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Zoosk Logo
Zoosk, Inc. (which is owned by Spark Networks SE)
United States
Business Started:
December, 2007
Brands & Partnerships:
170 (2018)
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS, Android, Facebook
Number of Members since Launch:
40 million [2019 #1]
Number of Paying Members:
500,000+- in 2019 [2019 #1]

Zoosk History Summary

Zoosk launched as a Facebook application in 2007 and was co-foundered by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr. It was originally a place where you could upload photos and have them rated by family and friends and it became extremely popular on Facebook. Shayan and Alex realized the current Zoosk Facebook app had many features of a dating site and with no real competition on Facebook in the dating space, they quickly set their focus on updating the Zoosk Facebook app and developing a new website to offer online dating to singles.

Zoosk was originally a free dating service that received revenue from displaying online advertising. Early on they added Zoosk coins which unlocked access to premium features while still keeping the main service free (creating a profile, searching, sending and reading messages). Near the end of 2014 Zoosk became a paid dating service and requires a subscription to send messages.

By 2009 Zoosk had more than 1 million visible users since they had launched with 65% of their members under the age of 30. In 2010 Zoosk releases their first app on the iPhone and quickly reaches the top 30 spot for the most popular iPhone app. An app for Android follows in the same year. At this point Zoosk has almost 2.25 million Facebook fans.

By 2011 Zoosk has really started thinking international. They had gone from being available in 5 languages to 25 and now has more than 10 million members since launch. By 2013 it was estimated that Zoosk had 2.9% of the online dating market share and for the year earned over $178 million (first year of being profitable). Zoosk had plans for an IPO but by 2014 they had scrapped the idea. 2014 saw over $200 million in revenue but Zoosk did end up loosing money. By the end of 2014 Zoosk had let go 15% of their workforce and had hired a new CEO. To help the bottom line they also required a subscription of users if they wanted to send messages. Since then Zoosk has updated their apps and websites several times with new features to help keep their service current and competitive with others in the dating industry. As of 2019 the Zoosk website reports more than 40 million members and more than 30 million phone app downloads.

In 2019 Spark Networks SE announced that it will be purchasing Zoosk for $258 million. This deal will help Spark Networks to significantly expand their presence in the North American market.

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  • General Information
    • Spark Networks SE announced that it will acquire Zoosk for $255 million USD. The transaction is expected to close early in the third quarter of 2019. [1]
    • Zoosk has about 500,000 paying subscribers. [1]
    • More than 40 million singles have joined Zoosk. [1]
    • Zoosk members send on average 3 million messages a day. [1]
    • The Zoosk dating app on iOS and Android has been downloaded more than 30 million times. [1]
  • Finances
    • Of all the dating apps, Zoosk earned the 4th most revenue overall (4th in App Store and it did not place in the top 10 in Google Play). [2]
    • Spark Networks purchases Zoosk, Inc. for $258 million USD. [2]
    • It has been estimated that from Jan. 2014 Zoosk has earned $250 million in revenue and has had 38 million downloads of their app. [3]
    • In Q1 2019 Zoosk earned $13 million USD. [3]
    • Spark Networks is focusing on reducing overhead costs from Zoosk while improving marketing efficiency and customer conversion rates. Zoosk ntends to significantly reduce its San Francisco workforce by the end of the year and exit the city entirely by the end of June 2020. [4]


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  • General Information
    • According to a study 44.1% of users uninstall the Zoosk app in less than 24 hours. [1]
    • According to LinkedIn, Zoosk has 170 employees. [2]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk adds "Lively" feature which allows users to edit, crop, rearrange and filter photos and video from their camera rolls and social media feeds, creating a visual profile. [2]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk has received $61 million in funding since it launched back in 2007. [1]
    • Zoosk to let go another 40 team members which is 1/3 of their staff. [1]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk is the recipient of the Bronze 2014 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award. [3]
    • Zoosk reports 34% more messages are sent in the first 2 weeks of spring when compared to the same weeks in the previous month. 28% of all messages during this time are also considered deeper than in the previous month. [4]
    • Zoosk also recieves 11% more signups in the first 2 weeks of spring. [4]
    • A smartwatch app has been released by Zoosk that allows members to access the Zoosk Carousel, messages, and other important features. [5]
    • Zoosk launches new ad campaign in July to promote photo verification tool. [7]
    • With over 13 million million Facebook likes, Zoosk has the largest social media fan base. [8]
    • Zoosk is the most prolific poster on social media. The company published 226 posts between January and October, and received the most likes and comments. [8]
    • Zoosk has 33 million members worldwide. half of them are in the United States. [9]
  • Members
    • People are most responsive between 10 and 11pm on Zoosk. Men send messages most often between 9 and 10am while women most often message at night. [1]
    • Full body photos increased messages by a 203% when compared to a head shot. [1]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk laid off 15% of its workforce in January of 2015 in an effort to cut costs. [2]
    • Zoosk has submitted a regulatory filing to withdraw its plan to go public. [6]
    • Zoosk earned $200 million in revenue in 2014 from subscription fees and from purchases of Zoosk coins. [9]
    • Zoosk was profitable in 2013 but lost money in 2014. [9]
    • In November of 2014 Zoosk switched to a premium model and now requires a subscription for communication between members. [9]
    • Zoosk was profitable in the first quarter of 2015. [9]


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  • General Information
    • In the first 2 weeks after Christmas Zoosk sees on average a 26% increase in sign-ups. [1]
    • Zoosk has added a new feature that prioritizes your Zoosk inbox so the higher compatible members are displayed first. [3]
    • Zoosk has the number one earning dating app on the Apple App Store. Overall, for all categories they rank in the top 25. [4]
    • New gift service for members is offered in most US States. You currently can send chocolate, flowers or a teddy bear. [5]
    • Zoosk adds a photo verification service that is completely automated and simple to use. [7]
    • A new feature has been added called Dating Insights. It uses your behaviour (based on searches, etc...) on Zoosk to show you your best matches. [9]
    • Zoosk hires its 200th employee. [11]
  • Members
    • Zoosk members who are fans of the loosing team of the Superbowl are more likely to turn to online dating after the football game. [2]
    • Zoosk has 26 million members across 80 countries and 650,000 paying subscribers. These numbers are up 44% when compared to December 2012 [4]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk filed for an IPO on the NYSE under the symbol ZSK. [4]
    • Zoosk earned $178.2 million in 2013 with a net loss of $2.6 million. Revenue increased 63% when compared to 2012. [4]
    • 50% of revenue comes from the Zoosk mobile dating app. [6]
    • It is expected Zoosk to go public in 2015 with a price of between $8 and $16 per share. [8]
    • Zoosk has abandon plans for an IPO due to increase competition. [10]
    • CFO Kelly Steckelberg will be taking over as CEO of Zoosk. She is replacing co-founder Shayan Zadeh, who will become a member of the board. Zadeh will be joined on the board by co-founder Alex Mehr, who is currently president. [10]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk won the Bronze Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Award for 2012. [1]
    • In quarter 1 traffic has increased 116% when compared to the same quarter in 2012. [2]
    • Zoosk mobile applications experienced a 200% increase of monthly active users. [2]
    • Zoosk has a 2.9 percent market share and currently more than 40 million active members. [3]
    • Zoosk was the fourth most searched online dating site in 2013 on Google. [4]
  • Finances
    • For the first quarter of 2013 Zoosk earned over $40 million. [2]
    • Zoosk is now taking steps to go public in 2014. [3]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk has moved into a 52,000 square foot office space in San Francisco near Twitter's corporate headquarters. [1]
    • Zoosk has 102 employees and plans to have 160 by the end of 2012. [1]
    • Couple profiles are introduced that allow members in a relationship to create an online scrapbook of photos. [3]
    • In 6 months 3.3 million couple profiles have been created on Zoosk. [5]
  • Mobile
    • Mobile users on Zoosk account for 15 percent of the site’s traffic. [4]
    • In the past year mobile traffic has gone up 148%. [4]
    • Zoosk has released a HTML5 version of their dating site designed for the mobile web. [4]
    • Android users make up 55% of the mobile traffic. Apple iOS has the other 45%. [4]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk receives $3 million in funding from Keating Capital. [2]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk now offers a pay service in more than 60 countries. [1]
    • Zoosk.com supports 25 languages which is 5 more than in 2009. [1]
    • Their Facebook Fan Page now has 2.7 million fans. [1]
    • In November, 2010 Zoosk was the number 1 visited dating site in the US according to comScore. [1]
    • Zoosk now has over 4 million Facebook Fans. [2]
    • Has 98 employees. [3]
    • Zoosk as over 15 million active members. [3]
    • Search algorithm changes have increased replies to message by 133% when compared to a year ago. [4]
    • Zoosk mobile dating apps have been downloaded over 2.5 million times. [4]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk earned over $90 million in 2010. This is up 250% from 2009 where they only had $20 million in revenue. [1]
  • Members
    • Zoosk now has 50 million members registered since launch. [1]


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  • General Information
    • Zoosk sees a huge spike in traffic. It is 3x higher than in August of 2009. Zoosk had 2.7 unique visitors in the month of January [1]
    • Zoosk is the #1 Facebook Dating Application. [2]
    • Zoosk now offers a iPhone Dating Application. [2]
    • Zoosk now offers a Zoosk Chat application for the PC and Mac. [2]
    • Zoosk gives us a peek at their new TV Ad which will air in the US starting on June1, 2010. [3]
    • The Latin social networking site, Quepasa, partners with Zoosk. [4]
    • The Zoosk iPhone Dating App is the 30th most popular free application on the iPhone. [5]
    • A Zoosk Andoid Dating App is due out in July. [5]
    • The name Zoosk was picked for the dating site because other popular internet companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo also contained 2 O's. [5]
    • Zoosk makes an appearance in the music video for “Love, Love, Love”. This song is a new single by Hope, featuring Jason Mraz. [7]
    • Zoosk now has almost 2.25 million Facebook fans. [9]
    • Zoosk won the award for Best Mobile Dating Site at the Internet Dating Conference this year. [10]
  • Matching System
    • Zoosk plans to introduce matching based on books, movies and music later this year. [6]
    • Zoosk Affinity allows your favorite books, movies and music to be imported from Facebook. [8]
  • Members
    • Zoosk now has 50 million members registered since launch. [1]


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  • General Information
    • In 2008, the week before Christmas was the busiest week on Zoosk. The second busiest was the first week of January. On average Monday's are the most busiest days of the week.[3]
  • Finances
    • Zoosk announced that they have secured an additional $30 Million in Series D Funding. [2]
  • Members
    • Zoosk now has 40 million members registered since launch. [1]
    • 63% of members are looking for a long-term relationship. [3]
    • 65% of members are under the age of 30. 24% are in their 30s and only 11% are 40 or over.[4]
    • A member of Zoosk is called a Zoosker. [4]


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