Tinder’s New Concierge Service Will Fix Your Dating Profile For $20

  • Wednesday, March 25 2020 @ 12:01 pm
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Tinder Concierge Premium Service
Image: Forbes

Having trouble finding a worthwhile match on Tinder? The dating app made “swipe left” and “swipe right” two of the most recognizable phrases in popular culture — but what it hasn’t necessarily done is made it easier to find a date using those infamous gestures.

In an effort to help singles get more out of their Tinder experience, the company has started testing a premium service it’s calling Tinder Concierge. An advertisement recently released on the platform announced the new feature with an image of a limousine parked outside of an ornate building. The short description of Concierge explains that users can pay $20 to schedule a session with a “team of experts” who will help them “craft the perfect profile.” Users who are interested are invited to sign up for the waitlist to get more information.

The ad has been greeted with mixed responses on Reddit. A few users expressed curiosity about the idea. Others called Concierge “transparently a scam” and “something that’s going to flop miserably.” A skeptical user shared the theory that Tinder would simply note when a user has a Concierge session and updates their profile, then show them more matches — which increases the likelihood that they’ll get more right swipes — so the user will think the service is working. Several users noted that their version of the ad set a Concierge session at $50, not $20.

A Tinder spokesperson declined to comment on the potential new feature to Forbes beyond a vague written statement:

We're always thinking of ways to help our members get the most out of their Tinder experience - and continuously test new ways to provide guidance, with the aim of helping them do just that.

If Concierge is in fact on its way, it will join several existing premium features. Tinder currently offers two subscription services. With Tinder Plus, subscribers receive unlimited likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, an ad-free experience, Rewind to erase the most recent swipe and the ability to match with singles around the world. The top subscription tier, Tinder Gold, includes all Tinder Plus features as well as exclusive access to the Likes You and Top Picks features.

Tinder also offers a secretive third subscription, Tinder Select, for celebrities and other elite members. Little is known about Tinder Select except that it is an invite-only service that targets only the most sought-after singles and allows current users to nominate new invitees.

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