Plenty of Fish Adds Livestream Feature

  • Monday, March 30 2020 @ 07:04 am
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POF introduces Livestreaming to their App

Dating app Plenty of Fish (or POF for short) is rolling out a new feature in the coming weeks to users that allows them to livestream video chat with potential matches.

The free livestreaming feature called LIVE! Is POF’s way of encouraging its users to “date from a distance” according to their press release. The company partnered with The Meet Group, Inc., a livestream technology service, to create the feature. 

It’s simple to use. There’s a “LIVE!” icon within the POF app that members can tap which takes you to a home page where you can see the most popular livestreams. You can tune in to a stream or create your own. It’s a way to “stay connected and create a sense of community from the convenience of home,” according to the company’s release.

Tinder’s New Concierge Service Will Fix Your Dating Profile For $20

  • Wednesday, March 25 2020 @ 12:01 pm
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Tinder Concierge Premium Service
Image: Forbes

Having trouble finding a worthwhile match on Tinder? The dating app made “swipe left” and “swipe right” two of the most recognizable phrases in popular culture — but what it hasn’t necessarily done is made it easier to find a date using those infamous gestures.

In an effort to help singles get more out of their Tinder experience, the company has started testing a premium service it’s calling Tinder Concierge. An advertisement recently released on the platform announced the new feature with an image of a limousine parked outside of an ornate building. The short description of Concierge explains that users can pay $20 to schedule a session with a “team of experts” who will help them “craft the perfect profile.” Users who are interested are invited to sign up for the waitlist to get more information.

The ad has been greeted with mixed responses on Reddit. A few users expressed curiosity about the idea. Others called Concierge “transparently a scam” and “something that’s going to flop miserably.” A skeptical user shared the theory that Tinder would simply note when a user has a Concierge session and updates their profile, then show them more matches — which increases the likelihood that they’ll get more right swipes — so the user will think the service is working. Several users noted that their version of the ad set a Concierge session at $50, not $20.

Grindr Letting Users Hide the App on Their Phones

  • Thursday, March 12 2020 @ 12:09 pm
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Grindr is upping its privacy practices by giving users the option of hiding the app on their phones.

The Discreet App Icon allows users the option of replacing the Grindr app icon on their phone with another symbol, effectively to hide the fact that they are using Grindr if someone else gets hold of their phone. The feature is accessible in the security section of the app’s settings. Grindr first made the Discreet App Icon available in countries where gay, bi and trans people are in the most danger, and now is launching the feature for all users no matter where they reside.

According to a company press release, the feature was developed with London-based human rights organization Article 19, The Guardian Project, and Grindr for Equality to help keep users safe, not only within countries where gay rights are not sanctioned, but anywhere that people are threatened due to their LGBTQ or gender status. This is especially timely as gay, trans and non-binary rights are being threatened around the world.

Tinder Testing Newest Messaging Features

  • Monday, March 09 2020 @ 11:53 am
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Tinder Share to Matches
Image: @wongmjane

Dating app Tinder is testing more new features, one of which was briefly disclosed in an earnings call earlier this year by Match Group.

The new features are described as “conversation starters” to help initiate messaging between users and to keep them more engaged. One of the features is a conversational prompt, which encourages users to respond to a question or finish a sentence so that their matches get a better idea of who they are. The second feature allows users to post photos, looping videos and other content that can only be seen by their existing matches, according to Tech Crunch. This is also intended to strike up conversations in a more personal, unique way.

Tinder Adds New Filter Features

  • Monday, March 02 2020 @ 03:14 pm
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Match Group announced the roll out of new filter features for its star dating app Tinder, following suit with Bumble, who rolled out similar features late last year.

The filter features include both free and paid options, according to Tech Crunch, but Match Group did not disclose many details, other than comparing the features to Tinder U, which filters matches solely to other nearby college students. 

Match Group aims “to make the utility of Tinder better and more efficient,” according to CEO Mandy Ginsberg, who just announced she’ll be leaving the company after fourteen years at the end of February. 

Tinder Is Now Using AI To Flag Potentially Offensive Messages

  • Monday, February 17 2020 @ 10:38 am
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Tinder is now using AI to detect offensive messages.

It seems like almost every Tinder user has a horror story. For some, it’s a first date that looks nothing like their photos. For others, it’s being ghosted after weeks of messaging back and forth. And for many, it’s connections that end in harrassment, discrimination, insults, unwanted sexual advances and other ills that online dating has become notorious for.

Tinder is hoping to curb behavior that violates its community standards with a recent update. The company announced in a blog post that it will now use artificial intelligence to detect offensive messages before they reach their intended recipients. The feature, called Does This Bother You?, is powered by machine learning and aided by human members of the Tinder community. Similar technology also plays a role in Undo, an upcoming feature that will allow Tinder members to take back a message containing potentially offensive language before it’s sent.

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