SuperSwipes, Celebrity Look-Alikes, And More Of The Week’s Biggest Dating News

  • Friday, July 21 2017 @ 11:06 am
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It’s been a whirlwind week in the online dating world.

First, Badoo launched a feature to help singles hook up with their celebrity crushes… well, almost. A new search feature uses facial recognition technology to match users with dates who look like their favourite celebs. Among the most searched-for famous faces so far are Kim Kardashian West, Justin Bieber, and Robert Pattinson.

“People are looking for quick, fast, easy ways to start connections,” said Badoo's Miles Norris to the BBC, “and if the way someone looks is a good onboarding to that, then we want to make it easy for them.”

Tinder made moves to take dating offline for elite users who are hitting the Hamptons this summer. Tinder Select, a secret members-only version of the app, plans to host “exclusive” parties at an oceanfront compound in Montauk and has been looking for sponsors for the events. Don’t expect to show up at the door - sources told Page Six the parties will be “intimate affairs and invite only.”

Hinge made news this week with a long-awaited update: starting on July 11, the app has now been available for Android. The company says it estimates the Android app will increase usage by about 30 percent, based on users of the app’s previous incarnation.

OkCupid made the bold - some would say insane - move to allow photo commenting. After repeated tests of the feature, it’s now easier than ever to ask “Which one of the 20 people in this pic are you?” Just click on the message blurb in the bottom righthand corner and you‘re sending a message about that exact photo - it will either be a great way to break the ice when you’re feeling shy, or make life even easier for creepy commenters to get their sext on.

Now over to Bumble, which recently followed in the footsteps of Tinder’s Super Like to launch SuperSwipe. Use the SuperSwipe button to let a potential match know you’re into them before there’s a mutual swipe. Each SuperSwipe costs $0.99 (with a discount for bulk buys), and to let users pay for the new feature, Bumble is launching an in-app currency called Bumble Coins.

TechCrunch reports that Bumble plans to release additional paid features before the end of the year, and that “One of these (yet to be announced) paid features will let you skip ahead in someone’s queue of suitors, so they see you sooner.”

And finally, Grindr opted to let all users in the UK get push notifications automatically. Previously, only premium users could receive push notifications when another user messaged them. Users in the US and most of Europe have already been able to access this function regardless of whether they pay for the service.