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Average: • 2.4 / 5 (by 10 Users)   View Add provides a dating service that allows members to be guided by their values and relationship with God, and not with scientific formulas. As such, this dating service gives single Catholics the best opportunity to grow in their faith and fall in love by providing an environment focused on the values that make a successful marriage. Their profile tools highlight faith and family, while also assisting in determining common or complementary interests and traits. Through’s exclusive “Temperament Test,” their members also get to know themselves and a potential spouse more deeply.

Catholic Match rises above other dating sites for Catholic singles. They receive well over 10,000 new members each month and have about five times as many active members as most other Catholic dating sites. If your Catholic faith is important to you and you wish to meet someone with similar values and be part of a real community of single Catholics, give a try.

Positives of CatholicMatch

  • The largest Catholic-only singles dating service
  • is a very well put together dating service with a lot of useful dating features
  • Costs much less than other popular dating sites like and eHarmony
  • The community of the site is very important, shown by the popularity of the message forums (more than 2,000 posts/day), magazine and events
  • Members can setup meet-ups and get togethers; there is a built-in event calendar with comments and an RSVP system
  • Success stories are available to read; they include photos and written statements from thousands of couples who met on Catholic Match

Negatives of CatholicMatch

  • Mail message communication only available to paid members
  • You cannot tell who is a paid member and who is not

At a Glance

United States, Canada
Member Numbers:
500,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From $12.49 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic

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CatholicMatch Free Membership

  • Yes (unlimited)
  • Included:
    • Create a profile - questions asked
      • Account info
        • First and last names, country and zip code, gender, marital status, date of birth
      • Personal
        • Appearance
          • Height, eye and hair color, body type, race, ethnic background, tattoos, piercings
        • Habits & travel
          • Early bird or night owl
          • Exercise, diet, dinner out, political views, alcohol, smoking, television, long distance relationship, consider relocating
      • Background
        • Family & children
          • Are you free to marry in the Catholic Church
          • Children do you have, children you want, how close to family, how many brothers and sisters and birth order, rural or urban
        • Work & education
          • Education, where attend school, primary schooling, job, current employment status, languages you speak
      • Faith
        • This section talks about the practical side of your faith. Are you a cradle Catholic or a convert? Finding someone who shares your Catholic faith is a key foundation to a good relationship and a successful marriage
        • My Catholic faith
          • What parish do you belong to / attend? (this is kept private)
          • How often do you attend Mass
          • What Catholic rite do you belong to
          • Considering a religious vocation (priest, nun)?
          • Do you have any favorite devotions
          • Do you have any favorite prayers
          • Do you have any favorite sacramental
          • Are you a convert
          • What liturgical style do you prefer
          • How much do you practice your faith
        • Doctrine & teaching
          • For each of the following doctrinal questions, you need to indicate whether or not you accept the Church's teaching
          • Do you accept the Church's teaching on:
            • Eucharist, contraception, sanctity of life, papal infallibility, premarital sex, immaculate conception, holy orders
      • Favorites & interests
        • All 10 questions are multiple-choice and concern:
          • Activities you most enjoy, favorite color, TV shows, types of books, magazines you are interested in, movies, music, sports, hobbies, foods you crave
      • Your own words
        • Essay question where you talk about yourself
        • Essay question where you describe the person you are seeking (optional)
    • Upload your photos
    • Send Emotigrams
    • Express interest in members and see who has expressed interest in you
    • Search for profiles
    • Take the Temperament Test.
    • Create a personal interview.
  • Not included:
    • Cannot communicate with members via email or private chat

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Long-Term
  • Marriage

CatholicMatch Costs

  • Prices last confirmed November 27, 2009. Please check CatholicMatch for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or device used
  • Two membership types:free and subscription
  • Subscription:
    • Services included:
      • Private message system
      • Community forums
      • Private chat
      • Add a custom message to a Emotigram
      • Advanced searching
      • Priority customer support
    • Costs in US dollars:
      • One month at $24.95
      • Three months at $16.65 per month ($49.95 total); this is 33% off the regular price
      • Six months at $12.49 per month ($74.95 total); this is 50% off the regular price and the best value
  • Pay by check, money order or most major credit cards
  • Memberships automatically renew until you cancel; you can cancel by clicking on "Account" in the upper right hand corner and following the prompts

CatholicMatch Viewing & Communication Features

  • Profile
    • No content contrary to Catholic teaching including advocacy of extra-marital relationships
    • You have one profile photo
  • Scrapbook Photos
    • Adding photos to your profile gives others an inside look into who you are, connecting names with the faces of people who are important to you
    • Show others what you're like at a sporting event, on vacation, or use a classic black and white photo
    • Do let others see who matters most in your life; include pictures of you with parents, kids, friends and pets
  • Catholic Match in website toolbar
    • Shows on all pages of the website at the bottom when you have logged in
    • It shows when your favorites are online, any activity notifications and your chat availability
  • Video profile
    • Adding a video to your profile gives others a more in-person view of who you are, allowing other members to get a better sense of your personality
    • After your video has been uploaded, it will be converted into a web-friendly format, so your video will not be available for about 15 minutes after uploading
  • Private message system
    • Send and read messages from other Catholic Match members without providing personal information
  • Emotigrams
    • These "mini messages" are a great way to introduce yourself to someone you like on the site
  • Private chat
    • Contact other members in real time in a secure and convenient way
  • Online chatting
    • There are three chat rooms
    • Currently Catholic Match are only making a few rooms available that will be open at set times each day. Rooms are open daily from 8pm - 9:30pm & 11pm - 12:30am (EST)
  • Personal interview
    • Create your own personal interview of up to 20 multiple-choice questions for other members to take; each question can have up to five answers
    • An excellent tool to ask more questions about things that are important to you; you could also add some light-hearted questions to make yourself more accessible
    • Optionally add a "score" to each answer; this will provide a tally and allow you to rank members who took your interview
    • When someone takes your personal interview, you will receive the results directly in your inbox, similar to a message
    • Interview answers are only shown to the member you took the interview for
  • Community forums
    • These forums are exclusively for single Catholics who are members of Catholic Match
    • There are 39 different forums with over 100,000 topics and millions of actual messages
    • Catholic Match keeps track of the topics you have shown interest in, making it easy to find topics you have browsed, replied to, started or set alerts on
  • Temperament Test
    • From Catholic Match:"The basis for distinguishing among the temperaments is an individual's habitual pattern of reaction, which should be evident from the time of childhood."
    • There are 107 multiple-choice questions
    • Answer these questions on the Temperament Test according to how you naturally tend to react. These are your natural tendencies, not those acquired through effort, education, or conditioning
    • Upon completion of the Temperament Test, your results will be viewable within your profile by other singles who have also taken the test
    • You can only see someone else's test once you have taken one
    • There are four main temperaments (a more thorough explanation is available on Catholic Match)
      • Choleric - A leader
      • Melancholic - Someone who is deeply thoughtful
      • Phlegmatic - Easy going
      • Sanguine - A people person
  • Catholic Match Get Togethers (events)
    • The events listed on this page are gatherings of Catholic Match members for either a planned event, "destination" weekend, or around some existing activity such as a concert, ball game, festival etc.
    • These events are hosted by members; Catholic Match is not officially involved or part of the planning process in any events
    • Each event includes the date, location, photos, description, guest list and directions; it also includes which Catholic Match member contributed the event
    • Members can express interest on the event, leave comments and RSVP for the event; an RSVP list is available so you can see which members are going (with a photo and a link to their profile)
    • For event planners there is a detailed planning guide to help you with your event
  • Privacy and safety features
    • You can hide members from your search results
    • You can set which types of emails (four types) you want to receive from Catholic Match
  • You can save your search criteria to be used later
  • Basic search
    • Gender, age range, location and distance, whether photos are required
    • If Photos are required.
    • Most parts of profile including appearance, background, lifestyle, and most importantly, faith
    • Have search results displayed as thumbnails or as a gallery
  • Advanced search
    • Available to paying members only
    • Includes basic search plus:
    • You can filter results on when the member joined and when they were last active on the site (in days)
    • Keyword search for essay questions
  • Newest members
  • Members online now
  • Members whose birthday is today
  • Who viewed me
  • Favorite profiles
  • Favorites online
  • Member number or name
  • Matches
    • An automated system that emails you matches weekly
    • Matches are based on a match criteria that you setup; the match criteria includes most parts of the Catholic Match dating profile
    • Only members of the opposite gender who match your basic match criteria and have been active in the last 90 days will be suggested as matches

Other CatholicMatch Information

  • Catholic Match Magazine
    • Includes monthly articles by staff and members on advice, the single life, faith & culture and success stories
    • Members can be critics and post comments on any articles
  • Community Polls
    • Find out how fellow Catholics weigh in on various issues
    • Catholic Match features new polls every few weeks on a wide variety of topics
    • Members can suggest polls
  • There are thousands of success stories available to read

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