Dating App Hinge Launches Feedback Feature “We Met”

  • Monday, October 22 2018 @ 09:49 am
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Hinge New Feature We Met

Dating app Hinge is getting serious with its mission to help people form long-term relationships. This week, it became the first dating app to launch a breakthrough feature called “We Met,” offering its users an opportunity to give feedback on their dates.

“We Met” will allow two matched members to privately confirm if they actually went on a first date and share how the date went. Hinge will then use this information to suggest better matches, with the goal of refining its algorithms to yield better first dates – ones with relationship potential.

The information users share is kept confidential, so no need to worry about whether your date will find out what you said. The main idea is for Hinge to improve the matchmaking process with more real-world data. (Though if your date gets too drunk or stands you up, for instance, Hinge also allows its users report disrespectful behavior.)

The We Met feature kicks in a few days after members exchange contact information on the app, allowing the couple some time to meet. Then Hinge will ask each user individually if they went on a date, and if their date was the type of person they’d want to keep seeing. In initial beta tests, Hinge reports that 90% of its members said their first date was great, and 72% expressed desire to go on a second date.

This feature marks the first time a dating app has sought to apply feedback from members’ real-life experiences to help improve their experience on the app. And as Tech Crunch points out, most dating apps have the goal of turning the online dating process into a stickiness game with swiping, messaging, emojis, and other options to create more in-app engagement. This is the first time a dating app is aiming to get you OFF the app – which is the ultimate goal of many dating app users. This has been missing from the online dating process.

According to Tech Crunch, Hinge also plans to incorporate the feedback from We Met with other dating app behaviors, such as going inactive or deleting accounts, as well as survey data on what people think of the new feature.

This comes after Hinge’s big redesign in 2016, where it removed the swiping feature and revamped profiles to help users engage on a deeper level. Match Group now own a majority stake in the app – 51% - and is positioning itself to compete directly with Facebook with its suite of dating apps, including Tinder and OkCupid.

Right now, the We Met feature is available on iOS and will be available on Android in the coming weeks. For more on this service you can read our Hinge review.