Tinder Leads For Consumer Spending on Non Gaming Apps in 2019

  • Wednesday, January 01 2020 @ 11:48 am
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Tinder is rolling in cash.

Tinder is rolling in cash at the close of 2019 thanks to consumer spending on its popular dating app. According to Annie’s List, it ranks as the number one non-gaming app where consumers are spending money, ahead of entertainment and social network giants like Netflix, YouTube and Tencent.

Video games are by far the most popular apps for consumers and generate the most revenue from in-app spending. However, outside of the gaming world, Tinder subscriptions have driven it to the top spot in consumer app spending.

Tinder’s paid subscription service is the basis for many apps that are looking to generate revenue, especially those that offer free initial downloads to customers. The dating app sells tiered subscriptions depending on how many features you want – such as no ads appearing in your feed, or being able to “Superlike” another user, or seeing who has looked at your profile first before swiping right on someone who interests you.

The app also allows you to purchase certain features in-app on the fly if you are a subscriber. The company has generated a lot of revenue by letting users have a peek at what they can get, and then offering the chance to purchase on the spot.

Tinder’s combined annual revenue has grown 920% between 2014 and 2019, exceeding $2.2 billion in the current year (totally all 5 years together), according to Bloomberg.

Facebook has also retained its lead on overall app downloads, with the top three apps Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp leading for the sixth year in a row. Its dating service just launched in September this year, and while daters are still gravitating to popular apps like Tinder, Facebook’s large user base could grab a significant share of the dating app market.

Coming in second place for overall consumer app spending was Netflix, followed by Chinese behemoth Tencent for their video app, Chinese online video platform iQIYI, and YouTube. Pandora also made the top 10, notably beating out Spotify.

Apple TV and Disney Plus launched late this year – but these subscription-based services expect to keep growing in 2020. In fact, as Bloomberg points out, total new app downloads and consumer spending will both break records for 2019, in their data collected from January through November.

Tinder has built its success on its revenue model, and it looks like others are following suit. Consumer revenue is said to be growing at 15 % each year, according to Bloomberg, with 2019 set to reach its highest amount ever.