Tinder’s Swipe Night Debut Helps Boost User Engagement

  • Monday, October 28 2019 @ 09:52 am
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Dating app Tinder introduced its new interactive series Swipe Night in early October, hoping to attract young users with compelling content. As it turns out, it may also help lagging user engagement, and give users a reason to stay on the app.

Tinder is parent company Match Group’s star app, and the company has seen incredible growth in both users and revenue. Tinder’s active daily users grew 3.1 percent year-over-year for Android users, from 1.114 million to 1.149 million according to data from SimilarWeb, and installs grew 1 percent.

Tinder’s sessions per user however tell a different story, according to Tech Crunch. The number of times the average user opens the apps per day has declined 10.8 percent for the period January – August from 2018 to 2019, from 4.5 to 4.1 times per day. The open rate, or the percentage of the Tinder base who has the app installed and opens on a daily basis, also declined 5.9 percent during the same period, from 28 to 22.1 percent.

App Store research firm Sensor Tower also found that Tinder experienced its first ever quarter-over-quarter decline in combined revenue from both the Apple and Google Play stores in Q2 of this year. Spending was down from $260 million in Q1 to $237 million in Q2, which Tech Crunch points out was before the app shifted its in-app spending out of Google Play. However, Tinder was still up 46 percent year-over-year in Q2 because of pricing changes and better merchandising for its premier service Tinder Gold.

Sensor Tower also noted an increase in negative sentiment in Tinder’s user ratings in the U.S. App Store. It’s been high in terms of dissatisfaction with the app experience (and bad dates presumably) – at 68 percent in Q2 of 2018. However, the same time in 2019 it was up as high as 79 percent dissatisfaction with the app.

In order to keep attracting new users and increase engagement, Tinder will have to make bold moves, as Mashable recently pointed out. Delving into content creation might seem like a departure from the dating app experience, but it is in line with where a new generation of daters gravitates. As Instagram stories and YouTube videos reign as content platform kings, an interactive series viewed exclusively over a dating app is an interesting idea – especially because Tinder integrated user activity into each viewer’s dating profile.

Tinder users can see who viewed the series and what choices they made along the way (not only to see if you ended up in the same place, but also how you got there – for instance, did you decide to save an animal or a person, or did you tell your friend’s girlfriend that he cheated on her? A lot can be revealed – more than in a profile or a few short messages.

Swipe Night is only four short episodes, with a new one debuting each Sunday night in October. Tinder is hoping that interest in the series continues to build – and according to Mashable, has even set up a war room at Tinder HQ to gauge activity levels in real time. For more information on this dating service you can read our Tinder review.