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Want to review online dating sites with the best reviews? Don’t miss our Award Winning online dating category. This category contains dating-related sites that have won awards from various sources. These awards are handed out annually and contain our Editor's Top Picks awards for different dating niches as well as our Single's Choice award which is voted on by the public. You can also view this category by year.

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Do you want to know all of the popular free dating apps and sites? Our next category lists them all and includes recommendations by our users.

This category contains all of the social networking services that can also work as a dating site to varying degrees of success.

Need help when it comes to improving your online dating experience? You’ll love our Dating Help Products and Services category. This category contains websites that will help you write or improve your dating profile and services that can take portrait photos or modify your existing photos. Please click the category below to list the available reviews.

The next category contains reviews that have yet to be categorized, or are waiting for an appropriate category to be added.

In the following category is a list of old reviews of dating sites/apps and related services that have since either gone out of business or changed their name and gone in a new direction. We usually update the review to include information on what happen to the service and when.

In our final category is a list of dating services in which we do not recommend any more. The reason for this will be usually given right at the start of the review.

We do our best to make sure that we have something great to say about every online dating site out there. However, when our members have repeated challenges with a particular site, we can’t say that we recommend them. Should you opt to use one of these sites, please proceed with caution.

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