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Plenty Of Fish Launches ‘Conversation Powers’ To Keep Users Talking

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Plenty Of Fish made 2017 the year of getting back to basics. While other dating services introduced features seemingly designed to require less communication (looking at you, Tinder Reactions), POF has been all about the chitchat.

First, the company sponsored Conversation Nation, which it claims is the largest study ever conducted on the importance of conversation in the search for love. Inspired by what it learned from the survey, POF went on to update its iOS and Android apps with a new feature called Spark designed to help singles break the ice easily.

"With more conversations than any other dating app, Plenty of Fish is focused on bringing conversation back to singles," Hesam Hosseini, POF’s CEO, said at the time. "In the short time we've been testing Spark, we've seen a 15 percent increase in conversations. Given our scale, this can result in an increase of hundreds of thousands of conversations happening every day on the app, leading to more dates and more relationships – and it is just our first step to bring the art of conversation back to dating."

OkCupid Is Overhauling Its Communication System To Reduce Unwanted Messages

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Any company needs to evolve in order to stay relevant, and given the especially speedy pace at which the world of online dating advances, it’s even more important for companies in the industry to regularly innovate.

OkCupid has remained a leading name in the market since its launch 13 years ago. But that also makes it one of the older names, facing stiff competition from younger upstarts like Tinder and Bumble.

To ensure it remains a go-to for singles in an increasingly saturated industry, OkCupid has announced a major update to its messaging system. Open messaging - which allows any user to contact any other user without restrictions - will be eliminated a favor of a system more akin to those of Bumble and Tinder, in which only users who have indicated interest in each other can easily access each other's conversations.

Studies Show January is the Best Time to Date

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Add dating to your list of New Year resolutions, because chances are, you’ll meet someone in January.

Online dating has a high season, and it seems the spirit of the holidays all the way through Valentine’s Day puts people in the mood for finding love.

A study by dating site Match revealed that more than any other time of year, people flock to dating sites between December 26th and February 14th. The numbers are telling – 50 million messages sent and 1 million dates happen during this time, and Sunday January 7th is apparently the busiest day (and the best time to join – specifically 8:55pm EST).

Will Swiping Right Become a Thing of the Past?

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Online dating is the most popular way to meet, thanks to dating apps like Tinder that made it fun to swipe right and easily match with a stranger. But the introduction of AI technology to the online dating industry could change how people interact yet again, which means that swiping might become a thing of the past.

It’s hard to believe when dating apps are so ubiquitous. But a recent article on NBCNews’ website delved into the potential of incorporating AI into the online dating experience, and how that might change dating culture.

We rely on technology and its advances; it has become a huge part of how we function and communicate, and will continue to evolve. As one researcher noted, twenty years ago, who would have thought services like Uber and Lyft could exist, where people virtually asked strangers to give them rides?

Taffy Is A Chat-First Dating App That Makes You Work To See Your Match’s Face

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The concept of a blind date is nothing new, but you haven’t seen it quite like this before.

Taffy is a new app that attacks the problem of superficiality in dating by blurring a potential match’s photos until you’ve gotten to know each other better. Users initially see the hazy images with a catchy headline superimposed on top (something like “Looking for a guy with a sense of adventure,” suggests the app, though calling that “catchy” seems like a stretch). Only after initiating communication are the clear images revealed.

“Taffy is a new way to meet people that puts personality on the same level as physical attraction by putting conversation first,” explains the website. “Photos are blurry until you start chatting. The more you chat the more you see!”

Tinder Hires Female Development Team to Enhance User Experience

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Tinder’s new CTO Maria Zhang has her work cut out for her: she’s tasked with making the popular dating app Tinder more engaging for users around the world, and moving away from the mindless swipe the app introduced. She also wants to create a better user experience specifically for female Tinder users.

According to a feature in PC Magazine, Zhang hired a team of female developers to help her craft new premium features and make Tinder more inclusive for users in other countries, who don’t meet or date people in the same way Americans do. She also opened a satellite tech office in Silicon Valley in addition to hiring staff for the L.A. headquarters.