Tinder And Spotify Partner To Turn Up The Volume On Your Love Life

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Tinder & Spotify Partner

Tinder has swiped right on a relationship with Spotify. The online dating app and music streaming service are partnering to launch a handful of new features for musically-inclined singles.

“Tinder already suggests matches based on your swiping preferences, mutual friends and common interests, but we know we can always add more to the equation,” says Tinder’s company blog. “That’s why we’ve matched with Spotify to integrate music into the swiping experience.”

Two big changes are on their way for Tinder users. First, users who connect their Spotify accounts to Tinder are now able to display their top songs on their profiles. All Tinder users can play previews of other people’s top songs via Spotify, without leaving their Tinder profiles. If you have your Spotify account connected, you’ll also be able to see which artists you have in common with potential dates.

Second, Tinder users can now select an “Anthem” to accompany their profiles. The app describes the Anthem as “that one single track that tells your story. That one song you can’t get out of your head. Where the lyrics of your life meet the rhythm of your soul. It may change as you change, but at any given time, you have an anthem—and the world is waiting to hear it.”

A little (ok, a lot) dramatic, but it gets the point across, and it’s easy to imagine Tinder’s relatively young user base enjoying a feature like that.

Sharing your Anthem works like this:

  • Search Spotify to find your Anthem, even if you haven’t connected your Spotify account to Tinder
  • Visit your Profile Settings in Tinder to connect your Spotify account (or download Spotify from the App Store or Google Play to create a new account for free)
  • Select which of your favorite Spotify artists you’d like to display on your Tinder profile
  • Start swiping to see who shares your taste in music

How much will it actually help your dating life? Shared music taste is not the glue that holds a relationship together, but it can be a spark for initial attraction (not to mention a great icebreaker when it’s time to send that daunting first message). Knowing if your date prefers The Beatles or The Rolling Stones is no more useless than knowing their preferred sports teams or foods, which also commonly appear on dating profiles.

Your swiping might even introduce you to your new favorite band. Or just remind you of the secret, dark shame that is your Vanilla Ice obsession.

Tinder featuring Spotify has already started to roll out in all 59 markets where Spotify is available. For more information, check out our Tinder review.