Tinder Is Rolling Out A Chronological Feed And Users Are Panicking

  • Thursday, April 05 2018 @ 02:45 pm
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Tinder stalkers of the world, rejoice! After testing a chronological feed with users in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada late last year, Tinder has announced it’s rolling out the feature to all users worldwide.

A December 2017 blog post describes Feed as “an exciting new way to see more of what someone is all about by giving you a true glimpse into their world—their passions, their personality, their latest adventure—all leading to better conversations and deeper connections.”

Feed aggregates real-time updates from your matches, including recent photos and Spotify Anthems, to present “a visual and interactive experience that helps you spark conversation with the people you want to meet most.” Posts appear in the timeline in order beginning with the most recent changes to a profile. A match’s occupation and distance from you (the last time they opened the app) is also listed beneath each entry.

The perks, says Tinder, are more opportunities to spark conversation, more substance to those communications, and more opportunities to assess compatibility. It’s also, as Mashable points out, a clever ploy to get users to spend more time on Tinder and take on social media giants like Facebook.

Responses to the rollout so far range from hesitant to caustic.

“Riddle me this, why does my Tinder have a ‘feed’? What purpose does that serve me?,” asked one user on Twitter. “I am at a loss of words for how much I hate that Tinder has a news feed now,” added another.

“There is a FEED section on Tinder now. Because of COURSE I want to comment creepily on the pictures of all my accidental matches, good job,” posted user Sangewya.

Others minced no words in sharing their feelings about the timeline, saying simply "TINDER HAS A FEED NOW I AM TERRIFIED" and “No app is safe I swear.”

There is some consolation for those who are nervous about the update. Only users who have mutually swiped right appear in each others’ Feeds. Though users can comment on individual items in the timeline, comments are visible only to the person on the receiving end. And if you’re feeling shy, you can manage what is shared to your Feed by editing your profile or changing your settings.

The Tinder team has indicated that this may not be Feed’s final form.

“Today, Feed only shows connected social account posts and changes to profile photos… that may change over time depending on how users interact with the experience,” Tinder’s Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard told Global Dating Insights. “It’s exciting new territory that will hopefully make starting a conversation on Tinder much easier and more natural.”

Given the reservations users have already expressed, it will be interesting to see how Feed evolves - or whether it will last at all. To find out more about this dating app you can read our review of Tinder.