Tinder Unveils its New “Lite” App

  • Tuesday, July 30 2019 @ 08:40 am
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Tinder has unveiled its new streamlined app after announcing its debut earlier this year. Tinder Lite will be available as a separate app for Android phones and can be purchased through Google Play.

The new Lite app was designed specifically for users in countries and regions where Internet connectivity is slow and most people have lower-cost phones. According to Tinder CEO Elie Seidman, who spoke at the 2019 Rise Tech conference in Hong Kong in mid-July, the new app “would run faster, consume less battery and reduce network usage by about 20 percent,” as reported by The Jakarta Post.

Tinder Lite will debut first in Vietnam, and then do a rollout in specific countries in Southeast Asia and South America.

According to The Verge, Tinder Lite is 25 times smaller than the regular app, but still offers familiar features like swipes, messaging, and super likes. It also offers individual paid features, like being able to see who liked you first. However, data-heavy features like the Feed have been removed.

If you want to use Tinder Lite and already have a Tinder account, you can still access your existing data, but you won’t be able to upgrade to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus using the Lite app, at least for now.

Other popular apps have already launched “Lite” versions in these markets – including Facebook, Google, and Spotify. These apps (like Tinder) also require less storage space on phones, making them more feasible for people in developing countries to use.

Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, is putting a lot of resources into its expansion in Asia - specifically in India, Korea and Japan, as well as Southeast Asia - where young populations are growing and the dating app market isn’t saturated as it is in Europe and the U.S. Match Group hired three new regional managers for the region in anticipation of potential growth.

Tinder is a leader among dating apps, and recently the company said it’s in a good position and isn’t worried about new competitor Facebook Dating. Tinder currently has 4.7 million subscribers worldwide and is available in 190 countries and over 40 languages.

Current and new users can pre-register for Tinder Lite by searching for it on the Google Play Store.

Seidman said in a statement: “Tinder Lite demonstrates our commitment to providing greater access to our expanding, global community and creating more moments for our users to connect with people they may have never met otherwise.”