Dating Apps Launch New Features to Compete with Tinder

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 New Features of Dating Apps

Tinder took the online dating world by storm a few years ago when it launched, changing the way people connected for dates. Instead of crafting elaborate profiles, Tinder’s appeal was its ease and visual component, its mobile interface – you like a photo, and you swipe.

But now, other apps who have tried to copy its example, creating swipe-like features of their own, have found that this is not the best way to stay competitive in the dating app space. So instead of making as many profiles available as quickly as possible, other apps are looking to curate their offerings and make it a more selective process, specifically for female users.

Female daters are more discerning in online dating, because they are often the targets of lude and unwanted messages and catfishing. They have become skeptical daters, swiping and messaging a lot less often than male daters. As a result, security and safety features have become increasingly more important to them than the ability to swipe.

Bumble was one of the first dating apps to appeal specifically to females, allowing them control over the process and communication over the app. Now, Coffee Meets Bagel has launched a new feature called “Ladies Choice,” where female users will receive five matches per day from men who have “liked” their profiles, making the matching process easier and more tailored to them. Men of Coffee Meets Bagel will be able to scroll through 21 potential matches per day, since research has shown they like more choices. (CMB’s user base is 53% female, a high number in the online dating space, so they might be trying to recruit more men.)

“It became clear to us that singles, especially single women, are becoming exhausted with where mobile dating is headed,” said co-founder Dawoon Kang. “Dating has just become endless swipes of photos.”

Coffee Meets Bagel has fared better in revenue generation than other apps by monetizing in creative ways. Users can buy “beans” to help them get access to more profiles and also stats.

Zoosk is also looking to differentiate itself, and has launched a new feature called “Lively,” allowing users to combine photos and videos into moving collages to tell a story. Zoosk members can edit, crop, rearrange and filter photos and video from their camera rolls and social media feeds, creating a visual profile that’s not just a series of photos or a short video introduction.

Lively is an interesting idea considering the popularity of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, which allows for more creative connection between users.

As dating apps need to become more creative in their offerings, the new features could really benefit dating app users.