Only Half of Tinder Users Have Actually Met a Match IRL, According to New Study

  • Monday, December 09 2019 @ 09:18 am
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Tinder Matches

Tinder claims to have made about 30 billion matches to date over its highly successful app (about 26 million per day, according to an article in The Daily Mail), but it seems only 50 percent of them ever meet one of their matches face-to-face. In order to increase their chances of meeting a date IRL, users have to match with far more people than they actually expect to meet, according to the study.

On average, when participants were asked how many matches they had actually met up with in real life, men averaged 1.9 partners and women 2.2 partners, despite matching with 111 and 124 respectively.

A team from Norwegian University of Science and Technology surveyed 269 students in Norway who were all Tinder users, and 60 percent of those surveyed were women.

It could be argued that this was a small study of specific Tinder users – demographically speaking - so the data is skewed. The student population tends to be composed of more casual daters, so it could be assumed that this contributed to the findings. Only 25 percent of study participants said they had actually used the app to meet someone for a long-term relationship, according to The Daily Mail.

However, that’s not the whole story – many participants said they did not use the app for casual sex, either. Around 80 percent “did not engage in sexual activity using the app,” according to The Daily Mail. Only 13 percent had one hook-up using the app, 3 percent had two hook-ups, and 4 percent had more than two hookups.

Some of the questions students were asked included whether they were a current or former Tinder user, how many matches they’d had since joining the app, and of the people they did meet over Tinder, how many were interested in a “long-term committed relationship.”

The Daily Mail points out that this study disrupts the idea that Tinder is merely a hook-up app. However, it also points out that despite being one of the most popular apps, it might not be the best place if you actually want to date and meet a significant other. After all, recent studies have shown that about one-third of marriages are between couples who met online, so many couples are meeting over apps.

The study’s author Trond Viggo Grøntvedt pointed out that the findings point to the fact that Tinder might not have had the impact on dating culture that has been assumed. He told The Daily Mail: “Tinder may not be rewriting the fundamentals of modern dating: similar patterns continue, simply in a new arena.”

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