Tinder Tests Two-Second Looping Video Feature

  • Thursday, April 19 2018 @ 12:01 pm
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Tinder Loops

Tinder changed the game when it popularized the swipe. Now the company is hoping a new movement-based feature will keep it on top of the mobile dating heap. Introducing Loops, two-second looping videos that promise to put more personality in profiles and “set your swipe game in motion.”

“Loops represents the next step in the evolution of our classic profile,” Brian Norgard, Chief Product Officer at Tinder, said in a statement. “With the addition of video, users have a new way to express themselves while also gaining key insights into the lives of potential matches. Whether it’s dancing at a concert, doing cartwheels on the beach, or clinking glasses with friends, Loops makes profiles come alive.”

Like Vine (RIP) and Boomerang before them, Loops allow users to upload videos from their phone and trim the footage within the app. The result is a short, repetitive clip that gives users another way of expressing their most dateable selves.

To post a Loop, head to your Tinder profile and hit “Add Media.” Scroll through your camera roll until you find the perfect video, then drag the time strip to select which portion you want for your Loop. Preview to make sure it’s perfect, then post.

Tinder offered a few pro tips for mastering the Loop on the company blog:

"If you love roller skating let’s see you killing it in the rink—forward and back, forward and back. Pro tip: increase your video speed and you just went from slow skate to roller disco. (Right on.) If you love shooting hoops let’s see you slam-dunk it over and over again. Pro tip: start your Loop mid-air and your feet will never touch the ground. (You da real MVP.) And if you love cliff jumping let’s see you making that splash—one foot in, one foot out—like you can walk on water."

Post a mix of photos and Loops to your profile to show off the full spectrum of your personality. Tinder will be boosting the number of photos and Loops allowed on profiles from six to nine, so users can dabble in the new feature without sacrificing their favorite photos.

Borgard says the company expects Tinder Loops “will lead to even more matches and conversations” and he “look[s] forward to seeing how our users creatively adopt the feature.”

Loops are only available to iOS users in Canada and Sweden so far, but if testing goes well, expect to see them on a phone near you soon. For more information about this service you can read our review on the Tinder App.