Delta Partners With Tinder on Summer Campaign

  • Thursday, July 06 2017 @ 03:34 pm
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Delta Airlines Mural Wall

Are you single and do you love to travel? Delta Airlines is hoping so, because it just launched a marketing campaign with Tinder to promote its worldwide destinations to adventure-loving singles.

Delta commissioned artist Andrew Rae and advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy New York to create photo murals of several enviable travel destinations for people to use as backdrops for taking selfies. Rae painted funny and hip illustrations alongside each exotic scene. (The airline commissioned this project specifically in New York.)

The vibrant and colorful backdrops are on a brick building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so singles can take pictures with their phones, upload the pics to their Tinder profiles, and declare themselves jetsetters without actually traveling to the destinations. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and offers daters a new way of promoting themselves over the dating app.

The hot spot travel destinations include: Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow and Zurich.

One illustration pokes fun of selfies, offering advice like “no duck face” for taking pictures. This has inspired many visiting the wall to pose next to the illustration with lips puckered.

The mural wall declares “World Travelers Are More likely To Be Swiped Right.” At least, Delta hoping so. Numerous studies, including a recent survey by online dating service Match, have concluded that adventure and travel are top attractors for online daters.

Match reported that 85% of respondents felt a potential date’s sense of adventure was an attractive quality. Seventy-three percent said they would actually be more attracted to someone if they had a bucket list item in common, and 66% of singles said they would likely check off one of their bucket list items on a date. As a result, Match recently launched a “Bucket List” feature for those interested in meeting other singles who want to meet and explore new places together.

In addition to Williamsburg, Delta commissioned another wall for its singles travel campaign in the middle of Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg event. The theme of this wall is: “Go Where Your Food Is From,” and was designed by illustrator Hide Your Toys.

According to Adweek, the campaign was inspired by how prominent travel pics are on dating app profiles. Through the ad agency’s research, they discovered that 1 in 2 people on dating sites say traveling is one of their favorite things to do, and 57% of singles take one or more vacations per year.

The social media tag for the campaign is #DeltaDatingWall. Delta also hired a professional photographer on June 17th to take photos of daters for their Tinder profiles.

If you’re in New York, check it out!