Plenty of Fish Study Reveals Pressure Points in Modern Dating Scene

  • Friday, December 20 2019 @ 07:28 am
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A study of the Pressures of Dating

A new study called "Pressure Points Study 2019" by popular dating app Plenty of Fish revealed that modern dating has become a source of pressure and anxiety for many people. They also found that while daters crave authenticity, they also embellish their own profiles to attract more dates.

In a survey of about 2,000 singles, Plenty of Fish set out to find what singles wanted from their dating apps.

First date jitters are a big concern among daters, especially women, with only 22 percent saying they weren’t concerned, but the vast majority saying they worried about how they come across to their dates. Forty percent of all singles were worried if they were interesting enough, 16 percent were concerned about whether they talked enough, and 12 percent worried if they were considered “fun.”

New Study Finds People Don’t Like Typos in Dating Profiles

  • Thursday, November 28 2019 @ 12:00 pm
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Typos in Dating Profiles Not Recommended

Dating app users find those who have typos and grammatical errors in their profiles to be less attractive, according to a new study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Interestingly, only 33.5 percent of participants noticed the errors and called attention to them, so most participants didn’t catch the mistakes. But those who did notice rated the grammatically incorrect profiles as less attractive than those profiles without errors.

Match Study Examines the Honesty of Online Daters

  • Thursday, June 08 2017 @ 07:09 am
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Keep dating honest

Have you met someone over your favorite dating app and questioned their honesty? Chances are, if you’re an active online dater you have, and you’re not alone. Many daters are distrustful of other daters, and can’t tolerate even a small “white lie” – whether it’s fudging your weight, age or income, according to a new study by dating site Match.

This is because many of us aren’t exactly honest with our dates. In fact, Match’s annual Singles in America study surveyed over 5,000 daters in the U.S. across a range of ages, ethnicities, and regions to determine how much (and what type) of small lies they would tolerate on a first date before turning down a second date.

Match found the majority of daters – 57% - claim they do not tell white lies while they’re dating. Moreover, two thirds of daters believe any small fib is unacceptable. In fact, your chances of getting a second date or having sex aren’t made better by lying, so the consensus among singles is: just don’t do it.

5 Online Dating Trends To Watch For In 2017

  • Friday, March 03 2017 @ 08:17 pm
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Dating Trends like Virtual Reality

We’re 2 months into 2017, but it’s not too late to call some of the hottest trends we expect to see in online dating this year.

Online dating is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. New services are constantly emerging, along with new technologies that keep the way we date in a constant state of evolution. Things won’t be any different in 2017. Change is coming - both from companies and from consumers.

Here are a few things the remainder of the year could have in store.

5 Big Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Now

  • Saturday, October 15 2016 @ 09:59 am
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Are you an online dating veteran, or new to the process? Regardless of your experience, it’s important to reconsider your strategy from time to time, no matter how seasoned you are with apps like Tinder or setting up a profile on Match.

We tend to approach online dating the same old way, but then we expect different results the next time around. If you really want to be successful with online dating, you have to be willing to try something new, test out different approaches, and see what works best for you. Easier said than done, but it’s true!

Following are five online dating mistakes to avoid now, if you want to see better results:

Are You Losing Motivation with Online Dating?

  • Monday, October 10 2016 @ 09:41 am
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Online dating can be a commitment. It’s very rare that online daters meet a perfect match within the first few weeks of signing up – usually it’s a longer process, and we have to cultivate some patience.

That said, it’s easy to get frustrated and quit, only to sign up again weeks later, hoping for a different experience. Or maybe you approach online dating without much motivation, thinking that if you get excited or put too much hope in it, you’re bound to be disappointed.

These aren’t the best approaches to take, obviously. But many times, the fear and sting of rejection can cause us to second-guess ourselves and whether or not we can find someone special. So instead of focusing so much on the rejection, or the potential for rejection, it’s time we looked at online dating for what it really is – a process. Not everyone is going to be a good match with you – in fact, most people aren’t. And we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we don’t find a relationship quickly, or within a certain period of time.

Online dating requires perseverance, and a lot of effort. It requires motivation, positive energy and outlook, and hope. If you decide to forgo any of these, you won’t get very far. Online dating will become a vicious cycle of disappointment, instead of a practical and efficient way to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to through your own networks.

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