Chemistry's FREE July Weekend
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This weekend it is Chemistry's fourth free communication promotion. All Chemistry members will be able to use the site for free starting Friday July 17th, 2009 until the end of Sunday July 19, 2009.

For those of you who haven't heard of Chemistry before. They are a dating site which performs the matchmaking for you. You fill out the detailed profile (about 30 minutes) and based on your answers Chemistry will send you your best matches that are not only compatible with your personality and lifestyle, but also fit within your own preferences as well.

The last Flirtathon happened in the middle of May, two months ago (see Story). For more information on this matchmaking service, read our review of Chemistry.

14 Days FREE on
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With all the press lately for Chemistry, they have decided to up their 7 day free trial offer to 14 days. New members now have a full 2 weeks to try out Chemistry with all of the features a paid member receives. This new promotion gives members enough time to see if this matchmaking site offers the service they are looking for. Remember, Chemistry has an in depth profile and matching system designed in part by Dr. Helen Fisher, a leading Biological Anthropologist. This is a dating service primarily designed for singles looking for long-term connections.

For the 14 day free trial visit now and to find out more information about this dating site, read our Chemistry review which includes user reviews as well.

More Chemistry Media Buzz
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Time did a piece called Advice for the New Dating Game were they look at dating advice and who has been offering it. Some of the examples include online dating sites, psychologists, TV talk show hosts and stand-up comedians (they forgot dating blogs!). was briefly mentioned in this article in regards to Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist. She is Chemistry's chief scientific advisor and helped develop the profile questionnaire and matching system for the dating site.

I also notice a piece in the March issue of the Discover magazine called The Ascent of Darwin. In the first paragraph Dr. Helen Fisher is called a Darwinian matchmaker because of her research into the science of romantic attraction. Discover further reveals that she bases her ideas on the principles of evolutionary psychology, which is a field that is inspired by some of Charles Darwin's insights.

Look here for the full Time article and for more information on the above online dating site, read our Chemistry review.

Chemistry is getting a lot of Media Attention
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Since last Fridays story called's Chief Scientific Advisor is on ABC's 20/20 Tonight we have learned that Dr. Helen Fisher and will be featured on other popular network TV shows like USA Today, ABC’s The View, CNN and GMA Weekend. if you missed the 20/20 special then you can check it out online at ABC News. Dr. Fisher was on Good Morning America as well last Monday, discussing her book which examines true love.

As Valentine's Day approaches you will see Dr. Fisher and more and more in both print and video. This include Feb. 11 in USA Today, Feb. 12 on The View and on her busiest day, Friday February the 13th, where she has 30 interviews scheduled on morning shows across the country.

Communicate for Free on for 48 Hours
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I just notice that Chemistry is going to offer a 48 hour Chemistry Flirt-a-thon. Starting Wednesday, January 28 to Thursday, January 29 all members will be able to flirt, communicate and connect for FREE. This means tomorrow, as a free member, you will have almost all the features a paid member has. I can't think of a better time to try out see if this popular matchmaking service would be a good fit for you.

This is the first time, as far as we know that Chemistry has run this type of promotion for all of North America. Chemistry's main competitor, eHarmony, has run similar free promotions but there's usually fall on the weekends or holidays. The one difference between the two promotions is Chemistry's is open to all users and not just new members like with eHarmony.

Read our review for more information on this popular dating site.

Some Chemistry Statistics from IDate
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Dr. Helen Fisher was at the iDate conference which was recently held in Miami. Dr. Helen Fisher is Chemistry's chief scientific advisor for their match system. David Evans of The Online Dating Insider shared with us some information he learned from her keynote speech:

  • Dr. Helen Fisher studied 178k people on
  • The Chemistry questionnaire has been taken by 7 million in 39 countries.

Chemistry currently has 4 million paid and registered users (info from their about us page on IAC) so it looks like just under half never signed up after the profile questionnaire.

For more information on this personality matching dating site, read our [staticpage: Chemistry review].