recommend it), you can fill out further profile information by visiting "My Profile" found under the account menu. You are not required to fill out any more information but it will severely limit your usage of the service as Zoosk will only allow certain features like the Carousel to be used once your profile contains the required amount of information (including a photo). Your full Zoosk profile includes the following sections and information:

  • Verification
    • Photos
    • Phone Number
      • Receive a text with a confirmation code you must enter
    • Email
      • Receive an email with a confirmation code you must enter
    • Social Networks
      • Includes Facebook and Twitter
      • Zoosk will never tweet or post to your social network accounts
    • U.S. Military Service
      • Submit U.S. Military Service documents to confirm you are an active member of the US Military
    • With any passed verification, a certified badge for that verification method will be displayed on your profile
  • Basics
    • Height, Education, What's your ethnicity?, What's your religion?, What's your body type?, What's your gender?, Do you smoke?, What's your relationship history?, Do you have children?, What industry do you work in?, What's your annual income?, Who are you interested in?
  • Story
    • "What is your story?" – Write about yourself and what do you like to do
  • Romance
    • "Perfect Match" – Write about what do you are looking for in a match
    • "Ideal First Date" – Write about what would you do on a first date
  • Interests
    • Add up to 8 interests you may have (choose from hundreds or add your own)
    • When displayed on your profile, interests are organized in categories like TV Shows, Sports, etc...

If you have not logged into your Zoosk account within a certain time period (think months) you may be asked to confirm your identity. This is for the protection of your account. Confirmation entails you correctly answering a number of your previous profile questions before you can gain access again. This includes things like your Birthday month, what gender you are looking for, and where you live.

Further information and settings can also be found under the "Account Settings" menu.

  • Account
    • Name, Language, Email, Password, Mobile Phone, Account Status (Active, Pause, Deactivate)
  • Notifications
    • Email, Text Messages, iOS, Android (either all on or all off)
  • Payments
    • Payment Methods and Payment History
  • Subscription
    • Purchase a subscription or change your current subscription and upgrades
  • Coins
    • Purchase coins and find your coins balance
  • Boost
    • Find out your current level of Boost and purchase with coins more Boost
  • Auto-Reply
    • Setup a custom message for "Your Auto-Reply" to Smiles and Likes from other members
    • Disable/enable "Inbox Auto-Replies" you may receive from sending a Smile or Like
  • Blocked Users
    • Your list of Blocked members. Can also unblock members from here
  • SmartPick
    • The answers to your SmartPick Survey. Can also change your answers

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Dating
  • Friends
  • Long-Term

Zoosk Costs

Zoosk offers a free membership (but limited) and a paid subscription.

  • Prices last confirmed April 3, 2019. Please check Zoosk for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Free Plan
    • Includes:
      • Search for members
      • View profile summaries of people who have viewed you
      • Send Messages
      • Send Likes and Smiles
      • Carousel
    • Costs: Free
  • Paid Plan
    • Includes:
      • All Free Plan features
      • Read messages from other members
      • See who sent you Smiles and Likes
      • SmartPick introductions
      • Super Send (send many messages at once)
      • See profiles of members who have viewed you
    • Costs (in USD):
      • One month for $29.95
      • Three months for $19.98 per month; one payment of $59.95
      • Six months for $12.49 per month; one payment of $74.95 – best value!
      • Twelve months for $12.49 per month; one payment of $149.88
  • Paid Plan Upgrades
    • Paid upgrades are premium features not included in a standard subscription. Each feature costs extra and you will be asked if you want to include them after you pick which subscription plan you want
    • Premium Messaging
      • Allows members to reply to your messages without subscribing. That means up to 7 times more people can respond to your messages.
    • Instant Crush
      • When using the Carousel to find matches you can select "Instant Crush" and let the member know you have a crush on them
      • A crush is 5 times more likely to start a conversation than a regular "Yes" to a match in the Carousel
    • Hide & Seek
      • Allows members to control the attention they receive with three levels of visibility
        • Hide
          • Hide your profile so only people you message can see you
        • Seek
          • Be fully visible and let people know when you view them
        • Sneak
          • Be fully visible and check out people without letting them know when you view them
    • Costs per Upgrade (in USD):
      • One month for $9.49
      • Six months for $8.25 per month; one payment of $49.50
  • Memberships are automatically renewed if purchased with a credit card. To cancel your membership, you must visit the account settings page
Boost your Profile Visibility

Zoosk also offers a virtual currency called coins for a cost that allows you to unlock and access premium features that help you to promote yourself and stand out.

  • Coins
    • Use Coins for:
      • See the section below for more detailed explanation of these communication tools. Cost of using the features below can vary from user to user
      • Boost
        • Using Boost highlights you in the search results, messages inbox, and Carousel of other people interested in you
        • Members receive an average of 3 times more views while they Boost
        • The more you Boost, the more you’ll be highlighted
        • Costs 150 Coins for 75 Boosts
      • Invisible
        • Browse and view other members for 30 minutes without them knowing
        • Costs 30 Coins
      • Unlock Carousel Matches
        • If you’d like to connect with a match from Carousel, you can use Zoosk Coins to unlock his or her profile
      • Virtual Gifts
        • Make someone feel special, you can use Coins to buy him or her a virtual gift. This is a special image that is included in a message
        • Images include things like a box of choclates, flowers, kiss, jewerly, etc...
        • Costs range from 10 to 100 Coins
      • Message Confirmations
        • Find out when a specific message in a chat is opened. After your message is sent, you’ll get a notification letting you know when it is opened
        • For paid subscribers only
        • Costs 35 Coins
    • Cost (in USD)
      • 25 for $0.99
      • 110 for $3.99
      • 280 for $9.99
    • Earn Zoosk Coins for free:
      • Invite friends to join Zoosk
      • Become a fan of the Zoosk Facebook page
      • Install the Zoosk Dating Application on your phone
      • Participate in special offers like trial memberships, subscriptions, and surveys
      • Say "Yes" or "Maybe" to matches in the Carousel

Please note all paid subscription plans, upgrades, and coin purchases are billed in one payment. Payment methods accepted include debit and credit card, or PayPal.

Zoosk Viewing & Communication Features

Chatting on the Zoosk App

Zoosk has a number of tools which allows you to communicate easily with other members on the service. These tools range in functionality from breaking the ice (to hopefully start a more meaningful conversation) to live chatting. These tools are available on all platforms that Zoosk service is available on including their website, Facebook app, and mobile phone apps.

Most of these features can be found when viewing the full profile of the Zoosker, in the search results, and when checking out the Connections section. Some of these tools do require a paid subscription to access.

  • Dating Profile
    • Allows you to view all public profile information about the member
    • View any photos they have posted and allows you to request more photos
    • Direct way to send them a message, smile, like, or virtual gift
    • See how the member has verified their account including Facebook, Twitter, Phone Number, Photo, and Active Military. If verified a checkmark will display next to the method
  • Smiles and Likes
    • Smiling at someone or Liking their profile is a way to break the ice and let him or her know you’re interested in them
    • Once you click or tap on a Smile or Like, a message will be sent to that member
    • Auto-Reply
      • A customizable message can be automatically sent out to people who send you a Smile
      • Used to encourage those who Smile at you to send a more interesting, personalized message
      • Auto replies from others to your own smiles you sent out can be disabled
      • It usually takes 24 hours to review and approve your reply
  • Messages
    • This is your inbox for all your mail messages and to see who has liked or smiled at you
    • Messages are prioritized in your inbox to list the most compatible members first. See the article about Zoosks priority inbox feature for more information
    • Subscription is required to read messages and view your likes or smiles unless the person who sent them has upgraded their subscription with Premium Messaging. If this is the case you will be able to read and send that member messages
  • Connections
    • Found on the Zoosk main menu and it lists all of the members you have communicated back and forth with
    • Anytime you smile, like, or send a message to someone and they respond back they automatically become a connection
    • Connections can also be removed if you decide you are no longer interested
  • Super Send
    • Super Send is a way to introduce yourself to a lot of other singles at once
    • You choose a message to break the ice, then Zoosk will send it to other members for you
    • To access click the white heart icon to the right of the Zoosk logo on Desktop or tap the lightning bolt icon in the top right corner of the app
    • Subscription required
  • Views
    • Found under the Zoosk main menu and allows you to know who has viewed your profile
    • Members who have viewed your profile are listed one at a time
    • Views can be generated when other members interact with any information on your dating profile
    • Older views may be removed from the list
    • Subscription required
  • Notifications
    • Found when you tap or click on the Bell icon on the top bar
    • Lists your latest views and communication requests

Privacy and safety is important to Zoosk. At any time if you wish to report a member or block them from viewing your information and communicating with you just visit their profile and select the "Report/Block" option. At a later time if you want to unblock someone, you can by visiting your Account Settings.

Zoosk allows users to search for profiles using filters and also has several different matching options.


Search is the first item on the Zoosk main menu. Clicking or tapping it will bring up your first result using your default basic search settings. The search returns one result at a time showing you their main profile photo (a green check mark icon indicates the photo has been verified), first name, age, location, and height. If you see a light green solid circle icon that indicates that the person was online recently. A dark green solid circle icon means that they are online right now. At this point you can view their full profile, send a smile, like or message. If none of these options appeal to you, you can then go to the next profile. You can also switch your search view to an image gallery format if your display is large enough allowing up to 28 profile summaries a page.

To change your search filters you click or tap on the "Edit Search". From here you can modify the basic search filters and enable the advanced search if you wish. Any search settings can be saved for later viewing.

  • Basic Search
    • Age range and distance from your location (3 - 100 mile radius)
  • Advanced Search
    • Includes basic search
    • Also includes height range, religion, relationships, children, ethnicity, education, smoking habits, body type
    • Search filters allow you to specify either a range or allow multiple selections

To view just online members you can visit the "Online Now" section found on the Zoosk main menu. This lists all online members in the same way that the search does except you can only view them one at a time. Just like the search it shows you all of the same information and allows you to easily access their full profile, smile or like them, and send a live chat message.


Zoosk matching tools include the Carousel, SmartPick, and Dating Insights.

  • Carousel
    • Quickly connects like-minded singles who are interested in each other. There are 3 sections to the Carousel, Play, Interested and Mutual
    • The Carousel shows you a picture of a member and their age (no other information). It then asks you a question if you would like to meet them. You can answer "Yes", "Maybe", or "No"
    • If you are interested in the member, selecting "Yes" or "Maybe" will send the other member a notification stating that you would like to meet them and ask them if they would like to meet you as well. If you are not interested in meeting the person, choose "No" and move to the next person
    • The Interested section of the Carousel shows anyone that has said "Yes" or "Maybe" to your profile photo but you have yet answered the question about them
    • The Mutual section shows where both you and the member have both said "Yes". This is considered a mutual match
    • If you and another member both say yes to each other, you can then use Zoosk coins to unlock each other’s profiles and start interacting
    • Instant Crush
      • Instead of just saying "Yes" to someone, you can select instant crush and let them know you have a crush on them
      • You will be highlighted in their search and be 5 times more likely to start a conversation because of this
      • Only allowed 5 a day
      • Subscription required
    • As a subscriber you also get access to Undos which allows you to go back and change a "No" to a "Yes"
    • Saying "Yes" or "Maybe" as you use the Carousel will also earn Zoosk Coins which can be spent on premium features. A maximum of 40 coins can be earned this way every day
  • SmartPick
    • Uses Behavioral Matchmaking technology to display you a list of singles one at a time that Zoosk thinks you’ll really like
    • SmartPick learns from your votes on the potential matches it shows you. Click or Tap on the Heart icon to approve the match or on the "X" to vote no. Any vote gathers more information for SmartPick which allows it to make better match recommendations in the future
    • SmartPick Survey
      • Before you receive any smart picks you must take a short survey about your match preferences
      • 5 questions are asked about who you would date. This includes: A smoker, Someone who is divorced, Someone who has a child, Only certain ethnicities, and someone of only certain religions
  • Dating Insights
    • Shows you your matches from a range of Zoosk tools all in one place. This includes the automated matches from SmartPick that are based on Zooks behavior-based matching technology along with those from the Carousel
    • You will also find matches based on your searching patterns (Who You Like) and matches based on other members searching patterns (Who Likes You)
    • The more you use the service the better your matches will become

Other Zoosk Information

Zoosk users are known as Zooskers. Zoosk has been featured by many media outlets and publications including Time, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. Zoosk is also a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

Zoosk was first just a Facebook dating app that was extremely popular back in the late 2000s. As of 2019 it still has more than 1 million users. For our original review of just the Facebook App (that was last updated in 2013) please see this page.

In 2019 Spark Networks SE purchased Zoosk Inc. for $258 million USD.

For more detailed information on this dating service you can check out our Zoosk Facts and Statistics page. Information can also be found in our topic for Zoosk news articles.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at DatingSitesReviews.com we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy. There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, please check with the service directly for the most recent information. As always you should read your terms of service before purchasing a product and/or signing up to any online service. DatingSitesReviews.com may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this page and buy a product or service.

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