Tinder to Launch a New Scaled-Down App Tinder Lite

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Tinder plans to launch a new, scaled-down version of the app called Tinder Lite.

According to Tech Crunch, the new app is catering to markets where bandwidth, data usage and storage space have all been challenging, which means customers to pay a premium for access to mobile data. Some of the regions Tinder is targeting include India and Southeast Asia, where parent company Match Group has appointed three new executives and dedicated more resources to growing its brands.

Tinder Lite was initially mentioned in an investor call according to Tech Crunch. However, Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg shared few details about the launch or the app. There was no specific date mentioned, and no details about what features would be removed, but likely the trademark swiping and matching would remain as key elements of the Tinder Lite experience.

Scaling back its technology isn’t an unusual move for a popular app. Many companies have had to launch new, smaller sized versions of their apps to address the problem of bandwidth and data usage in countries with large populations. Facebook, Google and Twitter all have “lite” versions of their main apps available in these regions.

Match Group is focused on growing its customer base in Asia, specifically India and Southeast Asia where Internet penetration is growing at an attractive rate. Bumble recently launched its app in India, marketing to female users who want to also meet friends and make business contacts in addition to dating. So far, the app seems to be doing well and its user base is growing.

The BBC estimated the monthly active users in 2017 for Tinder was 57 million. This includes free and paid upgraded users. Tinder doesn't release this type of information so it is hard to come by. For comparison sake here are the top 5 dating services:

  1. Tinder - 57 Million
  2. Badoo - 15 Million
  3. happn - 12 Million
  4. POF - 7 Million
  5. Grindr - 6 Million

Ginsberg is especially interested in Southeast Asia. “This area has more than a dozen high-density cities with over a million people, and more young people are moving to large cities. These are really important factors that make the need for our app high,” she explained.

When asked about specifics for Tinder Lite, she said on the call, “Tinder Lite will be a smaller app to download. It will take less space on your phone, making Tinder more effective, even in more remote areas or regions. And keep in mind, these are regions where data usage still comes at a premium.”

Tinder is still growing at an impressive rate but faces competition from the new Facebook Dating service. Both services are offering new features to appeal to their markets, but Tinder is focused on younger singles who aren’t interested in long-term relationships while Facebook Dating is aimed at more serious, older daters. Facebook Dating has not launched yet in the U.S.