Tinder App Outage Reported by Users

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Days following the longest outage ever reported by a social network when Facebook went down, users of popular dating app Tinder reported outages with the app, too.

Users were reporting problems with the app early beginning on March 20th, including not being able to see their matches or messages for hours. Newsweek was the first to report about the problem.

Tinder experienced outages earlier in March as well, with users reporting their dating profiles were suddenly wiped, or that they could no longer see their messages or matches.

Many took to Twitter to express their frustration and to ask Tinder execs what was going on, and how long they expected the outage to last. According to Newsweek, only some users were affected, and it did not seem to be widespread, but users who experienced problems were still unhappy.

Some users reported receiving notifications despite not being able to see the new messages or matches, adding to the frustration. Several reported that they logged out and logged back in with no change, while others reported actually deleting and re-downloading the app, and still experienced problems. Tinder’s website advises logging in and out to avoid these problems, but this apparently didn't work for many users.

Tinder also posted on its website that users may experience their matches disappearing from time to time, according to Newsweek. “This may be temporary, so please try again at a later time,” the website says. This did not seem to be the case this week.

The affected users reporting the problems via Twitter all seem to be in the U.S.

Tinder has not responded to concerns regarding this issue beyond what they suggest on their website.

Tinder has been going through some changes recently, especially with parent company Match Group trying to distinguish branding for its suite of apps. The company is emphasizing Tinder's casual dating reputation with its new Swipe Life campaign, and marketing the app to younger users who are more interested in meeting people than settling down in relationships.

Most recently, Tinder has eliminated its notorious and mysterious rating system, where Tinder users could rank the desirability and attractiveness of other users on the app as a special feature. The higher a person’s score, the more they matched with other equally desirable people, which meant a hierarchy existed on Tinder’s matching system in terms of available matches. (Of course, you could also pay for SuperLikes and for your profile to be featured for an extra fee, bypassing the hierarchy.)

Tinder has not responded as to why the outages occurred. For more on this dating service you can check out our Tinder review.