Tinder is Testing Real-Time Feature Dubbed Feed, Integrating Social Media

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Popular dating app Tinder is testing a new feature called Feed, aimed at providing users more insight to their matches, and to help spark conversations.

Feed consists of a real-time feed of social media posts from a user’s matches, specifically posts from Instagram and Spotify. The idea is that users can look at what their matches are virtually sharing moment by moment to get a better idea of what they are like – what they are listening to at any given time, where they are, and what they like doing.

The new feature will appear as a tab in the messages screen, according to website Tech Crunch. Users can respond directly to posts in their Feed without having to go back to the profile screen, making it easy to interact. Instead of having to be too descriptive in the profile, or thinking of something unique to say as an introduction, users can let their Instagram photos and playlists speak for themselves.

Tinder users can already share Instagram posts, but with Feed, they don’t have to leave the app to view them. Users must connect their Instagram and Spotify accounts to their profile in order to show up in their matches’ Feeds.

“Feed brings your matches to life by delivering a visual and interactive experience that surfaces fun, insightful elements of profiles — all the while providing more context to spark quality conversations with both new and existing matches,” said Tinder's Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard in a statement.

Critics say that this leaves the door open for cyberstalkers, who can match and follow someone with little to no filter. Also, some users might not want to share the details of their Instagram or Spotify accounts so freely, as this can be a little too invasive for those wanting to keep their personal life separate from their dating profiles. Or another potential problem – Tinder users could start curating their social media to please potential dates, which leads to a more inauthentic experience.

Others say this new feature takes away even more incentive for users to meet in real life. Tinder has been criticized for being a hookup app that turns the dating process into a game. Users prefer to keep swiping and messaging rather than actually trying to meet people in real life and pursue relationships. With Feed, this problem might become more pronounced - the constant stream of information about matches does create stickiness in the app, but does it really achieve the goal of why most people join a dating app like Tinder – to meet the people they match with?

The new feature is currently live in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. For more about this dating app, you can read our review of Tinder.