Tinder Introduces Spring Break Mode For College Vacation Flings

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Tinder Spring Break is here for a limited time.

Tinder isn’t shying away from its reputation as a hookup app - in fact, it’s leaning in.

Last year, the company launched an unapologetic ad campaign celebrating single culture with taglines including ‘Single Does What Single Wants,’ ‘Single Never Has To Go Home Early,’ and ‘Single Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.’ For Valentine’s Day 2019, the company collaborated with Homesick Candles to release a candle named “Single, Not Sorry” for Singles’ Awareness Day. Now, with college students across America eagerly awaiting their next vacation, Tinder has announced a ‘Spring Break’ mode.

Tinder U members will be able to use the limited-time feature to match and message with fellow students from March 4 to March 31 in 20 popular vacation destinations. Users can activate the mode when the Spring Break card appears amongst their matches. Tapping the card reveals a selection of vacation destinations to choose from. Once selected, the location will be displayed as a profile badge and Tinder will show users potential matches who are planning to spend spring break in the same city. The supported locations include Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans and San Diego, as well as several popular destinations outside of the United States. There’s also a “Staycation” option for those who won’t be leaving home.

“Spring Break, like Tinder, is a staple for many college students across the country,” said Jenny Campbell, chief marketing officer at Tinder, in a prepared statement. “We’ve historically seen huge upticks in Tinder usage during Spring Break in these destinations, and we are excited to give users the unique experience to connect before they pack their bags.”

The idea for the feature was inspired by trends the company noticed in product usage during March. Certain cities saw significant increases in usage during the spring break timeframe. TechCrunch reports that Cabo San Lucas and Lake Havasu experienced a 2x increase in activity. Panama City saw a 10x increase. South Padre Island experienced a whopping 100x increase in March 2018 compared to the previous month. Tinder also consulted with Tinder U users to determine the final destinations included in Spring Break mode.

The launch of Spring Break mode is part of a larger initiative to focus on younger Tinder users who are more interested in exploring than settling down.

“In 2019, we are planning to solidify our leadership position among college students by expanding Tinder U to cover even more schools throughout the U.S. while also launching Tinder U in select international markets,” said Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Tinder parent Match Group, in an earnings call earlier this month. “We’re also expanding marketing through our on campus brand ambassadors and social media influencers. Expect to see more events and marketing tied to the school social calendar such as Rivalry Week and Spring Break.”

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