Tinder Testing New Spotify Sharing Feature

  • Friday, February 01 2019 @ 12:25 pm
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Tech Crunch broke the news that popular dating app Tinder is teaming up with Spotify to test a new feature that allows users to share songs with each other.

The website reported that users could select songs from their own Spotify playlists to be shared via the in-app messenger, to engage users and get people to connect. Last year, the company unveiled another new feature allowing users to share Bitmoji and GIFs over the app’s messenger service, a move to increase engagement among social media savvy members.

The Spotify testing is currently taking place in different cities around the globe, but only with Spotify and no other streaming music service, according to Tech Crunch. The new feature was originally spotted by the blog MSPoweruser.

Notice the green music icon in Tinder's Messenger.
Notice the green music icon in Tinder's Messenger.
Image: MSPoweruser

A green icon with musical notes appears next to the GIF icon when you open the messenger app to type a new message. Clicking the green icon gives you access to your Spotify playlist where you can choose a song, but Tinder only allows a 30-second clip of it to be sent.

Clicking the icon brings up the Spotify Playlist that you can share.
Clicking the icon brings up the Spotify Playlist that you can share.
Image: MSPoweruser

Spotify and Tinder have been partners for a couple of years. The dating app currently allows users to connect their Spotify accounts to Tinder, listing their top artists and “anthem” song in their profiles. This testing period marks the first time however that Tinder is encouraging people to share songs with each other via direct message.

A Tinder spokesperson did tell TechCrunch that “users love connecting over shared tastes in music,” and that "users who update their ‘Anthem’ are most likely to start a conversation via Feed."

The company however has not confirmed whether the Spotify testing will become a permanent feature with a public rollout, but it seems a no-brainer that many dating app users weigh musical preferences in making decisions about who to message and eventually, who to meet.

This news comes on the heels of legal entanglements for the dating app, including a Reuters report that Tinder’s parent company IAC has filed a lawsuit against former Tinder CEO and founder Sean Rad. The lawsuit alleges that while Rad was employed by IAC, he violated trade secret protection agreements, sending highly confidential email exchanges about business strategy to his personal email account and copying files in secret.

This lawsuit follows another lawsuit filed by former Tinder employees against Match Group, of which Rad is part, claiming the company cheated them out of rightful earnings by devaluing their stock options.

Match Group has sought to rebrand Tinder as an app for young singles who aren’t so serious about finding a partner. Last year, Tinder unveiled its new lifestyle website called “Swipe Life,” where young singles can find advice and stories on dating, entertainment, travel, and budgeting, aimed at the 18-25 demographic.