Tinder Enters The Content Space With Launch Of Lifestyle Site ‘Swipe Life’

  • Thursday, October 25 2018 @ 10:09 am
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Tinder's Online Magazine is called Swipe Life

Tinder has already secured its place in the zeitgeist of the 2010s, but its latest launch promises to make the notorious dating app an even more inescapable part of pop culture. Senior Director of Content Kelsey Blodget announced Tinder’s new venture in an interview with Cheddar: an online magazine.

The newly debuted lifestyle site has been christened Swipe Life. The content covers a range of subjects relevant to modern day daters with a focus on issues that are pertinent to 18-25 year olds, the primary demographic of the dating app. A full-time editorial staff and a team of freelance writers have been brought on to keep the digital publication up to date.

Blodget describes Swipe Life as “an editorial lifestyle website where we’re covering today’s dating culture. So really the journey of being single, the ups and downs. It’s fun, it’s funny, sometimes it’s confusing - and we really want to be a companion on that journey for our users.”

Swipe Life’s main vertical is, of course, Dating. The category includes dating tips and date ideas, as well as stories from real users about their dating experiences. A category called Narratives focuses on longer first-person essays. The remaining verticals cover general lifestyle subjects, but all touch the dating experience in some fashion.

Under Food & Drink, you’ll find bar and restaurant ideas for popular cities and recipes to impress your dates at home. Under Style & Beauty, you’ll find grooming and fashion advice ranging from how to beat CDS (Chronic Date Sweat) to how to steal Jonah Hill’s street style. There’s also Travel, Money, College, and Entertainment (in case you’re dying to know which celebs you might accidentally swipe into). You might even find dating advice from J.Lo or Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye.

Video is set to play an important role in Swipe Life’s content strategy. The Video vertical is currently dominated by clips with famous guest stars, more of which are in the works, and Tinder is in the process of filming a short series documenting a new user’s first week on the dating app.

Swipe Life is not designed exclusively for users of Tinder’s dating service. While online dating will naturally play an important role, the website will also have content for offline daters.

“It’s really out there for anyone trying to make a connection,” Stodget explained. We definitely have our users in mind as we’re curating this content, but Tinder is already a lifestyle. We revolutionized what dating means today so it makes sense for us to have a perspective on this and to share that with the world.”