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Twoo was launched in 2011 by Massive Media, and quickly grew to be one of the biggest sites in the world in the Personals category (according to a Comscore 2012 report). Twoo features matchmaking algorithms that connect users to others based on both location and interests. Users are worldwide, and the site is available in 38 languages. Twoo is also available as an Android, iPhone and Windows Phone app.

Most recently, Twoo has partnered with OkCupid in the U.S., but the sites still appear to be separate. When you go to the site in the U.S. to join, you are required to state whether you’re male or female; gay, straight or bisexual, and then if you press “continue” you are taken directly to OkCupid’s site. If you want to join Twoo instead, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen where it says “Continue to,” which can be confusing for users not familiar with either site.

More than just a dating or Personals site, Twoo encourages people to join who are also interested in meeting friends. In fact, one of the categories each user profile includes is relationship status – including those who are married or seeing someone. This widens the reach and user base of the app, but it also makes the intentions of why members sign up for Twoo a little murky. Are they there to date, find a relationship, to make friends, or is it a place for casual hook-ups to flourish?

Another potential problem for users of Twoo is that it has been labeled by some as a “scam site” for collecting emails and Facebook contacts, as detailed by an in-depth report from TechCrunch. The reason for this reputation is all in the sign-up process. When you join Twoo, you also agree to give the company access to your contacts, including all of your emails or Facebook friends (depending on how you decide to join – through Facebook or with an email address). It is a little confusing during the sign-up process to prevent Twoo from reaching out to all of your email contacts or Facebook friends. When I signed up with an email, all of my email contacts were listed and selected with checkmarks on the next screen, and if I clicked “next” instead of scrolling down to choose “skip,” I would give Twoo permission to send email invitations to join to all of my email contacts (though it didn’t explicitly state this would happen). I would need to deselect each contact first before continuing. There are several complaints about this on the iTunes and Google Play sites for the mobile app as well, though overall the app tends to get high marks from users.

As you can imagine, if people in relationships were using Twoo to hook up with others, this could be a potential problem if say, a member’s girlfriend or boyfriend were listed among the user’s email contacts. If your significant other got an email from Twoo, he or she might wonder why you have joined. While the site does state that it is intended for friendship as well as dating, the amount of men I encountered already in relationships or married was a bit surprising, especially when many of them had shirtless pictures or reached out to me knowing I had listed myself as “single.” This sends a signal that maybe these guys aren’t looking to be just “friends.”

What sets Twoo apart from the others? The sheer number of people on the site which keeps growing - especially considering the amount of people joining in such a short time since the site launched. According to their website, there are twelve million monthly members, and every day, over a million new connections are made “between real people.” It’s relatively easy to sign up, and members are encouraged to complete their profiles as much as possible to increase their visibility to other members on the site. Other options to increase visibility come with purchasing an unlimited Twoo account (giving you the ability to see other full profiles and communicate freely with members), or by purchasing credits to put your profile in the spotlight or to send a “message in a bottle” out to the Twoo community, for example.

The “Discover” feature works kind of like Tinder in that you are shown photos one at a time, and can decide whether or not to “like” someone. The more people you like, the more visibility you get in the process. “Search” allows you a little more control, where you can see members who are close by (you pick how many miles), your preferred age range, education, and whether or not photos matter to you.

Boosting your visibility is all-important when it comes to Twoo, and they do make you put some effort into it. For instance, when you press the “boost” button, it shows your visibility from “low” to “high” and offers suggestions for how to increase it. One of the ways is inviting your “friends” (on Facebook or email) to connect. Another way is to verify your photo by posing in front of the camera while making the “twoo” sign with your fingers to show you’re a real person and not just a photostock image. You can also answer messages, complete more of your profile, or purchase an unlimited account to boost your profile. While you can use Twoo for free, the real benefit comes from purchasing credits to help you reach more people.

Positives of Twoo

  • Free to join and search
  • Twoo can pull information from your Facebook account for easier profile creation; or, you can join with an email account. The company claims there are no “fake profiles” on Twoo, but verification is with email and a verified photo. While I used my real email account, I did not use a real photo to be able to join
  • Over 12 million monthly active users, available in over 200 countries and in 38 languages
  • Can meet people for friendship or dating, so good for those who are relocating or looking to widen their social networks
  • Need to complete the profile information as much as possible to make it visible to others on the site – gauged by a “popularity” meter

Negatives of Twoo

  • Signing up for Twoo can compromise your email and social media contacts. You must agree that Twoo has access to your contacts before setting up your account. This is true for both the website and mobile apps. When you want to cancel your membership, you must delete your account and go into your settings in order to prevent Twoo from sending messages to your contacts
  • Search options are limited unless you buy credits to boost your visibility, view complete profiles or send emails, messages, chats, etc.
  • High level of uncertainty about what people are looking for once you join the site. Married, single, in a relationship – they are all members. Ambiguity is not the best way to date (if this is why you are joining the site).

At a Glance

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Other
Member Numbers:
50,000,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From $4.99 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic

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Twoo Free Membership

  • Yes
  • Included:
    • Create a profile
      • The basics
        • Email address, location, looking for, birthday
        • Height, relationship status, sexual orientation, children, ethnicity, education, religion, smoking and drinking habits
      • Add photos
        • Upload a profile photo or import a photo from Facebook
        • Verify photo by taking a picture making the “Twoo” symbol of holding two fingers up
      • Warnings when adding photo include: Only you can be in the photo, your face must be recognizable, no explicit nudity, no copyright violations
      • Personality
        • Your astrological sign, how many children you have, pets
        • Your character, how romantic you are
        • Your friends (how many you have)
      • Looks
        • Body type, hair color, ethnicity, etc.
        • Tattoos/ no tattoos
        • Clothing style
        • Best body part
        • The more you answer, the more your popularity profile gets raised and the more people can see your profile
      • Verification
        • Verify your profile using your Facebook or your Google+ account
      • Favorites
        • Connect to Facebook to easily import your Likes or add them by hand
        • Music you like
        • Movies you like
        • Books you like
        • Travel destinations you like
        • Sports you like
      • Discover – check out people on the site one by one, option to “like” them, or option to say whether or not they might “like” someone else they are matched with. Can skip or say no, too
      • Viewing profiles. It’s a little complicated, because Twoo requires you to “like” at least 10 people per day to get information on who viewed or liked your profile – (otherwise their pictures and information are pixilated). Note: I can only see age, location and relationship status and other basic info unless I complete my own profile. Can also see who viewed and/or “liked” my profile or said “maybe”
      • Message people you’ve “liked”
      • Discover those around you according to basic filters like education, distance, age and whether they have private or public photos
      • Read messages other members send you (in “chat” folder) and see who has liked you
      • See my matches
      • Message people who’ve messaged you
  • Not Included:
    • Access to send and receive messages with members you search and discover, including messages in a bottle where you can write a message and put it out to the whole Twoo community
    • Initiate chats with new people
    • Sending gifts and videos
    • Spotlight and First in Search to raise your own visibility
    • See who added me as a favorite

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • In a Relationship
  • Married

Relationships You can Find

  • Dating
  • Friends
  • Long-Term

Twoo Costs

  • Prices last confirmed January 18, 2016. Please check Twoo for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Two membership types - Basic and Unlimited. Can also purchase “credits” to contact people or view profiles. Unlimited account doesn’t give you access to certain features, like message in a bottle and boosting your profile
  • Unlimited membership:
    • Services included:
      • See everyone who visited your profile
      • See if your messages have been read
      • Contact 10 new people per day
      • Visit profiles directly from Discover
      • See who favorited me
      • See all people recommended to me
      • Browse profiles without being seen
      • No ads
    • Costs in USD:
      • One month for $9.99
      • Three months for $7.99 per month; one payment of $23.97
      • Six months for $5.99 per month; one payment of $35.97
      • Twelve months for $4.99 per month; one payment of $59.97
  • Twoo Credits:
    • Purchase Credits to use the following features:
      • Send message in a bottle (1 credit)
      • Can have profile shown in the Spotlight once a day, at a cost of 1 Credit per day
      • Put yourself “first in search” so your profile shows up in the top spot of search results
      • Can get seen 100 times in “Discover” – your profile shows up there more so you’re seen more (1 credit purchases 100 times featured)
      • Send priority message that goes to the top of your interest’s email inbox
      • Can send a gift, photo or video to someone
    • Costs in USD:
      • 550 credits for $9.99
      • 900 credits for $14.99
      • 1250 credits for $19.99
      • 2750 credits for $39.99
  • All credit purchases are billed in one payment
  • Payment methods accepted include credit card, PayPal and debit card
  • Credits are automatically topped off when they get low if purchased with a credit card. To cancel, you must visit the settings page

Twoo Viewing & Communication Features

  • Profile viewing / creation
  • Photos
  • “Liking” someone
  • Adding to favorites
  • Compatibility calculator – answer a few questions about who you are looking for and can see if a member is compatible with you
  • Recommend two people who might be good to meet through Discover
  • Send gifts, videos, priority messages
  • Search profiles according to basic perimeters (age, location, education)
  • Discover
    • Respond to profiles chosen by Twoo with a simple “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” to unlock the profiles and photos of people who like you
  • See who’s online now
  • Messages – can answer messages or send messages to people you’ve liked or who have messaged you first, need to purchase Unlimited membership to send more
  • Questions & Answers
    • Can answer brief questions about yourself like “Could you live without your mobile?” to reveal more in your profile
  • Views
    • See who has viewed your profile
  • Likes
    • Like more people to unlock photos and profiles of those who have liked you, also raises your visibility to others
  • Privacy and safety features
    • Can say “no” to profiles
    • Can click “not interested” to someone who chats with you
    • You can deactivate your account by going into settings, although many people have said Twoo can still access your email list and email your contacts
    • You can search profiles without revealing yourself with Unlimited service
    • Photos verified through Twoo verification system
  • Facebook application
    • Add friends
    • Problematic – not clear to users when they are allowing Facebook to invite their entire friends list
    • Have to deselect friends from your entire friends list to ensure they aren’t invited
    • Send messages
  • Mobile application (iPhone, Android)
    • Free to install and use
    • Add friends
    • “Like” other members
    • Send Gifts (with credits purchased)
    • Send messages
    • View answers to compatibility questions
    • Privacy compromised – must allow Twoo access to your contacts list in order to install the app
  • Basic search
    • Age range, distance from your location (3 - 100 mile radius), education, whether you have photos
  • Advanced search
    • Includes basic search
    • Also includes height, sexual orientation, religion, relationship status, children, ethnicity, eye and hair color, astrological sign, lifestyle, sports, travel, body type
  • Boost view
    • First in Search - Puts your profile on the top of the search results
    • Spotlight – put yourself in carousel at the top of the page
    • Discover – puts your profile in 100 user’s discover pages to generate more likes
    • All Cost Twoo credits
  • Online now
  • Who has viewed your profile (Visitors)
  • Your friends list (Who You Know)
  • Who You Like
  • Who Likes You
  • Matches
  • Favorites (for Unlimited members)
  • Mobile applications
    • Search
    • Discover - Scroll through profiles chosen by the app by choosing yes, no or maybe to “like”
    • Carousel – see who has put themselves in spotlight at top of screen
    • Who’s online now
    • Recent activity – see who has answered your questions “what is your idea of a perfect evening?” for example, who has put themselves in Spotlight, who messaged you, etc.
    • Add friends (from Facebook or email contacts)
    • Messages
    • Visitors
    • Who Likes You
    • Who You Like
    • Favorites (Unlimited members only)
    • Matches

Other Twoo Information

  • Your member account will also work with the Twoo mobile application
  • Note that Twoo requires access to your contacts to be able to install and use on your laptop or mobile device. Must sign in with Facebook or a valid email address

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