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Tinder Dumps Desirability Scores For An Updated Matching Algorithm

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Tinder made headlines in 2016 when a Fast Company article revealed the dating app’s most closely guarded secret: every user received an internal rating that ranked the most (and least) desirable people on the platform. Then-CEO Sean Rad confirmed the existence of the algorithm, called an “Elo score” in reference to a ranking system used by chess players, but declined to go into detail.

“It’s very complicated,” he said. “It took us two and a half months just to build the algorithm because a lot of factors go into it.”

The story spread rapidly and left many users with a bad taste in their mouths. Dating app users are already subjected to judgement after judgement at each other’s hands - does anyone want to feel judged by the app itself, too? Why should Tinder get to decide who is desirable and who isn’t, or who is and is not out of someone’s league?

Snapchat Stories Will Soon be Available on Tinder

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Image: Snapchat

Snapchat announced that third party developers will soon be able to integrate its Stories feature into third party apps. Most notably, dating app Tinder will be among the first apps to debut the feature.

According to The Verge, Tinder plans its Stories rollout this summer.

Snapchat Stories is the defining feature of the Snapchat app, where users could post videos and photos that would automatically disappear in 24 hours. The service became incredibly popular after it launched, especially among young people who preferred its platform to Facebook, which at the time didn’t have its own stories feature.

Bumble Announces Inaugural Edition Of New Lifestyle Magazine

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In just five years, Bumble has become a dominant voice in the digital space. The company expanded its initial dating-focused product to become a platform for meeting friends and a tool for business networking. Outside of the app, Bumble’s numerous ventures include a startup investment fund, entertainment industry initiatives, pop-up installations and brand partnerships. Bumble has proved it is one of the most ambitious leaders in the dating industry, so few fans - or detractors - will be surprised to hear the company has yet another launch on the horizon.

Bumble’s newest endeavor is Bumble Mag, a lifestyle publication created in partnership with Hearst Magazines’ branded content studio, HearstMade. The first issue features fashion entrepreneur (and real Bumble user) Lauren Chan on the cover and 100 pages of articles about dating, careers, friendship and other topics of interest to Bumble’s 50 million-plus users.

US Government is Forcing Chinese Company Who Purchased Grindr to Sell

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Grindr has come under scrutiny in the last several weeks after Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech purchased a majority stake in the popular dating app in 2018. The U.S. government has demanded the new owners give up control of the company.

According to The Washington Post, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a government body charged with overseeing security threats to U.S. companies, has declared that the Grindr purchase is a threat to U.S. national security because of the risk posed to the privacy of users of the app.

Tinder Height Verification: Silly Prank Or Clever Commentary?

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Every April Fools’ Day, brands vie to nab headlines by pulling off outrageous public pranks. This year’s notable gags include Google claiming to have invented a plant language translator, Spotify giving listeners disco-infused Discover Weekly playlists, and McDonald teasing eaters with milkshake-flavored dipping sauces. But the award for 2019’s most memorable prank goes to Tinder, which shook up the online dating world and inspired heated debate with a faux feature announcement.

A March 29 blog post introduced the world to the Height Verification Badge, a tool purportedly designed to stop “height fishing” and enforce honesty on the dating app. “Height-lying ends here,” proclaims the post. “To require everyone under 6’ to own up to their real height, we’re bringing truthfulness back into the world of online dating.” The post’s guide to using the feature directs users to input their real height and submit a screenshot of themselves standing next to a commercial building for comparison. Fake screenshots show an error message instructing a dissembling user named Tyler to enter his correct height.

Tinder Co-Founder Asks Court to Dismiss Match Group Suit

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Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad is continuing his legal battle with Match Group by asking the court to dismiss the dating giant’s counter-lawsuit against him.

Rad, along with other former Tinder employees, filed a lawsuit against Tinder’s parent company last year, claiming that Match Group deliberately devalued their stock options to avoid paying billions of dollars in equity. Part of the evidence he cites is his email correspondence, which has become a sticky point for him and the lawsuit.