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eHarmony Logo
eHarmony Inc. (which operates under Parship Group, which is owned by NuCom Group, which is a majority-owned subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE)
Westwood, California, United States
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
eHarmony, Compatible Partners (closed in 2019) - Popular brands by same owner include: Parship, ElitePartner, and Beziehungsweise.
239 [2018 #6]
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (in 2019)
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Members since Launch:
66 million [2015 #4]
Number of Paying Members:
775,000 members [2017 #9]

eHarmony History Summary

Dr. Neil Clark Warren in 2000 founded the eHarmony dating service with his son-in-law Greg Forgatch. What set eHarmony apart right away from other services is that the founder Dr. Warren had 35 years of experience dealing with relationships. He is a clinical psychologist and has counseled thousands of married couples. In 2009 Dr. Warren retired from eHarmony as CEO but returned in 2012 as CEO again since eHarmony had been struggling financially. In July of 2016 the company had once again become profitable and Dr. Warren retired.

From the beginning the Compatibility Matching System was a core part of eHarmony which Dr. Warren helped initially develop. Almost all dating services at the time allowed their members to search for matches. eHarmony only allows their members to choose from the available matches sent to them daily via the eHarmony matching algorithm. Initially the questionnaire for the Compatibility Matching System had about 450 questions which members were required to answer before they could receive any matches. In 2008 this was refined down to 256 questions. At this point eHarmony had 6 Ph. D. researchers on staff working on their matching algorithm with a budget of $3 million annually. In 2011 eHarmony further streamlined their questionnaire for the mobile app to about 100 questions and by 2016 eharmony announced their latest questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes to complete and is now optional (but recommended).

eHarmony offers free memberships where users can create a profile, take the questionnaire, and receive matches. They can also view their matches profiles but must pay a monthly subscription fee to communicate directly with the matches.

Late in 2018 eHarmony was acquired by the German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 who also owns Parship Elite Group (which eHarmony will operate under). In November of 2019 a big update to the eHarmony service happened which included a number of new features like support for same sex partners, changes to the matching algorithm, and a new user interface. With this update also came the closure of Compatible Partners (member accounts were moved to eHarmony).

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  • General Information
    • 2.3 million messages are sent every week by eHarmony members. [1]
    • Every 14 minutes someone finds a date on eHarmony. [1]
    • eHarmony members are made up of 51% men and 49% women. [1]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2020 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Match System Award. [1]
    • eHarmony releases the 3rd annual Happiness Index: Love & Relationships in America study which was conducted by Harris Interactive. 2,390 people participated. [2]
    • eHarmony reported a 27% increase in messages from March to April as social distancing restrictions have increased. [3]
    • eHarmony has released a new Video Date feature for live video chatting between members. [3]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2019 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Match System Award. [1]
    • Parship's plan is to continue to have eHarmony focus on serious daters. [2]
    • The CEO of Parship Elite Group, Tim Schiffers, stated that Tinder help drive more serious customers to eHarmony. [2]
    • eHarmony releases the 2nd annual "2019 Happiness Index: Love & Relationships in America" study which was conducted by Harris Interactive. 2,327 people participated. [3]
    • eHarmony partners with Us Weekly and offers a discount to readers when they join. [4]
    • The eHarmony service on average matches one couple every 14 minutes. [4]
    • A survey from 2018 found that eHarmony is the #1 trusted dating site brand. [4]
    • eHarmony’s Singles & Desirability Study has been released and was conducted in April 2019 by Harris Interactive. [5]
    • eHarmony launched a big update for their service on November 4th which includes a number of new features (website and apps). [6]
    • eHarmony now supports same sex partners. [6]
    • Compatibility Partners has now closed. Current member accounts have been migrated to eHarmony. [6]
    • The new eHarmony update includes a new user interface, new Compatibility Quiz (was called the Relationship Questionnaire), Premium Subscription Plans, and a number of other changes. [7]
    • With the new eHarmony update all existing members are required to take the updated Compatibility Quiz be able to receive Compatible Matches. [7]
    • Harmony's Compatibility Matching System now has 32 dimensions of compatibility (up from 29 before the update). [7]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2018 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Match System Award. [1]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the Silver 2018 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award. [3]
    • eHarmony commission a new report from Harris Interactive which looks at love and relationships in America (and how happy everyone is). [5]
    • According to LinkedIn, eHarmony has 239 employees. This has decreased by 27% since 2016 (but is up by 50 people from 2014). [6]
    • eHarmony expects to have 2.8 million new users register this year. [8]
    • eHarmony will be introducing a new feature soon that is an A.I. chat bot. It is designed to prevent members from ghosting each other by prompting users with messages about conversation ideas (based on common interests) if you stop talking with another member. [8]
  • Finances
    • The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad by eHarmony that states it has a "scientifically-proven matching system". [2]
    • eHarmony settled a consumer protection lawsuit in California They agreed to pay $1.28 million to four counties: Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Napa, and the city of Santa Monica. [4]
    • eHarmony was acquired by German Broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 by their newly formed e-commerce division, NuCom Group. The amount of the transaction was not officially disclosed but it is rumored to be $85 million. [7]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Match System Award. [1]
    • In January eHarmony is to offer a shorter initial questionnaire which takes only 10 minutes to complete. [2]
    • eHarmony personality questionnaire is now optional but recommended as it allows the algorithm to generate the best matches. [2]
    • New eHarmony feature of real-time text messaging between members. [2]
    • eHarmony removes the Guided Communication Process. [2]
    • eHarmony now shows a break down of your compatibility score for your matches. This shows why you might connect better with one match than another. [2]
    • eHarmony has expanded matching to include up to 90% more opportunities. [2]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Innovative Award. [3]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the Silver 2016 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award. [4]
    • eHarmony is selling Elevated Careers less than a year after launch. Elevated Careers website is also currently under renovations. [5]
    • eHarmony Premium is a new option for memberships which aims to help busy daters save the time and effort. [6]
    • eHarmony is re-branding and has updated their logo with a new heart design. [7]
    • Amazon Alexa now has an eHarmony skill. It allows Alexa to check your matches, read messages and a number of other things. [8]
    • eHarmony plans to spend more on Social Media advertising going forward. [9]
    • January 1st through September 7th eHarmony gained 15,291 Facebook followers. [9]
    • eHarmony now has a guarantee that you will be happy with your matches or you will receive 3 extra months. [11]
  • Members
    • eHarmony’s largest demographic is now singles aged 25 to 35 years (it was 35 to 45). [2]
    • It has been reported that eHarmony had 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users in February 2017. [9]
    • It is estimated that eHarmony is in second place in terms of market share at 12%. [10]


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  • General Information
    • According to Google, eHarmony is the fifth most search online dating service in 2015. [1]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Match System Award. [2]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the Silver 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award. [3]
    • eHarmony launches Elevated Careers which matches job hunters with employers. [5]
    • More people log into eHarmony at about 2pm on Tuesdays than any other time during the week. [6]
    • eHarmomny CEO Neil Clark Warren has stepped down. Grant Langston is the new CEO of eHarmony. [7]
    • CEO Grant Langston has worked at eHarmony in a number of different positions since it's launch in 2000. [8]
  • Members
    • 57% of eHarmony users reported in a study that they found a relationship on the service. [4]
    • 29% of eHarmony users said they’d had a relationship that began on the service that lasted longer than a month. [4]
    • An average of 438 eHarmony members marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on the eHarmony service. This statistic is from a study released in 2012. [9]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Award for Match System. [1]
    • eHarmony has 5 days of free communication to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 12-16 in the US, Canada and the UK. [2]
    • eHarmony is the recipient of the Silver 2014 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award. [3]
    • eHarmony will launch a whole new matchmaking service called “Elevated Careers” for job seekers in June of this year. [4]
    • eHarmony was close to collapse in 2012 before Dr. Warren came back as the CEO (at age 78!). [4]
    • 50% of eHarmony's new users come from mobile devices. [5]
    • eHarmony has launched a wearable app for Android Wear and Samsung Gear S devices. [5]
    • A Free Communication Event to celebrate Independence Day in the United States ran from July 2nd to July 6th. [6]
    • eHarmony renames Free Communication Weekend to Free Trial Weekend. [7]
    • First Free Trial Weekend in the United States and Canada happens Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3rd, 2015. [7]
    • eHarmony launches eHarmony Espanol which is a fully translated and localized experience for those singles who speak Spanish. [10]
    • The matching algorithm now takes into account linguistic and cultural nuances that are important in the matching process. [10]
  • Australia
    • In 2015 customer subscriptions and engagement rates have increased by double digits. Also the cost of its registration-to-subscription rate improved by 53 percent. [9]
  • Members
    • The current number of subscribers on eHarmony is around 778,000 and they can make up to 15 million matches per day. [4]
    • eHarmony now has over 66 million users. [8]
    • 2 million marriages have happened due to matchmaking by eHarmony. The divorce rate for these marriages is only 3.86%. [8]
    • 62% of members visit the service via mobile devices. [8]
    • Recently eHarmony had 80 thousand people sign up in a single weekend. [8]


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  • General Information
    • 7 of eHarmony's married couples will be part of a float called "Everlasting Love" in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade. They will ride alongside the Grammy award-winning star Natalie Cole. [1]
    • eHarmony has a 5 day free communication Valentine's Day event February 13-17 in the US, Canada and the UK. [2]
    • eHarmony has a 5 day free communication promotion March 13th to 17th in the US and Canada. [3]
    • To celebrate Memorial Day, eHarmony has a 5 day free communication promotion from May 22nd to 26th in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. [6]
    • eHarmony has a 4 day free communication event from June 19 to 22 in the US and Canada. [8]
    • Since 2012 (and Dr. Neil Clarke Warren came back) eHarmony has grown it's user base by 54%. [9]
    • The job search site Elevated Careers by eHarmony is set to launch in December, 2014. [10]
    • At the end of August eHarmony has been in business for 14 years. [11]
    • For the first time that we know of eHarmony offers 50% off coupon code for 6 month membership (available for 4 days only). [12]
    • In the US, eHarmony has helped foster over 600,000 marriages that have only a 3.86% divorce rate. In general, the current US divorce rate is 50%. [13]
    • Harmony's offices will be relocating to Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. [14]
  • Features
    • eHarmony adds a feature called Datebook to version 4.1 of their iPhone dating app. [4]
    • With eH+ you don't even need a computer. Everything can be done on the phone. [5]
    • eH+ costs $5,000 per year. [5]
    • The eHarmony dating app supports logging in via the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on phones with iOS 8 installed. [15]
    • eHarmony's Compatibility Matching System has 3 components. They are called Compatibility Matching, Affinity Matching, and Match Distribution. [16]
  • Finances
    • eHarmony has spent $59 million in the first half of 2014 on TV commercials. [7]
    • By 2012 eHarmony was in a financial disaster. At that time they were loosing 50% of their subscribers every year. In 2012 Dr. Neil Clarke Warren came back as CEO and since then he has turned eHarmony around. [13]
    • eHarmony went from 300 employees to 190 since 2012. [13]
  • Members
    • eHarmony’s first reported marriage was in 2001 and was John and Vicki Vystrcil, from Frisco, TX. [1]
    • More than 600,000 married couples found love on eHarmony. [1]
    • On eHarmony 71% of women and 69% of men meet their spouse within a year. [1]
    • The average distance between the couples when matched is 20.2 miles. [1]
    • When people are matched on eHarmony to when they marry is on average 1.8 years. The husbands are on average 2.39 years older that their wife. [1]
    • 53% of the time the men initiate the communication. [1]
    • eHarmony has 762,000 paying members (May, 2014) which is up 50% from last year. [5]
    • In Australia eHarmony has 2.5 million members. This is up more than 500,000 when compared to last year. The majority of these members are young professionals aged 23 to 33. [17]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony has a 6 day free communication event January 3-8 in the US and Canada. [1]
    • eHarmony holds a 13.6 percent share of the online dating market according to IBISWorld. [2]
    • eHarmony revenues for 2012 are estimated to be $275 million which is a 3.8% increase over the year before. [2]
    • eHarmony won our Editor's Top Pick - Match System Award for 2012. [3]
    • eHarmony has a 4 day free communication event February 14-18 in the US and Canada. [4]
    • eHarmony has a 4 day free communication event March 14-18 in the US and Canada. [5]
    • eHarmony won the Silver Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award for 2012. [6]
    • allows all members to communicate for free by using the guided communication process and sending eHarmony mail. Free members cannot view replies. [7]
    • eHarmony has a 5 day free communication event April 12-16 in the US and Canada. [9]
    • eHarmony has a 4 day free communication event during the Memorial Day Holiday, May 23-27 in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. [10]
    • Job matching is eHarmony's next service that they plan to offer. Employers will post jobs and job seekers will be notified of new opportunities based on matching the criteria of the job to their skill set found in their profile.[11]
    • eHarmony has a free communication weekend June 27 to July 1 on (Canada) and June 28 to June 30 on (US). [12]
    • is having a second FCW in a week from July 4 to July 8. [12]
    • The new site design is code named Malibu. Extensive changes to the user dashboard and profile pages. [13]
    • eHarmony commissioned a study that found marriages which began online were found to be longer lasting and more satisfying for couples. [14]
    • Of all the dating sites eHarmony members who marry are the happiest at 25.04% of couples. [15]
    • eHarmony had the lowest rate of break-up and divorce among recent marriages of all the dating sites at 3.86%. [15]
    • A 4 day free eHarmony communication event started July 25 and ended July 28 for the US and Canada. [16]
    • eHarmony Canada and the United States had a free communication weekend from August 15th to the 18th. [17]
    • To celebrate Labor Day eHarmony held a free communication weekend from August 29th to September 2nd in the US and Canada. [18]
    • is having a 5 day free communication event from November 21 to 25 in the US. [20]
    • eHarmony launched a new service on Dec 1, 2013 called eH + that includes a credentialed professional counselor. [21]
    • eHarmony United States, Canada and the United Kingdom is having a 7 day free communication event from December 26 to January 1. [22]
    • eHarmony was the fifth most searched online dating site in 2013 on Google. [23]
  • Features
    • A new feature called "eHarmony Access" has been introduced that allows members to view photos among other things after their main membership expires. [8]
    • The new site design is code named Malibu. Extensive changes to the user dashboard and profile pages. [13]
    • Outside advertisements have been removed from the dating site. [13]
    • A new relationship questionnaire will be making its debut soon on eHarmony. [13]
  • Members
    • eHarmony has had 44 million users registered since launch. [2]
    • 1.2 million eHarmony members have been married. [2]
    • eHarmony Australia has about 2 million members (free and paid). [19]
    • On the eHarmony site in Australia the most popular profession is a teacher and the average age is early to mid thirties. [19]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony releases the mobile phone app "Bad Date Rescue". [1]
    • eHarmony UK offered a guaranteed refund during the first 7 days of a subscription. [2]
    • The Jazzed dating site by eHarmony closes September 18, 2012. [3]
    • eHarmony did a homepage makeover early in October for the United States and Canadian versions of their dating sites. [4]
    • Thod Nguyen is now the new eHarmony Chief Technology Officer. [6]
    • Neil Clark Warren has returned to be the CEO again of eHarmony. [8]
    • eHarmony bought back stock worth $110 million and canceled the planned IPO. [8]
    • eHarmony let go 100 employees and cut the board from 9 people to 2. [8]
  • Members
    • A poll of 148 thousand members found that 20% are Democrats, 26% are Republicans and, 54% choose not to align with a political party. [5]
    • eHarmony has had almost 33 million users across 150 countries. [7]


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  • General Information
    • Greg Waldorf steps down as CEO of eHarmony. Greg Steiner will be the interim CEO until the Board finds a new one. [1]
    • eHarmony has updated their mobile dating app with a streamlined version of the questionnaire with 100 questions. [2]
    • eHarmony now allows members to view the last time their matches where activite on the site. [3]
    • Jeremy Verba is the new CEO of eHarmony. [4]
  • Members
    • The eHarmony mobile dating application has been downloaded over 1 million times. It currently gets downloaded about 10,000 times a day. [4]
    • Mobile dating accounts for about 30 percent of all users registering at eHarmony. [4]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony updates the look of their Profile Page and Communication Stages. [1]
    • eHarmony settles the 2007 class action lawsuit about same-sex partners. [3]
    • eHarmony Marriage closes and gets redirected to eHarmony Advice. [5]
    • eHarmony sends its members 5 to 7 high quality matches a day. [6]
    • eHarmony is moving their corporate headquarters from Pasadena to Santa Monica. They have been based in Pasadena since 2005. [7]
    • eHarmony has 250 employees. [7]
    • On August 16, 2010 eHarmony turned 10. [9]
    • eHarmony releases an iPhone Dating App that allows members to view and communicate with matches. [10]
    • eHarmony launches a new dating site for Brazil ( [12]
    • eHarmony in the UK receives 1.79% of all dating traffic. They rank 11 overall in the United Kingdom. [14]
    • 2 weeks after the launch of the eHarmony iPhone App, it is responsible for almost 10% of the traffic to the dating site. [15]
    • eHarmony CEO Greg Waldorf says that there are no plans for an IPO. [15]
    • eHarmony is affiliated with the European dating site eDarling. [15]
    • eHarmony is moving into the Yahoo! Center in Santa Monica. 275 employees will be working there. [16]
    • eHarmony Canada launched their longest Free Guided Communication event. It started Nov 1, 2010 and ran for 30 days. [17]
    • eHarmony now offers the ability to login via Facebook. [18]
    • eHarmony Japan ( website launched with message that dating service to open soon. [19]
  • Finances
    • It is estimated for 2009 that eHarmony earned about $250 million in revenue and has about 13% of the dating market share. [4]
    • It is estimated for 2010 that eHarmony will earn over $250 million in revenue and that they will have about 20% of the dating market. [8]
    • eHarmony's marketing budget is estimated to be worth $85.4 million in 2009 by Kantar Media. [13]
  • Members
    • On average eHarmony members submit 24,000 photos a day. [2]
    • In 2 years (from 2007-2009) eHarmony Australia had 650,000 people register. In the first quarter of 2010 they had 123,000 singles register. [6]
    • A new Harris Interactive study was released showing that on average 542 eHarmony members get married every day in the United States. This means 98,915 couples will get married in one year. This is 4.77% of all US marriages. [11]


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  • General Information
    • eHarmony has over 4 terabytes of information on more than 20 million registered members. [3]
    • eHarmony is using the Interceptas platform, from Accertify to help fight online fraud. [4]
    • eHarmony has 4 Media categories. They are eHarmony Singles, eHarmony Advice, Weddings and Parents. [6]
    • The complete list of eHarmony sites includes,,,,,,,, and [6]
    • eHarmony won the Customer Service Department of the Year at The 7th Annual American Business Awards. [7]
    • July 14, 2009 the Official eHarmony blog goes lived titled Open Communication. [8]
    • For Secure Call, eHarmony uses JaJah VoIP Calling. [9]
    • eHarmony's attempt to dismiss the California discrimination class action fails. Jury trial to start February 1, 2010. [13]
  • Finances
    • Spent $93 million on TV ads in first 3 quarters of 2008. This makes eHarmony the highest TV ad spender in the dating industry. [2]
    • Estimated yearly US marketing budget is $160 million. [1]
  • Matching System
    • After a user signs up, a 10G Oracle database is used to match you with some members. [3]
    • The real matching takes place in a batch job when a members answers are scored against thousands of users. This process requires almost 1 billion calculations. [3]
    • eHarmony keeps tracks of members actions and outcomes. As example, if you look at matches outside the location limit you set, eHarmony will assume location is not a deal breaker and give you more matches, further away. [3]
    • Number of profile questions has gone from 256 (in 2008) to 258. [6]
  • Members
    • Over 28.1 million registered users since launch, includes all countries. [5]
    • In 2008, on average 236 eHarmony members married every day. This is the same number as in 2007. [6]
    • eHarmony on average receives 3.6 million visitors per month and 415 million page views. Average visit length is 5 minutes. 34% of visitors are male and 66% are females with an average age of 35. [6]
    • Unofficially eHarmony now has over 30 million registered users since launch. [10]
    • In the last 2 years, there has been a 85% increase in women members who earn over $125,000. [11]
    • Married couples match by eHarmony have produced more than 100,000 babies. [12]
    • Experienced a 20% increase in members over the age of 60 in the first quarter of 2009 when compared to the same quarter in 2008. [14]
    • Since eHarmony UK launched in June 2008, they have had 500,000 people register on the site. [15]
    • 20% of new members at eHarmony UK are rejected by the dating site due to not finishing the questionnaire, or by not falling within the required age range, or by their marital status. [16]


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  • General Information
    • Number of employees is 232. [1]
    • Launched their United Kingdom dating site in July. [7]
    • A privately-held company, eHarmony's shareholders include Sequoia Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures and Fayez Sarofim & Co. [10]
  • Interesting Facts
    • Partnered with, a clothing ecommerce site. [14]
    • Responsible for 43,000 marriages in the United States last year or on average 118 a day. [1]
    • Since Sept. 26 2008, eHarmony has produced more than 1 Billion automated matches between their members. [6]
  • Matching System
    • Reported to have produced more than 1 Billion automated matches for its members. [9]
    • Invests about $3 million annually in matchmaking research. [1]
    • Have 6 Ph. D. researchers on staff. [1]
    • Profile currently has 256 questions, this is down from 400. [1]
  • Members
    • 20 million people have created a profile on eHarmony since 2000. [1]
    • Number of paying members is estimated to be between 72,000 and 90,000 at any one time. [5]
      • This information was calculated from eHarmony's Press Kit (June, 2008) which stated they receive 12 to 15 thousand registrants per day and 1 in 20 of these members will become a paid subscriber. They also mention that memberships refresh every 3 to 4 months.
    • eHarmony has estimated it is responsible for 43,051 marriages last year, which is on average 118 marriages a day. This means, there is on average, a total of 236 eHarmony users who got married everyday. [8]
    • Male to Female ratio of 38% to 62% with an average age range of 25 to 34 years of age. [12]


  • General Information
    • Changed their TV commercial format now concentrating on one couple instead of several. Tested first in Canada. [13]
  • Finances
    • Almost $200 million in revenue for the year. [11]
    • A total of $88.1 million spent on Advertising for Q1 to Q3 in 2007. This includes TV commercials and any internet advertising. [2]
  • Members
    • 25 percent increase in registered users when compared to 2006. [1]
    • eHarmony received 5,000 testimonials from members who reported being married in 2007. [15]


  • Finances
    • In November 2006, was on target for $150 million in revenue for the year. [3]


  • Interesting Facts
    • In Fall 2005, Harris Interactive study found 33,000 eHarmony members a year, or 90 members on average a day get married. [4]


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