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  • Friday, February 13 2009 @ 01:24 pm
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Time did a piece called Advice for the New Dating Game were they look at dating advice and who has been offering it. Some of the examples include online dating sites, psychologists, TV talk show hosts and stand-up comedians (they forgot dating blogs!). was briefly mentioned in this article in regards to Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist. She is Chemistry's chief scientific advisor and helped develop the profile questionnaire and matching system for the dating site.

I also notice a piece in the March issue of the Discover magazine called The Ascent of Darwin. In the first paragraph Dr. Helen Fisher is called a Darwinian matchmaker because of her research into the science of romantic attraction. Discover further reveals that she bases her ideas on the principles of evolutionary psychology, which is a field that is inspired by some of Charles Darwin's insights.

Look here for the full Time article and for more information on the above online dating site, read our Chemistry review.