Tinder Testing Newest Messaging Features

  • Monday, March 09 2020 @ 11:53 am
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Tinder Share to Matches
Image: @wongmjane

Dating app Tinder is testing more new features, one of which was briefly disclosed in an earnings call earlier this year by Match Group.

The new features are described as “conversation starters” to help initiate messaging between users and to keep them more engaged. One of the features is a conversational prompt, which encourages users to respond to a question or finish a sentence so that their matches get a better idea of who they are. The second feature allows users to post photos, looping videos and other content that can only be seen by their existing matches, according to Tech Crunch. This is also intended to strike up conversations in a more personal, unique way.

The new features were found and teased out over Twitter by software developer Jane Manchun Wong, who posted about the graphic design of the features as well as their intended uses. The designs resemble Instagram’s “create” mode, with gradient colors and different choices for pulling content from your existing photos or videos or creating a new prompt to jumpstart a conversation. Wong is often a source for journalists aiming to get information on the latest app developments and features, as well as security vulnerabilities.

Tinder Text Prompts
Tinder Text Prompts
Image: @wongmjane

Tinder admitted that they were still testing but had plans to roll out the features soon.

“At Tinder, our goal is to make it easier to connect with new people,” they said in a statement. “We’re testing ways to make it easier for members to express themselves and share their personalities, while keeping the experience simple and fun. These changes may or may not roll out to everyone over time.”

Some of the new features are already part of Match Group’s dating app Hinge, which encourages users to strike up conversations and make plans to meet. 

Tinder appears to be appealing to younger daters through features like Tinder U and its original interactive content series Swipe Night. The prompts are an extension of engaging younger users to interact more with each other, rather than just swiping. 

In fact, Match Group has stated that it has additional plans for Tinder, including an expansion of Swipe Night, new filters, and new in-app purchase options, which is now accounting for 25 percent of their revenue according to incoming Match Group CEO Shar Dubey.

Most recently, the company rolled out new safety features for users, including a panic button that alerts local law enforcement if you feel unsafe on a date. Match Group partnered with safety service Noonlight to provide this and other safety features on Tinder, and plans to roll out similar safety features across its suite of apps. 

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