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Hinge likes to call itself the “anti-Tinder,” and it may be onto something. According to a recent Huffington Post interview with Hinge CEO Justin McLeod, daters are a bit burned out from Tinder, especially in Los Angeles – where Hinge is making its grand debut with 6,000-7,000 people who signed up before its launch.

Hinge is available for both iPhone and Android, and is a Facebook-based dating app. Because of the competition, Hinge needs to distinguish itself in this already-crowded market, and thanks to some great word-of-mouth and a slow city by city roll-out, it has made a name for itself.

Unlike Tinder, which is GPS-based matching (although you verify your account through Facebook), Hinge relies on your friends’ networks to find love. Because of this, it heavily markets to women, who are concerned with safety when they are using a dating app. In fact, the app can boast a roughly 50% man-to-woman ratio, something unique in the online dating world where men seem to dominate. Also, the average age range of Hinge users skew older – 23 to 36, and 99% are college-educated.

The Hinge website touts the fact that you don’t meet “randos” thanks to its Facebook friends-based approach. And there’s full disclosure so you can’t cheat the system. You are given each person’s first AND last name, age, who your mutual friends are, your age, and where you work – (all according to your Facebook profile). It also pulls your profile picture from Facebook – you can’t upload any yourself from your phone.

The app is easy to download and there is no real profile creation, including choosing photos and expressing your interests. Hinge does all of that for you, based on what you say on your Facebook page. This is great for verifying you’re a real person and for cutting down on the time it takes to create a profile, but it takes away an element of creativity that is important in the online dating process. People want to know who you are and how you express yourself in a dating situation, not just in everyday life.

Hinge does allow you to make adjustments when it comes to your dating preferences. At every opportunity, it asks if you want to invite friends to join (get used to this feature). It also asks if I want to expand my age range or radius. It is pretty generous with both, my matches being anywhere from age 30 to 65 and up to 25 miles away until I adjusted the settings. Also, it doesn’t take into account your relationship status – I guess assuming if you join you are single. My Facebook page states that I’m married, but I was able to join and be matched. Relationship status isn’t something you can see on anyone’s profile.

It then asks if I want to be notified of: daily batch alerts, weekly dating advice, Sunday status digest, or events and promos. I check yes to all, but I have yet to receive any information.

I get an email right away when I sign up, explaining how it works (how many matches I get per day, how to “favorite” or “pass” on someone. It also says that if we both “favorite each other, we’ll be introduced by hinge via email.” The email goes on to give me a few tips to get the most out of the app, including using it every day, being myself, and letting more people know about Hinge.

Matching is also straightforward. In order to join, you have to have at least one Facebook friend who is already using the app. So if you don’t, you have to reach out to your single friends to encourage them to sign up with you (but then they would need to know someone on Hinge). It’s primarily a good way to market to new users, but it’s also a good safety device in that people are less likely to behave badly when you know someone in common.

Because Hinge wants to avoid being lumped into the Tinder category, it does put restrictions on matches. When you first join, you are given only seven matches every day at noon (so you don’t go through all those friends-of-friends in one sitting). When you ask more of your friends to join, the number of matches you get increases, but the maximum amount you get in one day is fifteen. The app intends this to help you choose more wisely, and maybe help you give someone a chance who you might not have considered on other dating apps.

I am given my matches one at a time, and required to like or pass before I can see the next match (like many similar dating apps). If I pass, I’m asked whether I’m sure I want to do this, because he won’t come up in my search again. And because Hinge lets you know for each Match who your mutual friend is, the app also gives me the option to “ask” our mutual friend about my match. When I click on this, I can send our mutual friend an email asking her to vouch for my match.

When I get to the end of my matches, I get a message: “Your batch of 7 is refilled every day at noon. Having more friends on Hinge means a bigger network and more matches per day.”

Positives of Hinge

  • New membership includes free 3 month full membership trial
  • Download and use with smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • Easy to get started with no profile creation or photos to take
  • Easy to use, just swipe left or right to reject or approve a match. Plus, there are only three basic elements to navigate – my profile, my matches, and my favorites
  • Verified matches including first and last names
  • Connect to matches through Facebook friend network, and can email mutual friends to vouch for a match
  • Much cheaper than other popular paid dating services

Negatives of Hinge

  • Doesn’t consider relationship status (married, single, in a relationship, etc.). Hinge does not block those who are in relationships from using the app – including married people who state it on Facebook
  • Can’t search through friends’ networks, given matches one at a time
  • Limited number of matches per day (7-15, depending on how many people you invite to join)
  • Keeps prompting you to invite more friends, which can get annoying
  • Can’t reconsider someone you have rejected
  • Things we would like to see in the future:
    • Extensive profile creation/ editing
    • Ability to add photos from phone. Currently Facebook only
    • Ability to search for matches yourself
    • Online version, this is only an app for phones
    • Customer service within the app

At a Glance

United States
Member Numbers:
Not Available ?
Cost per Month:
$7.00 / month
Membership Types:
Full Trial

Related Categories

Hinge Free Membership

  • Yes
  • Included:
    • Profile (generated from Facebook)
      • Info included:
        • Gender, age, location, workplace, mutual friends
      • About You
        • Facebook profile photos (up to 25), education, height, number of friends on Hinge, interests from Facebook
      • Your Intentions
        • Explain what your goal is when using the Hinge app (Relationship, Dating or Casual Hookup)
        • On average 63% of Hinge members are looking for relationships, 33% for dating, and 2% for hook-up. For more information see: Hinge Adds New Features to Compete with Tinder
    • View profile matches (7-15 max per day)
    • iPhone and Android app-only
    • Accept or reject users
    • Mutual accept, can message through Hinge
    • Can email or text mutual friends to vouch for match
    • Can only scroll one date at a time, so either accept or reject to move on to next
    • Able to add few details like favorite date spot, etc. to profile
  • Not Included:
    • All features are included during free 3 month trial. After trial you must pay to continue to use Hinge

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Look For

  • Dating
  • Long-Term

Hinge Costs

  • Prices last confirmed November 29, 2016. Please check Hinge for most recent pricing
  • Free download and 3 month full trial membership with a Facebook account
  • Hinge is free for most early members. These members recieved a free lifetime basic membership for joining before September, 2016 (See Story)
  • Availability in certain US cities only:
    • Washington DC
    • Philadelphia
    • New York City
    • Boston
    • San Francisco
    • Chicago
    • Atlanta
    • Dallas
    • Los Angeles
    • St. Paul
    • Minneapolis
    • Omaha
    • Indianapolis
    • St. Louis
    • Miami
    • Tampa
    • Orlando
    • Denver
    • Seattle
    • Houston
    • Austin
    • Check Hinge for latest roll-outs
  • Membership includes:
    • Matches with people on Hinge through mutual Facebook friends
    • Security – can’t join Hinge unless you have Facebook friend already on it
    • Can set geographic perimeters (wider your range, the more options)
    • Can set age perimeters
    • Can see common Facebook friends and interests
    • Swipe left or right for “yes” or “no”
    • Mutual accept, Hinge sends an introductory email to introduce you
    • See matches and favorites easily
    • No way to contact customer service through app
    • Can’t “look back” in case you want to reconsider a match
    • New matches sent every day at 12:00pm
    • Private – nothing is posted to your Facebook timeline
    • Cost after 3 month trial
      • $7.00 per month

Hinge Viewing & Communication Tools

  • App-only; use with iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Easy swipe left or right to accept/ reject
  • Up to 25 most recent Facebook profile photos included
  • Profile
  • Email introduction from Hinge once you mutually favorite
  • Interests / Page likes
  • Mutual friends
  • Scroll through matches (up to 15 max per day, depending on how many Facebook friends you invite)
  • Set radius and age range for search
  • Story Cards
    • Helps members initiate conversation by letting them answer yes or no to life experience questions
    • Story Cards shows similarities you may have with another person so conversations can start more easily
    • Questions Story Cards ask includes everything from travel to sports, for example: "Have you ever been skydiving?"
  • Your Turn
    • Is the blue badge/counter on the Matches tab which is a sum of conversations where it is your turn to respond
    • This feature reminds users to reposnd to messages and has shown to decrease ghosting by 25%. For more information see: Hinge Takes On Ghosting With ‘Your Turn’ Feature
    • If you’re not interested in messaging with someone anymore, you can simply remove them
  • Potential matches sent to you – you can see:
    • Photos
    • Age
    • Workplace
    • Mutual friends
    • Location
  • Favorites/ Matches
    • Can see those matches where you have mutually accepted
    • Can see who you’ve favorited
    • Have to accept in order to consider someone, no “looking back” in case you weren’t sure
  • Matches sent to you by Hinge only stay visible for 14 days

Other Hinge Information

  • This is a good dating app for those looking for something more than a last-minute hook-up. It attracts more women than most because everyone is verified through Facebook mutual friends. There is less incentive for deception and bad behavior. Functionality is limited however. Can’t search or edit your profile easily, no communication or customer service tools within the app – Hinge sends an email to introduce you

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