Tinder Offers Verified Profiles Feature

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Curious to find out if that’s really Leo DiCaprio or Hilary Duff using Tinder? Now, you can rest assured that either it’s a fake, or yes – your favorite celebrity is really on Tinder. (And maybe there’s a chance for a mutual swipe right...)

The latest update to Tinder brings with it a much-anticipated feature: verified profiles. But the verification in its current state doesn’t extend to all users. Specifically, Tinder verifies the authenticity of well-known people who are using the service, whom Tinder describes as “notable public figures, celebrities and athletes.” Following in the steps of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Tinder will now add the recognizable blue and white checkmark badge to all verified celebrity profiles.

Tinder has been known to have problems with spam bots and fake profiles in its database, which has raised concerns among many in terms of its cybersecurity and the potential for its users to be catfished. One example is the number of fake profiles set up by prostitutes, who offer prices for their services should you swipe right on their profile. Other red flags have been raised when some companies advertising their services began using fake profiles to entice customers, without Tinder's approval.

But the real concern among Tinder management was not the safety and security of every day users – it was the fact that celebrities weren’t getting many matches because nobody believed their profiles were real.

So, the new feature came about not because of complaints or requests from the general population of Tinder users, but at the request of celebrity clients using the service. As Rosette Pambakian, vice president of global communications and branding at Tinder, told The Huffington Post: “Many celebrities were telling us that no one believes it is really them on Tinder, so we launched verified profiles to authentic users who are notable public figures.”

So how does the verified profiles feature work? Celebrities can email verified@tinder.com to be considered for the badge, and Tinder will review requests on a case-by-case basis. If you're not a celebrity don’t try to submit one yourself, because for now, only notable public figures will be considered. But if you’re Heidi Klum or a single politician? That’s a different story.

So what does this mean for the average Tinder user? Not much has changed. While you won’t be able to tell if the average profile you are looking at is a real person or a scam, you will be able to tell if Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan shows up as your match. They will be marked verified.

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