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Dating Sites Reviews 10 Year Anniversary

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  • Saturday, December 28 2013 @ 02:21 pm
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On December 18, 2003 the first post for Dating Sites Reviews (DSR) went live. In those 10 years we have published more than 3,500 online dating and relationship articles that covered everything from the latest dating industry news to what makes a perfect dating profile. We also maintain more than 100 reviews now of dating sites and related services.

A lot has changed in the dating industry over the last decade. We have gone from about 20 main dating sites that shared the top spot down to about 5. We have seen a lot of dating services come and go. Some of these services just lost traffic slowly and disappeared, while others were bought out by a competitor.

Social Networks like MySpace and then Facebook launched and invaded our sector. A number of experts said it would spell the doom of the dating industry as we know it but it never came to pass. Dating services learned to adapt and some even integrated into these services to reach a wider audience. This was the rise in part of Social Dating.

The biggest change to the industry in my opinion has happened in the last 3 years with the popularity of Smartphones like the iPhone. Now singles can access their favorite dating site on the go, get notifications of matches who are near to their location, and be informed instantly when they receive a message.

Our site has evolved over the last ten years as well. In the beginning our review pages contained basic information about the site along with our opinion on if it offered a good service. Our reviews now contain in-depth information on the sites, how they work and what features they offer. We include both positive and negative points of the service along with User reviews that allow our visitors to rank dating sites based on a number of criteria. You can also search for a dating service on DSR that matches your needs. You select your own criteria along with the type of match you are looking for and we will return results that include the best dating sites that match your query. We also offer a dating forum where visitors can ask or answer questions about online dating, dating sites, and relationships.

I would like to congratulate DatingSitesReviews.com and thank our writers who helped sculpt what the site has become today.

Here is to the next 10 years!

Happy Holidays


Login Through Facebook

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  • Sunday, August 07 2011 @ 12:06 pm
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We have had a number of site upgrades over the last week. While a little late (I was hoping to have it finished in June) you can now use your Facebook account to log into Dating Sites Reviews. This means in as little as two clicks, visitors now can create an account on our site with all of your basic information filled in. This means participating in the forums, writing comments and reviews has now become much easier. As an added benefit, once you have created an account you also can opt-in to receive email notifications on any posts you have written.

Our Facebook login is very secure. It is all done on Facebook itself so we never need to know your password. To log into our site using Facebook and create a new account all you need to do is click on the "Login with Facebook" button at the bottom of the page in the left column. From there you will be redirected to Facebook. Once at Facebook, if you are not logged in, it will ask you to do so. Facebook will then ask you if you wish to allow our site access to you public information and your email address. If you click "Allow" you will then be redirected back to Dating Sites Reviews where we will automatically create an account based on the information you have granted us access to.

If you would like to create an account and/or login now you can also visit our user login page.

Search for Dating Sites

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  • Monday, January 17 2011 @ 10:14 am
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It is a month late but we have finally updated the site with our new Dating Site Search Engine. Over on the left column you will now see a Quick Search block that will be available on most pages of DatingSitesReviews.com. It is very similar to the one below.

Search for dating apps & sites that match your needs.

I am:

I live in:

Looking for:

Between the age:

From this Quick Search block you can perform a simple search for dating sites based on 4 search criteria about you and the match you are looking for. From here you can also access that Advanced Search page where many more criteria on the dating sites can be selected to search from.

Before, if you wanted to perform a search for a dating site you had to use the search available at the top of the page. This search works well but it would return any page that contained the text you were looking for. This made it more difficult for people looking for just a list of dating sites. This is where our new Dating Site Search Engine comes in. It returns just a list of dating sites and related services in neat rows with the most common details people are interested in about a dating site listed. This makes finding and comparing dating sites much easier.

With our advanced search you have over 15 search criteria to choose from. These criteria are split into 3 groups allowing you to describe yourself, the type of match you are looking for and what your dating service should offer. The advanced dating site search page makes it much easier for visitors to really fine tune their options and help those who are looking for those niche dating sites.

The exciting thing is we are not finished yet with our Dating Site Search Engine. In the coming months we plan to add a compare option which will allow you to do side by side comparisons of each feature of a dating service.

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Dating Sites Reviews - New Features and Updates!

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  • Thursday, September 09 2010 @ 02:35 pm
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Some exciting updates and new features are coming to Dating Sites Reviews over the next couple of months. Some of the updates affect things more behind the scene, while others will be noticeable right away to returning visitors. To start things off, today we just completed the first set of updates.

The first thing you will notice is that we have fixed the web site width to that of a 1024 pixel wide screen. The reason for this is after examining our traffic logs we determined that almost 20 percent of visitors still uses this screen size. This meant going any bigger was out of the question. Before today, our site would flow from widths between 1024 and 1440 pixels. Why set a standard width for a web site? The main reason for us is, it allows us to format pages and articles easier since we can just assume the page will be a set size.

The biggest change to Dating Sites Reviews though is that we now track a lot more information about each online dating site and service. This means we can bring up this information anywhere on the site including not only in the actual reviews, but in our dating category lists (this has been a requested feature many times). When viewing our dating categories now, you will see a lot more information for each dating site:

Dating Sites Reviews Welcomes Elyse

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  • Monday, July 26 2010 @ 09:42 am
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Dating Sites Reviews would like to welcome our new Blogger, Elyse, to our website. She is a dating coach from New York and enjoys studying how attraction works as well as what is needed to create a successful relationship. Elyse will be contributing regularly to our Dating Advice and Tips topics bringing her expert knowledge to bear.

You can already find some of Elyse's dating articles online now which you can find available here.

If you have a dating or relationship question, or topic, for Elyse to cover in a future article you can contact her here. For more information on Elyse you can read her Bio page.

Dating Sites Reviews Welcomes Kelly

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  • Thursday, May 20 2010 @ 09:52 am
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We would like to welcome Kelly as a new contributor here at DatingSitesReviews.com. Kelly is an online dating expert and a former speed-dating host. She will be adding her unique perspective to our daily blog and offering not only advice but tips on relationships as well.

To see the articles that we have already published from Kelly you can view them here.

To find out more about our new writer, you can visit her Bio page. For those of you who have any questions or topic suggestions for Kelly's next article you can contact her through email with this page.


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