Tinder is Testing New Individual Paid Features 

  • Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 10:36 am
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Tinder testing new Super Boost feature.
Image: Tinder

Dating app Tinder is testing two new individual paid features on its app: Super Boost and Read Receipts.

The new Super Boost feature allows users to forgo the algorithm process and have their profiles pushed to the top of potential match’s feeds during peak swiping hours, according to website The Verge. The second feature allows users to pay for the ability to turn on Read Receipts for a particular chat thread, to see if a potential match has read their messages.

The Super Boost update allows premium users (Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribers) to pay an additional fee for their profile to be featured during “peak night hours” and gives them a chance to be seen by up to 100 times more potential matches. This is in contrast to the current paid upgrade Boost, which only gives about ten times more profile views, according to Tech Crunch. The Boost option is already available for an additional fee and is one of the app’s more popular features.

The Read Receipts feature is Tinder’s answer to ghosting, it seems. Tinder users have complained about texting with their matches only to have them stop communicating altogether. In theory, Read Receipts will hold users to account because the person at the other end of the text thread can see that you’ve read it and haven’t yet responded.

Interestingly, only the paying subscriber can view Read Receipts, but their matches have the ability to turn the feature off if they don’t want you to know. Tinder is setting user accounts to automatically detect whether or not a message thread is read, but all users have the ability to turn the function off, according to The Verge.

No pricing has been given for the new features as they are still being tested. However, these features will most likely be part of Tinder’s dynamic pricing model. Instead of having set prices for upgrade features, the company has often opted for pricing on a sliding scale based on a number of factors, including age, location, length of subscription and other factors.

Tinder recently settled a class action lawsuit in California for age discrimination when it asked users who were thirty and older to pay a much steeper price than younger users. In other parts of the country however, aged-based pricing for the app remains unchanged.

Tinder is parent company Match Group’s star app. Both Tinder revenue and subscribers are growing at a faster rate than the companies projected, and Match Group stock has risen significantly in value. Match Group is currently embroiled in a lawsuit, with Tinder’s former co-founder alleging that Match Group undervalued Tinder stock options.