Tinder Offers a Secret Dating Service called Tinder Select for the Elite

  • Tuesday, March 21 2017 @ 09:33 am
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Tinder Select

According to website Tech Crunch, Tinder has been offering a dating service for its most elite users for at least six months without announcing its existence.

“Tinder Select” is just as it sounds – a dating service for those Tinder users who are high profile and the most desirable, such as celebrities, supermodels and CEOs, so they can have access to date and message other high profile users and bypass the normal user matches.

But before you get excited to join and flirt with the A-listers, you can’t. Or at least most of us can’t because Tinder has to invite you first.

Tinder aims to keep the most desirable daters happy by keeping things exclusive and sending invitations directly to only the most sought-after users. These invitees are allowed to invite one more person to join Tinder Select, but those nominees further down the dating food chain can’t nominate their own friends and family members in return (and therefore “dilute” the elite pool of daters with some of the more “normal” users).

Tinder Select isn’t a new app, but a tier of the regular Tinder app, so users of Tinder Select can toggle back and forth between both services. Because everyone wants options, no?

Tinder isn’t the first dating app to appeal to the high-profile dater. Dating app Raya has been around for a few years, catering to celebrities, people with high-profile artistic professions, and those influencers with plenty of followers on Instagram. Like Tinder Select, Raya members have to be nominated, usually by someone already using the service. Raya has never really marketed its service, but does allow users to nominate other users.

The League is another infamous “elite” dating app, where people must apply and get “approved” before joining the app. The company keeps a waiting list of daters, so when you are selected, you are more likely to want to join.

Bumble is also relaunching its VIBee (verified) service, which offers a different kind of elite appeal. Instead of catering to celebrities or “high quality” matches in terms of influence or income, VIBee offers a select service to its users who are most responsive – or as their website states: “like-minded, outgoing, and kind individuals.” With the launch, VIBee will be recommending a “tailored group of people” for their members to choose from, in other words, offering a much more curated service than what regular members get.

Tinder hasn’t announced Tinder Select, and wasn’t interested in speaking to Tech Crunch about it. But one thing is for certain: elite dating apps are on the rise, and the most sought-after daters among us have many more options.

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