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OkCupid Logo
Humor Rainbow, Inc. (which is owned by Match Group, which is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC))
New York, United States
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
56 [2019 #5]
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Members since Launch:
50+- million [2019 #5]
Number of Active Members:
5 million (estimated and based on 1 million app installs every week) [2016 #2]

OkCupid History Summary

OkCupid (OKC) was founded in 2004 by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Christian Rudder of Humor Rainbow, Inc. Originally OkCupid was a completely free service that was supported by showing online advertising to its members but by the summer of 2009 OkCupid started to offer subscriptions called the "A-list". The core features of OkCupid remained free allowing users to create a profile, search, take tests, and send and read messages. When subscribing to the A-List users would have an ad free experience, and get extra features like seeing if someone has read your messages, and more search filters. Besides being free at the time of launch (which was not common in 2004) OkCupid service differed from others by allowing it's members to create multiple choice tests. These tests which could be based on almost anything allowed members to offer quizzes that others could take which would aid in their decision on who the best match might be.

With OkCupids popularity increasing every year, in 2011 InterActiveCorp decided to purchase OkCupid for a reported $50 million. By 2012 over 1 million people were visiting OkCupid.com every month and the dating service had over 10 million users register since they launched. As of 2016, 4.3 million plus OkCupid dating apps are installed every month and 7.3 million messages are sent by OKC members every day.

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  • General Information
    • OkCupid launched a new ad campaign called “Ask Yourself,” which focuses on questions that can serve as deal-breakers to younger daters. It launched in January in New York and will be rolling out to other cities over the next several months. [3]
    • OkCupid members who said they enjoy discussing politics increased over 150% in 2019 compared to 2016. There were 38 million answers for political questions over the app, the number one category, followed by music at 20 million, and travel at 11 million. [3]
    • OkCupid has a set of 4,500 questions users can display on their profile to assess compatibility with potential mates. [5]
    • OkCupid now allows users to filter climate change deniers: [5]
      • 97% of OkCupid users believe climate change is real and 82% say they’re concerned about its potential impact.
      • OkCupid says it has seen a 240% increase in mentions of related terms appearing on people’s profiles, including “climate change,” “environment,” “global warming” and “Greta Thunberg”.
      • Climate change questions have already received more than 4 million answers since they were announced in mid-January.
    • 92% of American, Canadian, and Australian OkCupid users said they are willing to date virtually (using 2-way video streaming) during the coronavirus outbreak. In India 74% and in Italy 45% are willing to try this. The UK, Germany and France are on the high end at 93%, 95% and 94% respectively. Internationally this number averages out to 88%. [6]
    • Talk about the coronavirus over the app increased 188% between January and February. [6]
  • Finances
    • OkCupid has achieved eight consecutive quarters of around 10% year-over-year growth. [4]
  • Legal
    • OkCupid has come under fire from the Norwegian Consumer Council for sharing personal data of their users with third parties like advertisers. This includes sending GPS position and anwsers to personal questions to companies like Facebook. [1]
    • OkCupid will be getting several new safety features this year. This includes a panic button for users to be used in emergencies, photo verification for profiles, the ability to detects inappropriate messages sent by users, and an updated in-app Safety Center. [2]


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  • General Information
    • OkCupid found that 7pm on Sunday night is the peak of weekly activity on the app, and the best time to try and strike up a conversation with a match. [1]
    • OkCupid is the recipient of the 2019 Dating Sites Reviews Single's Choice Bronze Award. [2]
    • Users of OkCupid have reported that their accounts have been hacked. In response, a spokesperson has stated that there has been no security breach at OkCupid. [3]
    • A vulnerability found in the Android version of OkCupid’s mobile app could have exposed users to attacks. It involves when the OkCupid app uses WebView to show content from the internet. An attacker could create a malicious page with a URL containing /l/ and send it to an unsuspecting OkCupid user. The OkCupid app has since been fixed and has removed this vulnerability. [4]
    • Users who publicly answer yes to the question “Do you watch Game of Thrones?” will now receive a profile badge for the series. OkCupid's Game of Thrones profile badge is available from April until June. [5]
    • Game of Thrones has over 2 million mentions on OkCupid profiles. OkCupid predicts the badge will lead to 20% more likes and 15% more conversations for those who have it on their profiles. [5]
    • OkCupid has 56 employees. [5]
    • Every year on OkCupid 91 million connections are made. [5]
    • 50 thousand dates are made every week on OkCupid. [5]
    • In the wedding section of the New York Times, OkCupid is the most mentioned dating app. [5]
    • OkCupid app has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play. [5]
    • It has been roughly estimated that OkCupid has had 50 million users since they launched. [5]
    • In India, OkCupid has a new marketing campaign is called “Find My Kind,” and aims to give more agency to young adults looking for a partner. [8]
  • Finances
    • Of all the dating apps, OkCupid earned the 8th most revenue overall (8th in App Store and 5th in Google Play). [6]
  • Legal
    • In June a man pleaded guilty to sending threatening letters to OkCupid’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, in retaliation for banning him from the dating app. [7]


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  4. Critical Security Vulnerability Discovered In OkCupid Android App
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  6. Tinder Dethrones Netflix As Top-Grossing Non-Game App In Q1 2019
  7. Man Pleads Guilty to Sending Threatening Letters to OkCupid HQ
  8. OkCupid Launches New Marketing Campaign in India


  • General Information
    • New OkCupid Conversations Feature: [1]
      • OkCupid updated their message system late in 2017. It is now called Conversations and members must express interest in each other first before they can view any messages.
      • Because of this change matches are up by 32% and messages flagged inappropriate have gone down by almost 70%.
    • OkCupid is the recipient of 2018 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Innovative Award. [2]
    • OkCupid started a new campaign that shares hobbies over hookups and is called “DT___”. Women don't want to DTF so they are twisting it to mean other things. [3]
    • The OkCupid app has seen a 20% increase in new female users. [3]
    • According to a study the OkCupid app is the best at holding onto their users long-term. [4]
    • According to LinkedIn, OkCupid.com has 65 employees. This has increased by 20 since 2015. [5]
    • OkCupid partners With ACLU For #RightToLove Campaign. For every user who receives the RightToLove badge, OkCupid will donate $1 towards the ACLU. [6]
    • OkCupid has seen a 64% increase in political terms being employed in user profiles over the last year. [7]
    • The new marketing campaign called DTF has mixed reviews. [7]
    • OkCupid donated $50,000 to the ACLU. This equals $1 for every user who got a ACLU prfoile badge. [8]
    • OkCupid found that among its ACLU supporters on average get more dates than non-supporters. [8]
    • OkCupid has 54 employees now. [9]
    • OkCupid lists 1 million plus app installs every week and 7.3 million messages a day sent by users. This number has not changed since 2016. [9]
    • OkCupid on average has 100,000 users on at any one time. [9]
    • OkCupid adds ability for users to prominently display their pronoun preferences in their profiles. [10]


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  • General Information
    • OkCupid now allows users to comment on other users photos. [1]
    • OkCupid has offered a donation to a Charlottesville victim relief group and banned white supremacists from their service. [2]
    • OkCupid users must agree to the new members pledge about not sending harassing or unwanted sexual messages before they can continue to use the service. [3]
    • OkCupid allows members to show support for Planned Parenthood. In the first day of the partnership almost 200,000 users displayed the Planned Parenthood badge. [4]
    • Feature suggestions that OkCupid decided not to implement include: [5]
      • The ability to filter by hair or eye color.
      • Pay a fee in order to take people to “OkCupid court” if they rejected you or failed to answer your messages.
      • A Yelp-like system that would let users review each other.
      • The ability to delete drunk messages from another person’s inbox.
    • About 30% more people look for love on OkCupid in the winter months than the fall. [6]


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  • General Information
    • According to Google, OkCupid is the fourth most search online dating service in 2015. [1]
    • OkCupid is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Free Award. [2]
    • OkCupid has 45 employees. [2]
    • Over 1 million OkCupid dating apps are installed every week and 7.3 million messages get sent every day. [2]
    • Polyamorous daters who are listed as “seeing someone,” “married,” or “in an open relationship” can now link their profiles with their partners' profiles and search for new additions to their relationship. [3]
    • OkCupid has launched a new blog to replace OkTrends called "The Deep End". [4]
    • A new feature called QuickMatch Flavors has been added to the OkCupid app and website which are curated groups of people within Quickmatch that fall into a specific category, like Night Owls, Bookworms or Thrill Seekers. [7]
  • Members
    • The number of OkCupid users who say they are solely committed to monogamy has fallen to a minority of all users: 44%, down from 56% in 2010. [3]
    • 58% of members indicated an interest in bondage in 2015. This is up 5% over the year before. [4]
    • Taylor Swift replaced Miley Cyrus as the most mentioned pop star in 2015. [4]
    • A message simply saying “hey” had an 84% chance of being ignored in 2015. [4]
    • Female users on OkCupid, regardless of sexual orientation, do not initiate contact. Straight women are 3.5x less likely to send the first message than straight men. [5]
    • 32% of OkCupid members had made it past the month mark with someone they’d met using the service. [6]
    • The time of day which has the most users logged into OkCupid is 9pm. [8]


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  • General Information
    • Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid has never been on a date with someone he has met online. [1]
    • OkCupid launches 'Identity' Project to encourage discussion of gender and sexual orientation. [3]
  • Finances
    • OkCupid is part of a IAC subsidiary called The Match Group. The Match Group plans to file for an IPO soon. [2]


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  3. OkCupid Launches 'Identity' Project To Encourage Discussion Of Gender And Sexual Orientation


  • General Information
    • Chris McKinlay from Boston used robot profiles and created a large-scale way to sift through thousands of profile using computer software. [1]
    • 60% of all communication for OkCupid.com US is sent from mobile devices. [2]
    • OkCupid’s recieves on average 3 billion monthly page views. [3]
    • 8% of members on OkCupid are looking for a same sex relationship. [3]
    • OkCupid is testing new Gender and Sexual Preference options on a limited number of members. [5]
  • Members
    • OkCupid admits to running experiments on members to see how to get them to communicate more. [4]


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  • General Information
    • In 2012 OkCupid was the third most searched dating site on Google. [1]
    • OkCupid releases a video about how they use math to match singles on their dating site. [2]
    • OkCupid won our Editor's Top Pick - Free Award for 2012. [3]
    • OkCupid.com now accepts Bitcoins as an alternative way to pay for membership upgrades. [4]
  • Members
    • The new Promote Me feature allows members to promote themselves for a cost on OkCupid. [5]
    • In the first 24 hours 2,500 members signed-up for the Promote Me feature. [5]
    • Concerns were raised when it was reported that OkCupid A-List members can filter search results by body type which makes it possible to filter out overweight people. [6]


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  • Members
    • They have over 10 million members to date. [1]
    • 500 million messages was sent last year by members. [1]
    • About 1 million people visit the dating site every month. [1]


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  • General Information
    • On February 2nd OkCupid was purchased by InterActiveCorp (which owns Match.com). [1]
    • OkCupid.com adds location based dating to their Android and iOS mobile applications. [2]


  1. Match.com Acquires OKCupid for $50 Million
  2. OkCupid Adds Location Based Dating


  • General Information
    • OkCupid informs their better looking members that they are placed higher in the search results. [1]
    • Visitors to OkCupid.com can now use Facebook Connect to login. [2]


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  • General Information
    • OkCupid now offers a paid membership option called the A-List. [1]
  • Members
    • The majority of OkCupid users are under 30. [2]
    • There is an equal 1 to 1, male to female membership ratio on this dating site. [2]


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