Study Reveals Which Dating Apps Are Most Popular (And Which Get Deleted First)

  • Tuesday, March 13 2018 @ 01:00 pm
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 Dating App Analysis

Dating apps happily boast about their sign-up rates or the number of marriages they’ve created, but they’re understandably reluctant to release less flattering figures. How many users actually stick with an app once they’ve created a profile? How many let their account lapse, or delete the app altogether? Which apps are most quickly abandoned?

In pursuit of more juicy data, mobile data company Ogury sampled more than six million mobile user profiles from its network to take a deep dive into usage habits around the world. They focused on users in the US, UK, France, Italy, and Spain who had used dating apps within the six months between January and June 2017. To present the most balanced findings, they were were careful to maintain an identical male to female ratio in each region.

Ogury’s results reveal a landscape that may surprise online dating’s biggest advocates. One chart in the report shows that dating app longevity leaves something to be desired, with most app uninstalls occuring within the first day of usage. Zoosk users, at 44.1%, are most likely to uninstall in less than 24 hours, followed by Grindr at 33.6% and Tinder at 32.9%.

The apps best at holding onto their users long-term are, perhaps surprisingly, some of the older names in the game: OkCupid in the number one spot, followed by Plenty of Fish.

Ogury looked at topics like the days and times different apps are most used, and which apps are most popular by country.

Tinder appeared in the top five favorite apps in every country for both men and women, though not always in first place. Plenty of Fish was a strong contender in the US and the UK, while Badoo ranked highly everywhere but the United States.

Top 5 dating apps by country
Image: Ogury

Thursday proved to be the busiest day on dating apps across every country studied. Singles spend an average of 27 minutes and 32 seconds matching and messaging on Thursdays, presumably in attempt to score a date or two for the weekend.

Other figures from the study reveal:

  • Female engagement on apps is the highest in Madrid and lowest in New York City
  • The weekend is primetime for MeetMe in the US, with women flocking to the app on Saturday and men stepping up their usage on Sunday
  • In the UK, Sunday night sees singles flock to Grindr
  • California has the worst male to female ratio on dating apps (77.8% male to 22.2% female)
  • Wyoming is the most balanced state (63.5% male, 36.5% female)
  • Overall, men are twice as active on dating apps than women

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