Tinder Launches New Features With Tinder Gold

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Tinder introduced swiping to the dating app world and online dating has never been the same. Now, the company is striving to evolve beyond its image as a hookup app and deliver more value to its customers through its premium services and new features.

The latest offering is Tinder Gold – a premium service (as is Tinder Plus) that allows members to see who has swiped right on their profiles in advance. This allows users to eliminate the guesswork involved in whether or not their matches already “liked” them before they make a decision to “like” them back.

According to Tinder, it will also speed up the process of finding a match, because you aren’t waiting around to see if someone you’re interested in swipes right on you, which can be a big time suck in online dating.

Tinder Gold will be an upgrade available for both users of the free app and Tinder Plus members. When customers using the free app join Tinder Gold, the upgrade will include all the features currently available in Tinder Plus – like rewinding past swipes (allowing you to change your mind about matches), browsing matches outside your city, more control over your profile, and an ad-free experience.

After purchasing a Tinder Gold subscription, customers will be able to see who “liked” them on the same screen where they normally view matches. The Tinder Gold matches will be featured, appearing in the first circle before their matches’ individual profiles. That featured circle is outlined in gold, and will show customers how many “likes” they have.

Members can then tap on the gold circle, and are taken to a new screen where Tinder Gold profile pictures (those that “liked” them already) are laid out in a grid they can scroll through, according to website TechCrunch. When they scroll through the grid, they can swipe left or right on profiles, or they can tap to view the profile in more detail before making a decision. (Gold hearts indicate people who have already swiped and “liked” the customer. However, Tinder Gold members still have to swipe the gold-hearted profiles they like to be considered a match by the app.)

The company will begin testing the subscription service in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina with hopes of rolling out in the U.S. soon afterward. They are also testing out different pricing to see what customers are willing to pay for the premium service. To find out more about this dating app you can read our Tinder review.