Tinder Launching a New Dating Service for College Students

  • Thursday, August 23 2018 @ 07:46 am
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Tinder U

Popular dating app Tinder is rolling out a new service to attract a younger crowd. Tinder U is for college students, and gives users the option to match only with others at their school or at nearby campuses.

To use the service, customers must have a .edu email address and must also be geolocated on a college campus, according to website The Verge. Their Tinder U profile page will also include the name of their school, and when users swipe, their school logo will appear at the top of the screen, and their match’s school will appear in the bottom left corner of each profile. The app’s functionality is the same, with students viewing profiles and swiping left or right as they choose. It is important to note that using the Tinder U service will match students in the same area, regardless of whether they attend the same college or university. Members who join Tinder U will also be able to toggle between and use regular Tinder if they wish.

For many first-time online daters, it can be overwhelming to use an app like Tinder. This new service will provide a more curated experience specifically for students wanting to limit the playing field to other students. (Recent studies show that women aged 18 are the most highly sought-after online daters, even among older men.)

How to use Tinder U
How to use Tinder U
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Tinder was first tested among students on college campuses before the app launched in 2012. But since the original users are now in their late twenties, Tinder wants to capture the up-and-coming demographic by introducing online dating to a new generation of users. By creating an experience specifically for college students, Tinder will have an easier time recruiting them to subscribe to premium services once they graduate.

“We believe it is critical that Tinder maintains a strong foothold at universities around the globe, especially given that every 18-year-old who starts college is building a social life from scratch making new friends and starting new relationships,” said CEO Mandy Ginsberg, according to Tech Crunch.

It’s an interesting time to launch Tinder U. Facebook recently announced it will be offering its own online dating service, but Tinder is betting on its appeal to younger people since Facebook users skew older.

Tinder U was first announced on an earnings call with parent company Match Group earlier this month. Match Group saw stellar income this past quarter, with Tinder accounting for a large portion of the $428 million reported revenue.

Not long after the earnings report, a group of former and current Tinder employees including founder Sean Rad brought a lawsuit against Match Group, claiming that their parent company had undervalued their stock options and cheated them out of potentially billions of dollars. Match Group is fighting the allegations and placed those employees on administrative leave.

Tinder U is now available only on iOS, and for students attending accredited, not-for-profit schools that have in-person classroom settings, rather than online-only programs.