Tinder Testing its New Premium Services by Charging up to $20 per Month

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Just how crazy are single consumers for Tinder? And how much will they be willing to pay for the service?

The company is betting that certain features will be very valuable to Tinder users who have been requesting them since the service launched. So valuable that the company will be beta testing different price points in the UK, Germany and Brazil, with prices ranging from $.99 US to $4.99 to as high as $20.00 US for the premium version of the app, Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus will roll out in these three markets first to determine how to proceed in other markets.

The new features include “Undo” - the ability to go back to someone you swiped left on (rejected) so that you can have a second chance with that person. Tinder users are not allowed to keep scrolling through profiles without choosing “yes” or “no” for each potential match, causing them to make hasty decisions that they might later regret. But will people be willing to pay for this new feature, or will they just start saying “yes” to more people to begin with?

Soon-to-be former CEO Sean Rad (who was just demoted by the company’s board), feels that Undo will be a money-maker, because Tinder will be giving users what they have been asking for. As he told Tech Crunch: “The most-requested feature we get is a button to go back and have a second chance with people that users swipe left on.”

A new version of the app will include a big yellow “Undo” button on the home screen, which will be visible to all users of the service, including the free app. It will only be enabled however for those who pay for Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus will also include a feature called “Passport” which allows users to view potential matches in other cities, so you can look outside your current GPS radius. This has been a popular request too – at least for those who want more options outside of their hometown. While it seems this makes it easier for people to hook up wherever they happen to travel (hello, Vegas!), the company states that its intended purpose is to help busy people who travel a lot for work by giving them more options to find a relationship.

The new Passport feature could also offer restaurant and sight-seeing recommendations.

There is no set date for when Tinder Plus will first roll out. It will however be available to only 40% of users in this testing phase, according to UK’s The Daily Mail.