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Average: • 4.6 / 5 (by 2 Users) for FarmersOnly   View Add was started in 2005 by founder Jerry Miller. In 2007 the service really got a boost when their YouTube videos showcasing comical TV commercials got picked up by the mainstream media. With the increased publicity FarmersOnly went viral and now has over 5 million members since launch from all over the United States and Canada. It is popular with ranchers, farmers, and just plain country folk who enjoy the outdoor rural lifestyle. If you are a city slicker don't bother joining, as this dating site is not for you. Living in the country means your neighbors can be far away making it more difficult to find a compatible partner. FarmersOnly solves this problem by allowing members to find the singles closest to their location using technology to bring people together instead of relying on traditional methods of meeting other singles through family or friends. FarmersOnly have hundreds of current success stories published on their blog showcasing the fact that their dating service works and is popular with those who are outdoors-oriented and enjoy the traditional farmer lifestyle and values.

From our research, Farmers Only is the most popular dating service in its niche (with Farmers Match and Farmers Dating being the main competition). About 80% of the dating service users come from the United States with the website being the most popular option to access the service. An app for Android is also available and has a 4.5 star rating from a couple thousand users. There are usually at least 20,000 users online at FarmersOnly at any time. A user is considered online if they are logged in. It is unclear if the user has to be actual active within a certain time period to be considered online.

The process to create an account on Farmers Only takes about a minute since only minimal information is required. Once complete we recommend you go and edit your profile right away (found in the Main Menu under My Profile) and add in more information. This way when other members find your profile you will at least have a headline and "About Yourself" description filled out along with other important attributes like if you smoke or have children. Doing this will also auto populate the Member Search with the defaults you want for age range, etc.

The best way to find members who are active is to visit the "Who's Online". You can filter the results by age and distance only, but at least you know these members are currently seeking a match. If you want a more in-depth search you will have to use the "Member Search" feature which unfortunately doesn't show the last active date for members (but you can sort by most recent online). Your other option to find members is to use the "Discover" tool. This is a similar to Tinder and Hot or Not where you are liking or passing members solely on their photo.

When you do find one or more members you like you can then either send them a Flirt with a predefined message. Flirts are free for Standard members. If you wish to send them your own written message you will then have to sign up as a premium member. Costs range from $13.99 to $27.95 a month depending on the number of months you choose. You can also upgrade your subscription for a small fee to get FarmPhone which will allow you to send and receive your messages via text but without revealing your phone number. Gold Status is also available as an upgrade which allows Standard members reply to your messages.

FarmersOnly is definitely not as fancy as the more popular general audience dating services but then again it is serving a niche market and has a smaller budget. The service has all the tools you need to function as a dating service, so if you are looking for someone who enjoys the rural life as much as you, Farmers Only is a good place to start looking.

Positives of FarmersOnly

  • A niche dating service for those who understand the farmers way of life
  • Cheaper than other paid dating services
  • In site messages can be sent as secure texts to your phone (and you can reply via text) using FarmPhone

Negatives of FarmersOnly

  • Messaging is only available for subscribers
  • No iOS phone app, but an Android app is available
  • User interface needs to be updated
  • No actual automated matching algorithm
  • Not required to verify your email before access when creating an account
  • Cannot tell who an upgraded member (they are the only ones who can reply to your messages unless you have Gold Status)

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of FarmersOnly? Our expert explains:

As the name suggests, "" is a dating service for single farmers and those who enjoy the rural life. City folks just don't get it!

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United States, Canada
Member Numbers:
5,000,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From 13.99 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic

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FarmersOnly Profiles & Sign Up Process

Farmers Only is accessible from their website at and via the FarmersOnly Android app. When you first signup you will be asked for your email, zip code, gender and gender looking for, along with your age. You then can go ahead and upload a photo or import from Facebook. During testing FarmersOnly for this review at no time was I asked to verify my email address. Your password is sent via email but you automatically log into the site so you will not need it right away. This poor verification process means FarmersOnly is more acceptable to members with fake profiles.

Once complete you can then start using FarmersOnly and search for members. To add more information to your profile you can edit your profile which is found under "My Profile". Your profile is broken down into two parts called "About You" and "Your Match".

  • About You
    • Profile Headline
    • About Yourself - Description of who you are and what you like to do, etc...
    • Your Gender and gender you are seeking
    • Your Habits and Lifestyle
      • Type of Relationship - Any, Friendship, Casual, Long-Term
      • Martial Status, Religion, Employment, Ethnicity, Education, Smoker, Children, Drinking, Height, Body Type
      • First and Last Name - Your real names will remain private
  • Your Match
    • Your Ideal Match
      • Age Range, Height Range
      • Type of Relationship, Smoker, Body Type
    • About your Match
      • Description of the type of person you are looking for

The "Your Match" information is also included in your profile and will also be used as the default search criteria for Member Search. Under "My Profile" you can also on separate pages edit your current location and show or hide your profile. Hiding your profile only removes it from the search results until the next time you login (no invisible searching of members).

Under "Account Settings" you can also update some information related to your profile. This includes your "Private Settings" which contain your real first and last name, your date of birth, and your email address. Finally under "Account Settings" as well you can remove your profile permanently from FarmersOnly. This deletes information including your profile, photos, and email from the FarmersOnly database.

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Married
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Casual
  • Friends
  • Long-Term

FarmersOnly Costs

FarmersOnly Subscription Costs

FarmersOnly has a Standard and Premium membership. They also have 2 upgrade options for the Premium membership called "Gold Status" and "FarmPhone".

  • Prices last confirmed July 20, 2019. Please check FarmersOnly for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Free/Standard Member
    • Includes:
      • Create a profile and upload your photos
      • Search for members
      • Use Discover to Like or Dislike other members
      • Send Flirts and receive Flirt notifications
      • Favorite other members
    • Cost:
      • Free
  • Premium Member
    • A paid monthly subscription for users who want access to FarmersOnly premium features
    • Includes:
      • All Standard Member features
      • Send and receive unlimited emails. Reply to emails
      • Read and reply to emails via mobile app
      • See other member's status and last visit date
      • Post unlimited Photos
      • See who has liked your profile when using Discover
      • See who has visited your profile
      • View your Favorite list
    • Cost:
      • 6 months for $13.99 per month (save 50%)
      • 3 months for $16.65 per month (save 40%)
      • 1 month for $27.95 per month
    • Renews monthly at the same price until canceled
  • Gold Status
    • Available to Premium members only
    • Allows Standard members to read and reply to your messages. Includes any older messages you have sent
    • Cost:
      • 1 month for $9.99 per month
    • Cost is prorated depending on the length of your current Premium membership term
    • Gold Status does not auto-renew
  • FarmPhone
    • Available to Premium members only
    • A texting service whereby users can text one another without giving out their phone numbers. Your real phone number is kept private
    • Every message you send will go out as a text to the member. Every message you receive from a member will be sent to you as a text
    • Cost:
      • 1 month for $4.95 per month
    • Cost is prorated depending on the length of your current Premium membership term
    • Gold Status does not auto-renew

FarmersOnly Viewing & Communication Features

My Email on Farmers Only

The FarmersOnly dating app and website offers a number tools to make it easy to communicate with other members. Most of these features can be found in the main menu, when viewing the profile directly, within the search results, or in one of the lists (Favorites, Who Likes Me?, etc...).

  • Flirt
    • Flirts are free and can be sent to any member
    • When sending a Flirt you pick one from over 50 different short messages which range in tone from funny to sexy. Flirts are designed to break the ice to make starting a conversation easier
    • When a Flirt is sent it will appear in the other members inbox. A email notification will also be sent notifying the member they have receive a Flirt
    • A green check mark next to the flirt button on a user's profile means that you have already flirted with them
  • My Email
    • Includes an Inbox tab (for all received messages) and Outbox tab (for all messages you have sent). All messages you send and receive (including Flirts) will appear here
    • Messages are listed newest first. Clicking on the username will take you to the profile (if you cannot click on it, then the profile is currently hidden) and clicking on the subject will take you to the message so you can read it
    • Under your Outbox, if the message you sent has a White Envelope icon next to it, that means it has not been read yet. Once read by the recipient the icon will disappear
    • If you receive a "User has ended conversation" message that means you have been blocked by the member
    • When you send a message, the member will be notified by email that they have a new message waiting for them. If the member is online they will also be notified by the website or app in real time
    • Messages can be deleted
  • Profile Visitors
    • Profile visitors are listed in the order of most recent visitor first. If someone visits your profile twice, the last visit is used to determine the order
  • My Favorites
    • Your list of Favorite profiles. This list is private and for you only
    • Add profiles to your “My Favorites” list by clicking on the “Add to favorite” button next to that users main photo
    • Requires a subscription to view
  • Account Settings
    • Email Preferences
      • Control what email notifications you receive about any actions on FarmersOnly. 12 different options including those for Flirts, Discovery, and Messages
    • Manage Blocklist
      • Lists everyone you have blocked from messaging you
      • You can unblock members from here by selecting one or more members and clicking the update button
Who's Online Gallery Search

On Farmers Only you have a few ways to find other singles. You can check out Who's Online, use the Member Search, and the Discover tool.

Who's Online

When you check out members who are online they are displayed in a gallery. Each profile shows the main profile photo along with their username, age, location, an excerpt of their about section. At the top of the page it shows how many people are online (usually around 20,000) and it also allows you to filter the list by gender, your match age range, distance from you and if you require photos. You can also sort the gallery by distance and age. From the gallery you can Flirt directly with the member or send them a message.

Member Search

Farmers Only Member Search Tool

With member search you start with the basic search options which include:

  • Your Gender, the Gender you are Looking For, Age Range, and Location
  • Check box if you require profiles to have a photo
  • Can specify sort order by Age, Newest Member, and Most Recent Only

You also have the option to enable the Advanced Search Criteria. Here you can multi-select items from 9 other profile attributes. These include:

  • Desired Relationships, Marital status desired
  • Smoking, Drinking, Body Type, Children, Ethnicity, Religion, Education

Finally you can perform just a username search.

Once you have initiated any of the above searches your results are returned in a gallery format (same as Who's Online) which shows you the photo of the member along with their other pertinent information. Clicking on the photo takes you to their profile, or you can Flirt or send a message right from the search results.


Farmers Only Discover Tool

This is a quick way to review photos of active members that match your age range and are near your location. You are shown one photo at time along with the members username, age, and city. You then either like the photo (click the thumbs up icon) or dislike the photo (click the thumbs down icon). If you like someone they are then notified that you do, Once you have made your decision, you then are shown another members photo and the process repeats. You are also able to view the members full profile along with the ability to send them a message (if you are subscriber) from Discover.

Part of Discover is the "Who Likes Me?" lists (you must be a subscriber to view). On this page you have access to the following tabs "Likes Me", "I Like", and "I've Disliked". These are lists which are created when you Like or Dislike a member and when other members Like your photo. From these lists you are able to contact the member by either Flirting with them, or sending them a message. You can also change any dislikes or likes you have done previously.

Other FarmersOnly Information

FarmersOnly also has an online store where you can buy T-shirts (men's and women's), hoodies, mugs and other items that have the FarmersOnly logo along with a graphic and a comical saying.

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