Tinder Fires Employees Involved in Lawsuit Against Match Group

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Tinder has fired a group of employees who brought a lawsuit against parent company Match Group and its controlling shareholder IAC, according to website The Verge who broke the story. Tinder did not reveal how many people were fired, but former communications VP Rosette Pambakian was notably among them.

Tinder employees who brought the lawsuit against Match Group alleged that the company had manipulated financial data in order to lower the company’s valuation, forcing former co-founder and CEO Sean Rad among others to accept less money than they claim their shares were worth.

In addition, the lawsuit includes Pambakian’s allegation that former CEO Greg Blatt also sexually harassed her at a company holiday party.

Match Group put the employees involved in the lawsuit on administrative leave when they first filed in August. Notably, a Match Group spokesperson said that the reason for the firings was because they were “unable to fulfill their job responsibilities.”

Pambakian has been outspoken the past few months in regard to her involvement in the lawsuit and her experience working for Match Group, sending an email to Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg shortly after the firing, saying she was subject to “ongoing intimidation and retaliation” designed to “pressure [her] into resigning.”

Also notably, Pambakian claims Match Group fired her the day before her options in the company vested, according to emails published in The Verge.

Pambakian also addressed the sexual harassment claim in her email, stating: “You told the world that a sham investigation (in which I was never even interviewed) determined the assault was some sort of ‘consensual cuddling’—as if there could by anything consensual about a CEO groping his subordinate in front of other employees after making sexually explicit comments throughout the evening of a company holiday party.”

She also said: “When I refused to sign a non-disparagement agreement presented to me by HR, which would have prevented me from speaking publicly about my experience in exchange for compensation, Match snuck an arbitration clause into its employees’ most recent compliance acknowledgements, causing me, Jonathan, James and Josh to have to withdraw from the lawsuit.”

Ginsberg responded with an email to Pambakian, saying that there was an investigation of Blatt and prior sexual harassment claims. She also said that Pambakian did not file a sexual harassment claim with Match Group while she was there. She cited Pambakian’s inability to do her job as the reason for her firing, saying: “As explained in the letter we sent you, you were terminated because it was not possible for you to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of your role as Tinder’s spokesperson for a number of reasons, including your public position against the company over a valuation process.”