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Hinge Inc. (which is owned by Match Group, which is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC))
New York, NY, United States
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
30 [2018 #5]
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
Service Available Via:
iOS and Android
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Hinge History Summary

The Hinge dating service was founded by Justin McLeod in 2012. It launched their app early in 2013 for Washington DC only on iOS. The app quickly expanded to other cities in the United States and by the summer of 2017 it finally came to Android phones and was available internationally as well including Canada and the United Kingdom. Originally Hinge required Facebook to create an account and to find matches for members (the app would connect members with friends of friends). With the issues Facebooks had with privacy in early 2018, by the summer Hinge allowed users a second option for creating an account by using their mobile phone number instead.

In 2016 Hinge released their biggest update to their app yet including a rebrand as well. Too differentiate themselves from their biggest competitor Tinder they removed swiping, timers on matches and other features. They wanted users to engage each other immediately similar to social media and allowed users to respond to profile questions and leave comments. To start an actual conversation users still needed to show mutual interest in each other. With the new release Hinge also introduced a subscription fee for an upgraded membership which includes features not available on the free account.

There was big news for Hinge in 2018. Match Group announced it had purchased a 51% stake in Hinge and had the option to buy the remaining shares within the year. This happened by February of 2019 when Match Group announced that they now had acquired 100% of Hinge.

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  • General Information
    • Hinge launched an online store selling Hingie-related products (the Hinge mascot). Products include t-shirts, s'mores kit, bath bomb, and jewelry (plus lots more). More products will be added for sale in 2020. [1]
    • The Hingie mascot has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram and is growing faster than Hinge’s official account. [1]
    • Since the launch of the Hingie marketing campaign (in April 2019), the Hinge app has seen a 47% increase in monthly downloads and an 18% increase in users deleting the app because they found a partner. [1]
    • Hinge will be getting several new safety features this year. This includes a panic button for users to be used in emergencies, photo verification for profiles, the ability to detects inappropriate messages sent by users, and an updated in-app Safety Center. [2]


  1. Hinge Launches New Online Store Around Its Mascot Hingie
  2. Match Group Partners with Noonlight to Launch Panic Button and Other Safety Features


  • General Information
    • Hinge tapped art and design company Society6 to create a line of limited edition Hinge branded Valentine’s Day cards. [2]
    • Hinge has a new marketing campaign called "Designed to be Deleted". [5]
    • Hinge has updated their app with a cleaner design with lots of white space. [5]
    • U.S. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is the first candidate to have met his spouse on a dating app. The app was Hinge. [6]
    • Hinge has seen a 30% increase in gay memberships since April 1st, around the time the rising star mayor of South Bend Indiana disclosed he used the app to meet his husband. [7]
    • Hinge has partnered with activist organization Rock the Vote in anticipation of the 2020 Presidential election. Hinge announced that it would be donating one dollar for every “like” the post receives on Instagram, up to $50,000. [8]
    • Hinge has launched a new dating lab called "Hinge Lab". [9]
    • Instead of looking at user engagement, new features are tested for whether or not they lead to more dates. [9]
    • Hinge's fastest-growing demographic is people aged 22 to 26. [9]
    • Hinge users arrange 200,000 dates a week, which translates to a date every three seconds. [9]
    • Before Halloween, Hinge launches a new podcast called “Ghost Stories.” The podcast aims to understand why people ghost. It features real-life participants. [10]
  • Members
    • Hinge reports its members’ activity increased by 22.5% on "Dating Sunday", which is the first Sunday of January. [1]
    • 83% of Hinge members are interested in partners who care about politics. Half of Hinge members have skipped voting in at least one general election. [8]
    • 81% of Hinge users aren’t fully confident they’re putting their best foot forward. [9]
  • Finances
    • Match Group acquires 100% of Hinge. [3]
    • Of all the dating apps in Google Play, Hinge earned the 9th most revenue in quarter 1 of 2019 (it did not place in the top ten for the App Store). [4]


  1. Dating’s High Season Begins Sunday January 6th In Countdown to Valentine’s Day
  2. Tinder And Hinge Launch Branded Product Lines Just In Time For Valentine’s Day
  3. Match Group Stock Rises, Fully Acquires Dating App Hinge
  4. Tinder Dethrones Netflix As Top-Grossing Non-Game App In Q1 2019
  5. Hinge’s New Marketing Campaign: “Designed to be Deleted”
  6. U.S. Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Met His Husband on Hinge
  7. Hinge Sees a Spike in Gay Users, Thanks to Pete Buttigieg 
  8. Hinge Partners with Rock the Vote
  9. Hinge CEO Justin McLeod Launches New Dating Lab 
  10. Hinge Launches New Podcast “Ghost Stories”


  • General Information
    • Your Turn is a new Hinge feature that gives a tiny-but-effective nudge to remind you that someone is waiting to hear back from you in a conversation. In early tests, the feature was found to reduce ghosting by 25%. [1]
    • If you delete your Facebook account you cannot access Hinge. [2]
    • Hinge has launched a new feature called “Most Compatible” which uses machine learning to generate better matches for its users. [4]
    • Since 2016 Hinge has seen 400% growth in the number of users. [4]
    • Hinge has 30 employees. [5]
    • 75% of first dates for Hinge users turn into second dates. [5]
    • In the New York Times wedding section Hinge is the number 1 mentioned dating app. [5]
    • In June Hinge removed the requirement to use Facebook to log into the app (both iOS and Android). A phone number can be used for verification. [6]
    • 90% of Hinge members said their first date was great, and 72% expressed desire to go on a second date. [7]
    • Hinge released a new feature called "We Met". It allows two matched members to privately confirm if they actually went on a first date and share how the date went. This information will be used to suggest better matches. [7]
    • The long-term plan is to make Hinge the anti-Tinder. [9]
    • Hinge partnered with the popular Mexican food chain Chipotle to offer free burritos for its users from December 13-31. [10]
    • Hinge found that those using the word “Chipotle” were 2.4 times more likely to have a conversation with another user. Using the word “queso” in your profile led to 70 percent more likes, and specifically mentioning “chorizo” led to more dates than any other Chipotle foods. [10]
  • Finances
    • Match Group announced it has acquired dating app Hinge. [3]
      • Match first started buying shares in Sept of 2017 and now has 51% stake.
      • Match Group has the option to buy the remaining shares within the next year.
    • Hinge offers a dating stipend for employees along with weekly catered breakfasts and lunches, unlimited annual leave, and exercise benefits. [5]
    • Marketing costs are expected to rise 20% for Hinge. [8]


  1. Hinge Takes On Ghosting With ‘Your Turn’ Feature
  2. Want to Delete Facebook? Here’s How It Might Impact Your Love Life
  3. Match Group Buys Rival Dating App Hinge
  4. Hinge Using AI to Give You Better Matches
  5. Hinge’s Unusual Workplace Perk: A Monthly ‘Dating Stipend’ For Employees
  6. Hinge Review
  7. Dating App Hinge Launches Feedback Feature “We Met”
  8. Match Group Stock Falls Despite Tinder Revenue Growth
  9. Match Group Aims to Diversify Their Apps by Embracing Both Hookups and Relationships
  10. Hinge Partners with Chipotle for Cuffing Season


  • General Information
    • Hinge is beta-testing a new app called Audrey, which automates the online dating process by selecting matches that should interest you and sending introduction messages. The proposed cost for the app is $99 per month. [1]
    • Hinge launches a new digital magazine called IRL (In Real Life) about online dating and relationships. [2]
    • IRL currently has six columnists on staff, including a marketing pro, a sex educator, a social media influencer, and a relationship coach. [2]
    • Hinge is offering to pay for the wedding of the first Bachelor contestant to meet a future spouse over its app. [3]
    • Starting on July 11, the Hinge app will be available for Android. Hinge estimates that the Android app will increase usage by about 30%. [4]
    • Hinge users can now upload existing videos from their phones or Facebook and Instagram accounts. [5]
    • For a limited time Hinge is offering free gifts from its “Milestone Marketplace” when a couple who meets over the app hits certain relationship milestones. [6]
    • For a limited time Hinge had an app called Matchmaker which was designed to let you pair up your pals who are already on the normal Hinge dating app. [7]


  1. Dating app Hinge Testing an Automated Dating App
  2. Hinge Launches Digital Magazine To Answer Your Burning Dating Questions
  3. Tinder, Hinge Holding Wedding Competitions for Users Who Meet on Their Apps
  4. SuperSwipes, Celebrity Look-Alikes, And More Of The Week’s Biggest Dating News
  5. Lively And Hinge Bank On Video To Bring Authenticity To Dating Apps
  6. Hinge Offers Gifts for Customers Who Hit Relationship Milestones
  7. Hinge’s New App Wants You To Play Matchmaker For Your Friends


  • General Information
    • In November of 2015 Hinge added a feature where users had to respond to a new match within 24 hours or they would disappear from their match list. This feature has since been updated. Users are now required to make contact with matches within a 14-day period. [1]
    • Hinge new feature called Story Cards helps users initiate conversation by letting them answer yes or no to “life experience” questions. So far it has increased conversations by 20%. [1]
    • It is rumored that Hinge will become a paid service soon. [1]
    • Users have started to leave the app and have given it a 1.5 star rating on iTunes. Hinge is updating the app to address this. [3]
    • Hinge has 24 employees. [3]
    • In October Hinge did a complete overhaul of the app and a rebrand. [4]
      • There is now a $7 monthly fee.
      • Hinge has removed swiping, timers, and games. The new Hinge app is designed to better promote meaningful connections.
      • Users now engage with each other immediately (like on social media). They can like a photo, leave a comment, or respond to questions.
      • When you engage with a profile, you show up in their impressions sections. If there’s mutual interest, you’ll see a ‘Connect’ button and can start a conversation.
    • Hinge was working on the new app for a year. [5]
  • Members
    • Response rates are 36% higher on Sunday evenings compared to any other day of the week. [2]
    • Couples who met on Hinge messaged an average of 16 people before finding their matches. [2]
    • On average, couples who met through Hinge messaged for 3 days and swapped 25 messages before giving their phone numbers to their partners. [2]
    • 80% of the couples who met on Hinge listed their education and job. [2]
    • Couples who met on Hinge went on 4-5 dates on average before meeting their significant others. [2]
    • Connections turned into full conversations at 5x the rate of the old app, and users exchanged numbers at 7x the rate. [5]
    • Early Hinge members can now choose a new Basic Membership that’s free forever. [6]
    • Users of the new rebranded version of the app are 9x more likely to exchange numbers and 71% of legacy members migrated to the new app on launch day. [6]


  1. Dating App Hinge Undergoing Makeover to Target More Serious Daters
  2. Hinge Releases Relationship Study Based on its Data
  3. Hinge Set for Pivot to Attract More Users
  4. Hinge Rebrands And Relaunches To Defeat The ‘Dating Apocalypse’
  5. Hinge’s New App Offers an Alternative to Swiping Culture
  6. Hinge Is Already Rolling Back Part Of Its Big Rebrand


  • General Information
    • During an east coast snow storm, that day Hinge had an average of 4.75 logins per user. This is a record and a 22% increase on average overall for a Monday. [1]
    • Hinge doesn’t allow you to delete your account from your phone app, but only from the website. [3]
    • In a new update users are encouraged up front to include their intentions for using the app (relationship, date, or hookup). [4]
    • In a survey Hinge found 63% of users are looking for relationships, 33% for dating, and 2% for hook-ups. [4]
    • A new feature called HingePerks offering discounts and contests for things like trips, ball games, and drinks. [4]
    • Hinge was the 8th most popular search on Google in 2015 for dating apps and websites. [5]
  • Members
    • Hinge did a study among its users, and found that 1.6% of them were either married or engaged. Another 2% were found to be in a relationship. [2]
    • In the Hinge app version 3.5, users who reveal they are “married,” “engaged” or “in a relationship” on Facebook will have that information pulled and shared on their Hinge profile. [2]


  1. Does Bad Weather Make the Heart Grow Fonder?
  2. Dating app Hinge Exposes Cheaters with New Update
  3. Do You Know How to Delete Your Profile from a Dating App?
  4. Hinge Adds New Features to Compete with Tinder
  5. Google Reveals 2015's Top-Searched Dating Apps And Sites


  • General Information
    • Hinge is now available in Los Angeles. Currently almost 7,000 singles have downloaded it from this city. [1]
    • Hinge only matches you with a maximum of 15 people a day. [1]
    • Hinge has now expanded to 20 U.S. cities. [3]
    • Hinge made Time Magazine's “Top 10 apps of 2014” list. [4]
    • Before Hinge provided potential matches once a day at noon, now you can now view them at your convenience throughout the day. [4]
    • Hinge is now available in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Omaha, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Denver, Seattle, Houston and Austin. [4]
    • Hinge plans to launch in London early in 2015, their first international city. [4]
  • Members
    • 90% of users are between the ages of 23 and 36, and 99% are college-educated. Most work in either consulting, banking, law, tech or media. [1]
    • Women comprise 50.2% of Hinge users, which means 49.8% of men are using the app. [1]
    • Hinge userbase (both iOS and Android) is up 300% this year in the nine cities it operates in: DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and L.A. [2]
    • Hinge has had 500% growth in users since January. [4]
  • Finances
    • In a recent round of funding, Hinge received $4.5 million in venture capital money. This brings the total to $8.6 million in total funding. [2]
    • To earn revenue Hinge is looking into adding premium services for a fee, or potentially licensing their technology. [2]
    • Hinge has raised an additional $12 million in funding. [4]


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  4. Hinge ups its Game, Scoring $12 million and Making Time’s Top 10 Apps of 2014


  • General Information
    • On February 7th of 2013, Hinge launched their first mobile dating app on iOS. [1]
    • Hinge offers 5 to 7 matches everyday which are made up of friends of friends from Facebook. [2]
    • On Hinge you rate each other with either a heart or an X. The hearts must be mutual for you to be a match and communicate with each other. [2]
    • Hinge is a completely free dating service and has no paid component. [2]
    • Hinge is now available in other parts of the United States east coast, including New York, Philadelphia and Boston. [2]
    • Hinge was the 8th most popular search on Google for dating services. [3]
  • Members
    • There are about 110,000 single college graduates in the D.C. area, and about 20,000 are actively using Hinge. [2]
    • The total user base of Hinge is 30,000 and the average age of the users is 27. Hinge has made about 200,000 matches. [2]


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  2. Hinge Dating App Geared Towards Deeper Connections
  3. 2013’s Top 10 Most Searched Dating Sites According To Google


  • General Information
    • Hinge was founded by Justin McLeod in 2012 and original launched as a website. [1]


  1. Dating app Hinge Bets on its Ability to Compete with Tinder

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