How About We CEO Aaron Schildkrout opens up in Recent Interview

How About We
  • Thursday, June 26 2014 @ 06:59 am
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There are many online dating sites and mobile apps competing for the same market of single men and women, looking for innovative ways to position themselves differently than “just another dating site/app.” But How About We continues to make innovative moves in this industry and buck the trends, including its initial hook – taking online dating offline for better results. Now they're also offering services to couples and getting into the digital content space.

Online Personals Watch recently interviewed CEO Aaron Schildkrout about the success and challenges of How About We, the choices he’s made, and what he wants to do next with the brand.

How About We is focusing on the couples space, since Schildkrout claims it will be "twenty times bigger" than the dating space will be. The fundamental problem with dating sites is that it works to their advantage for people to stay single and looking, so the focus is on gathering more subscribers, not necessarily making a product that helps customers meet their goals of finding partners. Shildkrout maintains that meeting up in the real world works better for singles, which is why they made it their focus.

And as for couples, Shildkrout says often they don’t have time to plan things out or surprise each other, so it makes sense with How About We's focus on the offline date to offer services to couples, too.

When asked about Zoosk’s user shift to mobile devices and 50% of revenue coming from their mobile app, Shildkrout says this is something he’s noticed among How About We members as well. He states: “Mobile is our most important channel by far. We're seeing the most engagement there. I think that this trend will only continue.”

Shildkrout was also questioned about the company’s content acquisition – namely, taking over and adding it to their roster of other specialty sites. ( is focused on relationships, is focused on celebrity relationships, and The Date Report, which is their original blog offers singles advice and tips.) At a time when people seem to be downsizing editorial and content, How About We is ramping up, and Shildkrout continues to build his editorial team.

Shildkrout also admits he’s catering to the more affluent customers by offering curated, unique dating experiences for couples. He looks at it as more of a matchmaking service in terms of the level of attention and detail they provide to customers. “People who buy luxury goods want a carefully crafted, curated, personalized concierge service-level experience for finding love,” he says.

He’s also looking to Google Glass for opportunities, and has created a prototype of their service You&Me for the glasses. He does however admit, “Finding the user experience in the wearable space that will work in the dating space is tricky. It's much easier in the couples space.”