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Welcome to one of the most in-depth dating services on the Internet: eHarmony. According to a recent study, eHarmony is responsible for 438 marriages every day in the United States, making it one of the most popular destinations for marriage-minded singles on the Internet. The site also calls itself “the first relationship service to use relationship science” to develop its compatibility matching and marriage profiles.

What makes eHarmony so unique? In the late 90's, after 35 years practicing as a clinical psychologist and counseling married couples, Dr. Neil Clark Warren believed that there was a better way to find love than leaving it up to chance. His revelation lead to the birth of the site and the creation of eHarmony’s famous matching system. The system is based on a complex matching method developed through extensive testing of married individuals. It’s so innovative, in fact, that the system was even granted a US Patent.

After joining the site, every member must take the time to fill out an in-depth and rigorously defined profile, then every match is screened for compatibility. eHarmony cuts out the hours wasted searching through dead-end profiles on other dating sites by showing only the matches that demonstrate compatibility with your profile. Using the site’s Matching Model, 99.7% of incompatible members are eliminated. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, it doesn’t get better.

To get started on eHarmony, users are asked to complete a comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire. The results are compiled into a detailed Personality Profile, and used to provide personal insight and enable the site to find compatible matches. The questions create a clear picture of who you are and what you’re looking for, going above and beyond what most dating sites do.

After setting up profile, users can upload a photo and answer more questions to build their profile. A picture is not required, but it is encouraged to increase the response rate of your profile. To protect your privacy, only your matches can see your photos. Once the profile is active, the matching process is safely in the hands of eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System, which provides daily matches based on the potential for deep connection and long-term compatibility.

Matches are divided into two categories. 'Compatible Matches' have been vetted based on the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility addressed in the Relationship Questionnaire. 'Standard Matches' are based on Match Preferences (settings such as the Age or Distance range you would like for your match) only. The inclusion of both kind of matches gives users more options and more control over their experience.

You may also see a third kind of match: Flex Matches. eHarmony occasionally presents matches that don't meet the Match Selection criteria you indicate are least important to you. Flex Matching occurs when eHarmony is unable to find matches that meet your exact Match Selection criteria, but can sometimes uncover matches that are unexpectedly compatible. Compatible Matches, Standard Matches, and Flex Matches are all labeled clearly on the profile.

eHarmony allows anyone to sign up for a free account, but features are limited for unpaid users. All members set up a Personality Profile, receive new matches daily, and can view their matches’ profiles. Paid subscribers can send and receive unlimited messages, view unlimited photos, see when their matches are logged in, see who has viewed their profiles, and have full access to the eHarmony mobile apps.

In 2018 eHarmony also started offering a guarantee. If you are not happy with your matches in the first 3 months of your subscription, eHarmony will give you an additional 3 months on them. There are some terms to this guarantee including completing your profile, adding 3 photos, and communicating with at least 5 differnet members (includes messages or favorites).

If you’re looking for convenience, eHarmony offers dating apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The apps include all the important functionality of the main site, allowing users to register, take the Relationship Questionnaire, see new matches, send icebreakers and eHarmony Mail, update your profile, upload photos, archive matches, and more. Other premium services can be used for additional fees.

In addition to the singles matching service, eHarmony operates eHarmony Labs, a relationship research facility, and publishes eHarmony Advice, a growing relationship advice site. The advice site is continuously updated with helpful blog posts and success stories, while eHarmony Labs conducts research for product development, peer review, and academic publication.

eHarmony has also been a tremendous success here on Dating Sites Reviews, where it won the 2010 Top Pick award for Match System and the Single’s Choice award. eHarmony reprised its success from 2011 to 2018, earning the same awards for a record-breaking seventh year in a row, and added a new award for innovation to its impressive collection of honors.

Canadian Flag If you are from Canada and wish to try out this online dating site, visit It is the exact same service as, with the only exception being, the members live in Canada

United Kingdom Flag Singles from the United Kingdom who wish to try out this matchmaking service, need to visit eHarmony UK. It works very similar to the American dating site. Here is our eHarmony UK review.

eHarmony Espanol provides a fully translated, localized experience for those singles who speak spanish. For the full story see: eHarmony Launches A New Site For Spanish-Speaking Singles

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2018 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Silver 2018 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Match System


2016 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award - Silver 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Match System

Note: See this page for a full list of past awards

Positives of eHarmony

  • Very detailed matching model based on 29 key dimensions that predict relationship success and examine 10 areas vital to your happiness and a fulfilling marriage
  • Ideal for those who are serious about marriage or a long-term relationship
  • Although you are only shown matches selected by the service, eHarmony now gives users more power over their experience with Compatible Matches, Standard Matches, and Flex Matches
  • The eHarmony Guarantee that you will be satisfied with your matches ore receive and extra 3 months

Negatives of eHarmony

  • More expensive than other dating services
  • eHarmony presents matches based on the profile you create - you can't perform your own searches
  • Free members can only communicate using multiple-choice questions and anwsers. To create your own freestyle message (or read others) you must have paid for a subscription (unless it is a free communication weekend, these happen about once a month)

At a Glance

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
English, Spanish
Member Numbers:
50,000,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From $17.95 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic

Related Categories

eHarmony Free Membership

  • Free memberships are available
  • Included:
    • Create a Profile
      • Signup
        • Name, location, seeking
        • Email, password
      • Basic Profile
        • Gender
        • Birthday
        • Location
        • Relationship Status
        • Children
      • Relationship Questionnaire
        • Select how well a series of words describe you on a scale of 'not at all' to 'somewhat' to 'very well'
          • Examples include clever, warm, dominant, and passionate
        • Select four words from a list that your best friends would use to describe you
        • Select how well a series of phrases describe you on a scale of 'not at all' to 'somewhat' to 'very well'
          • Examples include “I do things according to a plan” and “I think it is important to continually try to improve myself”
        • Indicate how skilled you are at a series of tasks on a scale of 'not skilled' to 'somewhat skilled' to 'very skilled'
          • Examples include “Creating romance in a relationship” and “Keeping physically fit”
        • Indicate your level of interest in a series of topics on a scale of 'none' to 'some interest' to 'very strong interest'
          • Examples include entertaining, reading, and church involvement
        • Describe what's most important to you in a relationship by indicating how well phrases describe you and whether or not you agree with statements
          • Examples include “I try to accommodate the other person's position” and “I am looking for a long-term relationship that will ultimately lead to marriage”
        • Describe your education, occupation, income, height, physical appearance, ethnicity, languages spoken, religious/spiritual beliefs, smoking and drinking habits
        • Answer free response questions
          • What are you passionate about?
          • Please describe two or three things that you most enjoy doing with your leisure time.
          • What are the three things you're thankful for?
        • Describe what you're looking for in a match
          • Religion, smoking and drinking habits, ethnicity, education, income, age, distance, children
        • Upload A Profile Photo
          • Can be uploaded directly or imported from Facebook
  • Not included:
    • View profile photos
    • Browse more matches
    • Send unlimited messages
    • See who's viewed you
    • Unlock the full mobile experience

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Look For

  • Dating
  • Long-Term
  • Marriage

eHarmony Costs

  • Prices last confirmed April 20, 2018. Please check eHarmony for most recent pricing
  • eHarmony Standard Plans:
    • See who's viewed you
    • Send and receive unlimited messages
    • See match photos
    • See who's favorited you
    • Browse matches outside your preferences
    • Costs (USD)
      • 12 Month Plan
        • $17.95 per month for a total of $215.40
        • Option to bill in 3 instalments of $71.80
      • 6 Month Plan
        • $32.95 per month for a total of $197.70
        • Option to bill in 3 instalments of $65.90
      • 3 Month Plan
        • $55.95 per month for a total of $167.85
      • 1 Month Plan
        • $59.95 per month
        • May not be availabe in all regions
  • eHarmony Premium Plans
    • All Standard Plan features plus
    • This option helps busy online daters save time and effort and includes a bundle of other paid features
    • Recieve a one-time profile consultation with an eHarmony expert
    • Includes "Spotlight" feature designed which promotes your profile for an entire day each month
    • Includes "Message Tracker" feature which notifies you when someone reads your messages
    • Includes "Incognito" feature which allows you to view matches anonymously
    • For further details please read about the launch of eHarmony Premium
    • Costs (USD)
      • This service costs $5 extra per month on any eHarmony Standard Plan
  • Additional Paid Features
    • Message Tracker
      • May be purchased on a per match basis
      • Sends notifications via email when any communication you’ve sent was read by that specific match
      • You will also see a time stamp in your communication history and a notification on your Activity Feed
    • Spotlight
      • Purchase Spotlight to show up in the top spot for all your matches for a 24 hour period
      • Spotlight is currently only available for purchase by eHarmony Subscribers, and only on the mobile website, Once purchased, you will show in the top spot for your matches on all eHarmony platforms, Desktop or Mobile
      • Costs $5.95 for the entire subscription term (1, 3, 6 or 12 months)
    • Incognito
      • Activating Incognito mode allows you to view your matches anonymously
      • Once purchased, Incognito can be easily toggled on or off from the slider button found at the bottom left of your screen while logged into your eHarmony account
      • Incognito is only available to eHarmony subscribers
    • eH +
      • This service is the best of what eHarmony offers along with your own personal counselor
      • It gives you freedom from your computer which means no updating profiles, managing matches, or juggling communication
      • Your matches are checked first by your counselor and are confirmed to be interested in you before you contact them
      • This service will cost $5,000 for a one year subscription
      • For further details please read about the launch of eHarmony's eH Plus
  • eHarmony Guarantee
    • eHarmony offers a guarantees that you will be satisfied with your matches or you will receive an additional 3 months for free
    • For more information including if you are eligible see: eHarmony Now Offers a Guarantee
  • eHarmony accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, as well as debit cards that feature either the Visa or MasterCard logo, and PayPal
  • Can pay using promo codes or gift cards
  • All subscriptions automatically renew on the same terms until cancelled

eHarmony Viewing & Communication Features

  • Profile
  • Photos
    • Users may upload up to 12 images
  • Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android. The app can be used to:
    • Register
    • Take the Relationship Questionnaire
    • See new Matches
    • Review Match updates
    • Send, receive, and reply to messages
    • Send a Smile
    • Update your My Profile page
    • View Visitors
    • What If?
    • Upload and update photos, from Facebook or directly from your device
    • Close and Archive Matches
    • Upgrade your membership
    • The iPhone eHarmony app supports the use of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for logging in
  • Mail Messages
    • Write your own message or select 'Send A Question'
    • Subscribers only are able to write their own freestyle messages to their matches. Non-subscribers are not able to write a message nor respond to a message
    • Send A Question
      • Select and send a multiple-choice question from a list of over 50 to break the ice and learn important facts about your match
      • Only Subscribers can respond with a freestyle answer if they choose. Non-subscribers must choose one of the answers from the list. If a Subscriber does choose to write their own response, their match must be a Subscriber as well in order to read it
      • All eHarmony members are able to send as many questions as they wish
  • Send A Smile
  • Compatibility Report
  • Q&A
    • Multiple-choice question prompts designed to help start conversations and assess compatibility
  • Activity Page
    • View the latest photo updates, profile updates, and visits to your profile
  • Photo Nudge
    • If you have matches who don't have photos posted, use the Photo Nudge feature to send them a polite but direct request to upload an image of themselves
  • eHarmony does not offer a standard search – matches are only presented by the service using the Compatibility Matching System
  • Compatibility Matching System
    • eHarmony's matching process is based on 29 Dimensions of Compatibility that make up the cornerstone of a successful relationship. The system is designed to go beyond superficial preferences to focus on deeper traits like conflict resolution and level of passion
    • Users who fully complete the Relationship Questionnaire are able to receive matches based on the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility. These matches appear with a "Compatible" indicator
    • Users who do not complete the Relationship Questionnaire can only receive Standard Matches based on Match Preferences – settings such as the Age or Distance range you would like for your match
    • Blue and Green Match Cards
      • When you move your cursor over your matches, the cards turn over to reveal the matches' age and location, and will have either a blue or green color
      • A blue match card represents a match that falls within your Match Preferences, such as age and distance
      • A green match card represents a Flex Match - a match that falls outside one or more of your Match Preferences, if you have selected Not At All Important or Somewhat Important for any of those settings
  • What If?
    • Allows you to see additional eHarmony members beyond the ones you'd normally see on your Matches page
    • Must have completed the entire Relationship Questionnaire to be eligible to receive Compatible matches
  • Hidden Matches
    • Click “Hide” on someone's profile to store it in Hidden Matches until you decide if you're interested in them
    • Hidden matches are not notified that they have been hidden
  • Visitors
    • See which of your matches have viewed your profile page within the last 2 weeks
  • Match Preferences
    • Match preferences can be adjusted after completing the Relationship Questionnaire if you change your mind

Other eHarmony Information

  • On December 19, 2016 eHarmony added some new features, change how matching works, and removed the Guided Communication Process (see Story)
  • eHarmony is mentioned very positively in many articles, including an article on Internet dating sites in the 'New York Times' newspaper

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